Character Bio - Iugulare

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(Artworks by Silent; Quad)

Then something sent a shiver down her spine. "Such anger...", a voice came from the shadows of the trees, "Such beautiful anger..."

A shadow rushed out from the trees, knocking the doe down. She gasped in shock, looking up to see a black, slender creature staring down at her - a stoat. "Wha...?", she tried to say, but her voice was giving in. "Shhh...", the stoat said to her, "Just let the infection take you over."

Zephyr's body became wrapped in the substance the stoat was made of. She tried to cry in pain, but she couldn't make a sound now. She struggled, but when enough of her was covered, she relaxed and fell into a deep sleep.

Name - Iugulare (yuu-guu-LAH-reh)

Means - "to cut the throat" in Latin, comes from ugulare mortuos, "to cut the throats of the dead"

Nickname - The Stoat

Gender - Female

History - A weasel-like creature with powers of infection and manipulation. Her body is composed fully of a black goo-like substance that burns on contact and grows as far as it can on a host body. Victims wear themselves out struggling to remove the infection, and as it grows they become drowsy and eventually fall into a deep sleep. While the victim is asleep, they have pleasant yet distorted dreams, and almost always they don't realize they are dreaming and believed that meeting the Stoat was actually a nightmare. (On occasion, a victim can realize that they are in a dream world, and can wake themselves up, but it leads to them feeling pain once more, and they often die in the process of saving themselves) During this time, Iugulare is able to manipulate their body to follow orders. The victim unwillingly becomes a minion, often called an 'infected'. The more victims she infects, the stronger she becomes, and she actually grows taller.

She was an accidental creation of the talux (winged deer), and little by little she killed off the talux, until only two were left. In Divine Protection she was defeated by Quad, who himself was a talux, but it was never known if she was fully destroyed.

In Divine Retribution, Zephyr and her friends discover that the Stoat is still alive, and later on you'll find out she plays a role in Divine Sanctuary

Personality - Character traits are still being developed, but a few things are known about her. She believes all other creatures are weak minded, and she shows no remorse when infecting them. She considers her minions to be disposable, and her ultimate goal is to spread her infection around the world. She is observant, often looking for weaknesses in others, and is very chaotic in nature.

Additional -
Eye Color - Grey
Body Color - Black (sometimes with a grey or white underbelly)
Height - Varies
Age - Actual age unknown, she has supposedly been roaming the Earth for more than 100 years.
Outbreaks known - 4

Quotes -
"Their ignorance will be their downfall."
"I have waited so long for this day, the last meeting between the two of us. Now it has come, and at long last I will claim what is mine."
"A world of chaos is easier to control than one of order."

Any artwork is greatly appreciated!

The Real Iugulare -

Infecting a doe
"My doe! Get your own!"
"You're next!"

I actually found a cool song that fits her really well, too... Daughry - All These Lives

"You're not a person, you're a disease..."

Silent found a song that reminds her of Iugulare too: Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel

"Put me to sleep, evil angel..."

And another one I thought would work...kind of: Duran Duran - Nite-Runner

"Nite-Runner, I think I'm fallin' for ya..."

By Silent

By Silent

By Pegasicorn

By Dragoneyes

By Trinket

Iugulare on Impressive Title:

And one for Silent...

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sdfjkl this character is

sdfjkl this character is AMAZING ;^; <33333





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Fun glitches are fun.


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ooo, i wanna add her to the

ooo, i wanna add her to the list of things I want to draw for friends. Smiling

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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XD go for it! I'm happy to

XD go for it! I'm happy to have any artwork of her!

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I took this screenshot for

I took this screenshot for you a while ago but kept forgetting to post it XD

Iugulare: "The line starts over there."

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I need to get some new pics

I need to get some new pics of Iug from IT on here. I got her the blind eyes so she looks exactly as I imagine her. The server was down just now so hopefully it'll come back on soon.
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New pics are up. I had a lot

New pics are up. I had a lot of fun taking them of her. Eye

*edit* Iug has her own playlist now! Please click play and listen to some demented songs she'd like Eye
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I'm thinking about revealing

I'm thinking about revealing one of my other 'horrors' kind of like Iugulare. This creature is more dragonlike, and a few unique features are that she doesn't have a mouth, but she has a long 'pouch' (it's more like a tube) that runs the length of her belly. She captures her prey and forces them into the 'pouch', where she is able to feed off of them. It's similar to what Iug does with her prey - they both drain their victim's energy as well as taking nutrients from them, leaving them still alive, but withered. This creature releases her prey through the tip of her tail (the end of the tube). Depending on the prey, she may feed off of them for only a moment, or in cases where the prey is full of nutrition, she may hold them in her pouch for a day or two.

I don't have a name for her, but she's a creature I created back when I was younger, much like how I created Iug. Let me know if you want to hear/see more of her.

*edit* here's a quick drawing of her:

*Edit #2* - I came up with a great idea for this new character. In addition to draining nutrients and energy from her victims, she also claims their spirit/soul. The victim, when released, is virtually a zombie, while the essence of the victim remains trapped in the dragon's belly.

This character would be summoned/created by Iugulare as a minion of hers, though this character would not think very highly of her. Iugulare's plan would be to let this dragon claim the souls of her victims, and then Iug would infect them and turn them into minions. We would soon realize that this dragon finds someone whom she wants to capture...Trunks...but he is protected by the Twin Gods, and he becomes her nemesis much like Quad is Iug's.

This could become a cool side story for Trunks. Now I need a name for this dragon. Anyone got an idea? I would love it to be a latin name like Iugulare if possible.

*edit #3*

Silent drew an artwork of my dragon :3

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What Iugulare wants to do to

What Iugulare wants to do to you! Eye