Backyard Deer Party (Image Heavy)

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I put some deer corn out this morning and about an hour ago there was one young buck that came up to eat. Next thing we know there were more, up to six that came. So I grabbed my camera and took these pictures for you guys. Enjoy Eye

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Awh, that's so sweet. They're

Awh, that's so sweet. They're really gorgeous. ♥
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Awww.....they are so

Awww.....they are so Beautiful ...!!
Damn , i wish i lived in an area near a forest !!!
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The big one that went to the

The big one that went to the tree was interesting because they kept chasing away some of the ones that were eating under the bird feeder. I have been putting the corn in both spots and they find it all every night.

Also I learned one thing from observation - if a deer is standing and looking around, just as they decide to start walking, they wiggle their tail XD. It's kind of adorable!

Edit - there were a few more eating the second helping of corn, not sure if they were from the same group or not but I know they'd appreciate the meal considering it just snowed here too
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So sweet,and beautiful. Thank

So sweet,and beautiful. Thank you.
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