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Name: Echo
Nicknames: Berry, Coal
Species: Fire demon in the TEF deer body
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Size: 17
Orientation: Bisexual
Mate: No
Parents: Unknown, missing
Children: No
Scent: Poppies, wild rose and burned grass
Diet: Grass, mushrooms, pine cones. For Demon - blood and burnt earth.
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    new arts (again and again... and again.... and... again...and again, and again, and again, and again...)
    by Liam - X X X
    by golybi_and_trolls - X
    by NEN - X


The Prologe will coming soon.
Now, I'm rewrite Echo's bio. I finally understand who is Echo and try to translate bio in english. I use a lot of verbal revolutions, epithets, complex constructions and translating is verry difficult to me. By the way, the story will be finished.
Thanks for wayting.
* I always write long biography for my deer, but not this time. Let Echo tells his story himself when it will be.


• cooperative • curious • tactful • yielding • sensitive • self-critical • timid •
• wavery • affectionate • altruistic • bashful • thoughtful • undecided •

- remember all of his screwup
- remember you screwup too
- really trying hard
- kicking down doors.
- falls in love with every mate he sees.
- has loose relationship with the truth
- will die, but will not call for help
- stubborn as a stool
- tellingly tells about his taciturnity
- presented all his belongings
- dreams of life-saving slap
- constantly a headache
- does not understand anything
- pretends to have realized the whole world and achieved enlightenment
- "I came to give you first aid, just open the medicine chest yourself, I have paws"
- considers the word "locomotive" as the most terrible oath

Echo is bearer of quiet introspection, hidden sea of feelings. The world of his feelings is so fine and rich that he does not need verbal reassurances of someone's love for him. Even without words he observes, who loves whom and how, who needs or doesn't need whom. His most important capability is his ability to adapt to his partner's emotions, to empathize, release emotional tension, to calm down.
He is a quiet, amicable deer. Being in groups, he prefers to keep silence and watch, but among his close friends his behavior switches to the opposite—then one cannot call him too shy, because he remarks perfectly, how other people treat him, and knows how to improve their relation to him.
Cannot refuse if asked to do something. This is why another deer often exploit him. In relations with another deer his interests are narrowed to a certain group, but in the objective world he is interested by absolutely everything: his intellect and skills are really omnivorous. He is scarcely capable of evaluating the quality of his work and time spent to accomplish it. Often he cannot distinguish between a triviality and what is really important. He knows what he can do but does not know what he needs to do. He cannot stay aside when other are working, and keeps on working when other deer already finished. He dislikes very much being ordered to do something new while some other things have not been yet done. Critical towards his own beauty (handsomeness), will, energy. Echo feels much pain when criticized for these aspects. Compliments on these aspects are not accepted as ambiguous only when they are expressed face-to-face, in a mild tone, without emphasis.
He needs silent or not emphasized recognition. He cannot afford being untidy.


Pelt: Real deer (dark)
Antlers: Flowers, candles or nothing
Mask: Long face (more often)
Currets reference

Echo is young deer with brown fur, which in bright sun shines ginger. Skin on the abdomen, chest and tail are lighter than the
base color. He has got very long and slender legs with elegant dark brown hooves. His face is narrow, with regular features and long nose. Conversely slanting eyes are symmetrical and color of
young grass. Hair color dark brown, long, thick, but thin. In the center of the forehead ruby diamond shaped - it is part of the body of the deer and cannot be removed. Face covered with patterns - red shadows under his eyes, under his left eye three red dots on
the left cheek five white stripes on his right cheek three red stripes scar. On the left leg bracelet with red sharp stones. On neck beads from rowan - two large chains, and one small. Horn dark, almost black. Most often, they are decorated with poppies that cover half the face of the deer, or other flowers - bluebells, hyacinths, dandelions, cornflowers. Sometimes, instead of flowers, you can see the fire. The mask can be any brand, but more often he puts it.

In game:

