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{:: QUAMAR ::} The Guardian

Bio still under construction.
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B I O S //Sqish - Vision - Skie - Specter - Caillte//

Latest Edit: Caillte has arrived, and she's brought a new bio layout with her Smiling. And... also the realizations that now I have to add her to my signature 0.o
>>Human Deer Picture


[pronounced "Skish"]

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Name: Ghost
Title: The Trickster
Picto: Picto
Gender: Male
Personality: Always looking to have fun.
Friends: Everyone.
Favorite Food: The mushrooms under the bridge.
Birthday: October 13, 2007

While in the Forest, he is usually seen in his traditional colors.

The Forest's self-proclaimed demigod, "The Trickster", in human form.

"Sleeping deer beware!"

That's all for now.


(EDIT: Fixed a broken link.)
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Bio of Vassago - t h e n w e e a t s o m e f a w n s.. So im Back?



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