Nothing but Reality

8.11.18-adding a healthy fat reserve for winter | antlers growing
Health: good | elder problems

Bull, 5, 05101999[19], Moose
Wardell / War / GodGiven

Calm, Docile, Unpredictable, Defiant, Ferocious

Prefers to browse higher grasses and shrubs due to difficulties
Eats shrubs, pinecones, mosses, and lichens in the winter
In the summer eats plenty of aquatic plants
Also eats leaves, twigs, barks, and buds from trees
Fruits, vegetables, and grains might also be eaten if found
Can run up to 35 miles per hour over short distances
Is at home near water and is a good swimmer
Relies on all senses but eyesight because of poor vision
Layer of skin called velvet sheds from the antlers before the rut
Participates in the rut but doesn't have much drive due to age
Antlers drop right after the rut growing back differently each time
Due to age antlers have decline in size and symmetry and will slowly continue to do so with age
Takes 3 to 5 months for antlers to fully develop; largest antler span was 2m
Grey and lackluster along face, neck, underside, humerus, patella, and down to hooves
Various scars show trials and tribulations but the most noticeable is on the face
Fur consist of two layers called long guard hairs and soft wooly undercoat
Hoof splays under load which limits sinking into soft ground or snow and increases swimming efficiency
Stands 2.2m at the shoulders and roughly weighs 774kg
Generally solitary though may be seen in a small group
Can kick out in all directions but usually uses front legs
Enemies are mostly wolves, bears, and big cats
May do well with predators when their young first
Anything negative will stick and always be seen as a threat
Positive relations might receive some sort of affection and protection
Unnaturally curious in youngsters so could be a foster parent
Just as easily gaining a relation can lose one just as fast
Doesn't feel anything if ties are cut off for any particular reason
Thrives in the warmer seasons yet enjoys the colder
Fades in and out of this existence and the other erratically

!! Sad + Bow + Occasional Nods = Browsing !!
!! Contact + Glowing = Grooming; Face Rubs; Snoot Touches !!

:footprints: …
:perfect: …
:waving: Maekrix, Canary, Itzel, Nemesis, Jude, Munkwon, Kauna, Blackthistle, Heilong, Jettem, Hikari, Mirah, Tristan
:knife: Rossamund, Umay

Character is not as active anymore but interaction is always welcomed when he's on!
Just an Alaskan Moose. He is always 100% Feral and is IC 99% of the time.
Image above is not a visual representation of him.
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-sneaks in-

-sneaks in-


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I like this guy.

I like this guy.

Hmhm thanks~

Hmhm thanks~
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he sounds interesting.

he sounds interesting. c:
that's us sitting nearby at the moment, i'm sorry if we missed anything because i was away for a while.

Oh I was wondering who it was

Oh I was wondering who it was and it's totally fine, thanks by the way. I'm glad he sounds interesting haha (:
Sadly I have to go. It's like 4 in the morning yet I'm not sure if the time in the bio shows correctly. If it does, great ^^;
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Sorry about my doe being so

Sorry about my doe being so intrigued by this guy. His behavior reminds her of someone dear to her heart and for some reason it really made her curious and kind of stalker-ish.
Good job on portraying him so well in the forest! And sorry once again. I'm sure she would have followed him if she wasn't distracted. Laughing out loud
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Ah so you're the one with the

Ah so you're the one with the cute doe! Thank you haha. I'm still getting used to him since he's all animal, so I apologize if he's boring.
Not even sure if he's that fascinating due to not being like others lol xD
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Sounds like a lovely

Sounds like a lovely character!

I don't suppose he was jumping over the river with a fawn and then followed it over the bridge towards the pond?

I probably've got him confused with someone else, so please correct me if I have. xD
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No you're correct haha. The

No you're correct haha. The fawn was adorable ;v;
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Ah, great. N' thank you, I

Ah, great. N' thank you, I haven't had anyone compliment Itzel before. ;u;

Found your picto again and seemed to group up with a few other fawns and yourself? I can't believe there was so many, haha.
I'm not quite sure if we all made our way to the Blue Bowl or the small party followed a fawn. xD

Anyway, I apologise but as it's 11:18pm at night for me, I'm going to have to log off after this message.

Not sure if you'll see this message or not. But, it has been lovely bounding around the forest with Wardell, Itzel was happy prancing around beside him. He's such a friendly character!
My fawn'll probably locate him and bother him another day, if that's ok with you.
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Really? aww that's a shame

Really? aww that's a shame because she is really adorable and sweet to have around ;;
It was nice to see Itzel again and yes haha he seems to attract little youngsters. I wouldn't necessarily call him friendly though xD
Oh it's totally fine! She can bother him all she likes lol. Sleep well and see you around~
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Thanks for the company today!

Thanks for the company today! Nem really appreciates it. This guy certainly needs more love and attention from the community because he is so well portrayed in the forest. Smiling
Oh, and Merry Christmas!
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Ahahhh thank you so much! I

Ahahhh thank you so much! I try my best ;;
Your welcome and a Merry Christmas to you too <3
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/crouched next to him/

/crouched next to him/

late &hearts;

late ♥

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