X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X     
lorem lorem


- Umay. Wonderful doe-lioness with dark brown skin. When Echo was a little faun, he ran with her for a long time and sincerely believed her to his mother. In fact, he still thinks so, especially when pressed his nose to her fluffy fur. She's big, warm and soft.
- Nimhlyn. When Echo saw her for first time, he lost his head. Wonderful brownish hair fluttering in the wind, and the sweet face was incredibly attractive. On her head were poppies – Echo’s favorite flowers. If Echo was more listened to himself, he would have realized that he’s fell in love.
- Mest. He's beautiful. Incredible courage combined with humility and kindness. For Echo he is idol and ideal, and the deer tries to imitate him in everything. Gait, movements, gestures, mannerisms. This is important.
- Keynea. She’s sweet and caring doe. It seems that she has a man, but she seems lonely. It should not be so. Beautiful doe must be happy. She wanted to adopt Echo when he was a toddler. And he must repay her good for good.
- Burn. Very hot deer, literally. There is fire under his skin. Echo a little scared at first, but the smell of burning wood and the heat emanating from Burn called him. Echo is not afraid of fire and glowing Burn was pleasant to him, and fiery touch were similar to ordinary gurgling water - refreshing and gentle.
- Tori. Cute doe with red hair. Just like fire. Small, but with character. She has a family - a son and husband. Echo dreaming that someday he’ll lead his family too. Real family, where all love each other. Can even find real parents... Tori cares about Echo, and as he realized she feel herself like Echo’s mother... But... Will he do it? Or search for parents more important than real parents?
- Nemesis. She’s white and cozy, like a snow ball. There are two purple feather and one fire feather behind her ear – fire is a gift from Echo. Echo loves spending time with her, running through the woods, or lazily lies at the water's edge.
- Naomh. She's very interesting person. Introverted, a little reserved, but friendly, she, as they say, is always in itself. espite the fact that she is wiser and older, Echo feels before her some responsibility and always willing to help.

- Rajih - Peverel - Sirius - Merral - Kenfol - Dreamer
- Aurora - Fletcher - Shoebox - Urschanabi - Hannelore - Yeen - Never
- Wierna

- Chepa. He was a good friend and interestind and funny deer, but one day he was gone. Maybe someone he said goodbye, maybe not. Echo never seen his tracks and never smell him.


feed fish =)

Pictures, stories, links and other stuff will be there) Many thanks for your drawings) It is very important for me, seriously, thank you. Each art for me is a big and valuable gift.
by me - X X X X X X X X X X
by Curusant - X X X X
by Firael - X X
by l-i-t-t-l-ef-i-r-e
by Lynx Wolf
by Koya
by Zarushh - Echo and his Inner Demon
by Shoutofsoul
by Mirych
by Raota
by WindTau
by Elena Sova
by Drozd
by F R A N K
by Gripha
Amazing Demon by Saint-Yves
by The-Pink - Echo in the meadow
by anomy - X X X
by UlrichRoland (amazing portraits!!!) - X X
by Jelonia - X Thanks for phantomhelsing to request!
by MariaHimmel - X X X X X
by Vako - X X XXXXX
by Thais - X
Current reference by O N E Y R O S - X
by artaina - X
by golybi_and_trolls - X X X
by Liam - X X X
by NEN - X

100% IC character. Don’t swear, it's just a game =)
If you found a grammatical or stylistic mistake in the text - please, tell me.
I used this Free CSS code to make my bio.
I have got another page with my main deer, but I do not want it to be known here. If anyone knows me - please be quiet =)
I love 4 Gen yeeeeaaaaah!!!
Always open for RP.
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test comment 1

test comment 1
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Track! Alice played with this

Track! Alice played with this little fellow today. c:

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I love this so much.

I love this so much.
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littlesinner, nice to meet

littlesinner, nice to meet you)
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Fainalotea, thank you very

Fainalotea, thank you very much) I see your bio and it is really amazing)

Anytime! Aww thank you! You

Aww thank you! You are so sweet
I would also love our fawns to meet X3
Wish to RP? :3
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Yeah, I'll be happy) My voice

Yeah, I'll be happy) My voice is blablablabal xd #541401

Awesome! “Pali's voice is

Pali's voice is this XD

Want me to post first?
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As you wish)

As you wish)

{I have been looking through

{I have been looking through this fawn's bio. I adore everything about this amazing and adorable and his concept is also stunning! I also love how he looks like a normal deer in fur-appearance yet at the same time bears such a beautiful air about him! He is simply gorgeous. I love how he wears those flowers, too! :3)

As the sun was set in the middle of the beautiful late-spring sky, the little elven fawn made her way through the birch, enjoying the sensation of the sun gently tickling her feathers. The day was quite calm thus far, and it was truly a pleasure to be able to stretch her still-healing legs while exploring the world around her. Palila had not spent much time in the birch, but she was finding great interest in the abundant amount of sunlight that leaked in through the canopies and kissed the forest floor with sunlight.
“So warm...” Palila murmured in delight; a delicate smile gracing her features as her walk came to a pause so that she could examine the area around her. Birds flew overhead from tree-to-tree and greeting one another in song. Sometimes Palila wished that she could mimic the soothing song of the feathered flyers. For now, however, all the little girl could do was watch them and admire the beauty of their music and appearances.
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*honestly, at me for a long

*honestly, at me for a long time already lays not finished drawing of your Flora =) But most of all frightens me that my level of drawing and yours very much and are very non-comparable, therefore I cannot finish it ??
I am sorry for bad English, there can be something will understand*

