Contorted Swan

Deer, but not quite
Do you spot human characteristics?
She is smirking here

MS Paint

Hello! Character requests.

I have an hour to kill, I haven’t been here for so long and I guess I wanted to know more about how y’all going. Give me a character, a mood and how you’ve been. They will be ugly, they will be sketchy.

Extra points if you’re someone who hasn’t seen me around before because I’m so bloody inactive and old now!

Much love, hehe.

EDIT; guys omg you’ve literally watched me grow up, I joined when I was like 13 in 2013
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| Mourn | Headshot |

Wanted to upload this here, created a headshot of Mourn and am really happy with the outcome <3!
Was great practice as her markings helped me try to work with the facial structure so they lined up
correctly, also instead of my previous smoother brush that I used on her reference, I used my paper
textured brush as its much funner to use in my opinion! Hope you all like it ^^

photo study

this isn't really fan art, nor concept art.. I wouldn't know where to post it honestly but it's a lovely doe I made a photo study of and I thought I'd share it with my deerest (ehehe) friends ♥
I hope everyone's doing well! also on insta and twotter smooches to u all

Edit: I noticed the quality of the drawing was very bad on other devices than my own laptop so I tried to re-upload it with a lower res and hope it's better now!

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Oh Deer God +Art+

Doodled this in my small sketchbook.
Done with pencil, pen, fine tips, and charcoal.
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Bath water.

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happy little fawn

I only just started playing this game but I love it so much already!! Here is my little fawn, he doesn't have a name yet besides his symbol but I would die for him.
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Joshua with great fur

It's josh. The best boy. Some sketch as practice.
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The kids in town

Featuring 'Kriegslied', Tameka and Niamh.
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Light and Void

Sterre and Corvus

Got inspired by Sterre's transformation ghjkfhgd also with the idea that Sterre went full on light mode while Corvus has been getting darker and darker over the years.

They probably won't meet up again it's also for the better given Corvus's mental state, I think he'd have a heart attack and his brain would 404 not found but I wanted to draw the thing anyway hgjkfdhng

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