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Jeweleye and Comen

Hello everyone, I am Jeweleye and have been playing TEF for the past 8 years. I have the skull mask, zombie pelt and candles in my antlers. I usually hang out in the middle of the mushroom field, overlooking the pond. My friend, Comen, is the white deer with the barn owl face and candles. We used to see each other a lot several years ago. I saw a post Comen's person left stating that she had to leave TEF for a while. It would be great if Comen comes back so I created this drawing of us in the forest. The second picture is a screenshot taken in 2014. I am looking forward to TEF, Second Decade and hope to see my friend, Comen, again.

Yarrow: By Myself

This was originally just brush practice because I honestly am a dweeb at Sai and have never used it like this??? Anyway here's Yarrow looking quite serious for once
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Commission for Milla

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And White

It's just been a while since I posted anything here.
I don't usually draw my ooc with a human face. I don't know why.


quick art of royalpanmeister's fawn faelara and my unnamed deer
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The smollest arrival

aka probably how Smol appeared inforest (with a Jude and Nirvana cameo)

Was inspired by something someone said in one of the TEF discords:
solarpunk - Today at 7:07 AM
thought: why do new deer seem to arrive into nothing
what about coming into existence right in the middle of some event
like two people having an argument and poof a stranger
a fawn materialises just above ground and lands on top of a sleeping stag


Raz - Today at 11:23 AM
that probably happened to smol
he probably just popped into existance onto some deer, fell off them, ":D agh"...and rolled away


Commission for HB.
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Butterfly deer and koi

Art block.
This is for all of you.
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Dear death

*fades into nothingness again c:*

Koanluq the stag

I really hope that it's visible, it's my very first post on this account and I don't really know the uploading system (I'm more used with deviantART's uploading system).

So this is my avatar in the game, Koanluq the stag, and he's a joyful friendly being.
I hope you like it!

P.S.: Now I realised that the picture must be posted somewhere on the internet. At least it's visible now.
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