so much has happened and nothing happened at the same time

my deer finally grew Smiling got some new accesories from random cervids

i feel like a deer in the headlights of love

i'm new here and a little bit shy. i hope you all like my first fanart of this game Smiling
still trying to figure out what dimensions work best, oh well.
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come paint my face [eliza art]

raz sold me an adopt (here) and i created a lesbian, as is only proper

The Fawn

I started this last night, but fell asleep halfway though Laughing out loud
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Who, if not her

Leaving the acacia trees
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Golden Mask

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Bucket the deer

My little fawn, bucket the deer, he is only 3 days old as of posting Smiling, Widmung and ischreem have been looking after him while he messes around in the forest~
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Here's some digital art I just completed of my deer Faulkon looking all majestic Laughing out loud
...I will use this as his ref pic ^^

originally sketched by hand and then traced + coloured + shaded in paint dot net Smiling here it is on my DA Smiling
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Welcome to the forest >:)

It's been a looooong time and I'm sad that I can't play the game on my current pc due to how out of date the game is... (the game just goes crazy and I have to force close it XD) ...I am really happy though that the devs are updating the game to run on current pcs!! Laughing out loud

So while I wait for a time I can play this game again for some much needed nostalgia... here's some spooky art for Halloween ^^!

drawn by hand with felt tip pen and black pencil Smiling

(link to it on my DA c: )


If one were to wander far enough, they may stumble upon a clearing in the woods, shrouded in mist, untouched by sun, and lit by moon. It is rumored that an ancient vessel, a black ghost haunting the endless birch, appears before those only in the deepest woods, in the darkest place.

For the most part, R has digressed into an entirely feral state. She can no longer remember old faces. There is only a sense of familiarity; a distant impression left in her brain that she no longer has a grasp on.

anyway this took me all day somehow. done on microsoft paint.
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