fun times

I had a fun time today
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artblog! requests closed

Disclaimerthis page may contain gore art, but i'll hide and tag them with TW!

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who is bacc?


upd: i don't know why i can't add new comment, but thank you all Twisted
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The emo not-so-much-a kid anymore

A rough ref for current Corvus
...minus his mask cos lazy
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Curtain of night

Hey guys. S'been a while since the last drawing.

Here's a gift for forgetmenot, Titilayo into her sphinx form.

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In Grace

image heavy

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Night walker +Art+

>.> ....

Ok so it’s not related to TEF, buuuut it is a deer, soooooo....
Stencil for a tattoo trade I’m doing with a friend.
Done in pencil, pen, and posca
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Jezabelle +Art+

Oh yeah I completely forgot to post this.
5 year old commission done in SAI painttool
Deer belongs to KateHallen @ dA
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At the source of the river

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