There is nothing better, than to be stretched on the earth warmed by solar heat after cold night. Every morning the Echo perceived as wonderful happiness - after a night cold and morning dews his skin was similar to a wet lump of the earth, and thin feet lost sensitivity from a cold.
But cold night was behind, and the Echo was joyfully heated in solar beams, substituting heat a light yellow belly. Even the wreath of poppies on his head as if has revived and has straightened the leaflets, and one bud over an ear was a little slightly opened.
He loved these silent moments of warm lunch weather. Pine wood was empty, very few people from deer came here. More often they lived about ancient ruins, cool and freshening lake. Even the lowland with hyacinths was empty. Only sometimes the couple of deer came to a magic source, but seldom and for a short while, most likely because of strange effect of its water. There can be a pine wood was too great, that deer wandering on him have met, and there can be an Echo was too small and imperceptible in a high grass. But the fact remains the fact - while he has not met anybody, and nobody has seen the Echo.
In the distance knock of hoofs was heard. An echo has started and has nestled on the earth. He has already understood, that wood not such friendly to what it seems, and even the yesterday's friend can appear the enemy. But unfortunately enemies met to him much more often, than friends.
"Who it could be?" - he has whispered to a blade, buried to him in a nose. Since recent time he has got a habit to talk to plants, stones, trees. They were safe and did not try to kill him. - "It is exact not my mum..."
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He is so sweet, I hope he and

He is so sweet, I hope he and my girl meets again one day. n_n

Tracking, Umay and I really

Tracking, Umay and I really adore Echo. ♥
Also, he has a really appealing design.
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Sapphire, Thanks, I really

Sapphire, Thanks, I really was very happy when I found you in this big forest)
And... I'm not a good artist, but I want to draw you ^__^ Can I do that?

'snow, I hope to)
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From what I see it's just my

From what I see it's just my biography is so without A Hope when it comes to graphics X(But hey! Very nice biography, I love this guy and I hope that soon we will meet in the game: D

Oh my God, oh my God! It's

Oh my God, oh my God! It's you! Hi! ^^
Oh, what a cute and small baby.
Let's be friends? <3
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Curusant, Oh, I can help with

Curusant, Oh, I can help with biography) Honestly, I also do it in the template, but something I will do) And with a picture of the character I can help) Drawing level - as a fawn top of the page.

Loyn, Do not tell about my main page, I'm hiding and I will deny it) Everyone is so surprised hddd
Yes, I certainly hope so) Let's be friends)

Probably one of my posts are not gone .... I am very glad to see everyone on my page)
littlesinner, toppledturtle, my pretty Sapphire, you are welcome!

LOL Sweeps, buddy I forgor

Sweeps, buddy Laughing out loud
I forgor adout trrrrack 8D
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Thank you Spring, really

Thank you Spring, really would be very, very, very grateful:,). And I must add Echo on Burn's friend list X3
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Loyn, Yeah, I should re-track

Loyn, Yeah, I should re-track you bio!

Curusant, I must it too, of course)
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Tracking! This little guy

Tracking! This little guy made Nem's day much better today! We appreciate that. Smiling
Icon - ahimsa.Signature - Qanat. ♥
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Hi. Trr-rack. :3

Trr-rack. :3
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0baf0, Oh, thank you very

0baf0, Oh, thank you very much) I'm just in awe of your deer)

Chepass, heeeeey) Chepaaa))) hello-hello) nice to see you here)
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This need a track...That bio

This need a track...That bio is gorgeous!! <33
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Vala, Oh, thank you very

Vala, Oh, thank you very much)
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dbabsahfuihwjx XD

dbabsahfuihwjx XD

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Curusant, "my little deer!"

Curusant, "my little deer!" xddd Oh, I love you pictures very much!

Lovely little fawn ? Track

Lovely little fawn ♥
Track this.
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,,My little deer-forest is

,,My little deer-forest is magic.The elements of the twin gods " Coming soon in cinema!X3
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Curusant, exactly

Curusant, exactly Smiling Smiling Smiling

kicy3, thank you) I'm not sure... but.. is it you?

Oh yes ! 8DD that's Snappy

Oh yes ! 8DD that's Snappy c:
♥ hnng cute.
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kicy3, ohh) I was sure, that

kicy3, ohh) I was sure, that see you before Eye

G'night, It was very great to

G'night, It was very great to meet this little guy =)
Hope to spend more time with you in future ♥
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kicy3, happy to meet

kicy3, happy to meet you)
good dreams)
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TRACK!1!1!1 <3
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Aaaeeem, re-track 8D

Aaaeeem, re-track 8D
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khaosso, oh, thanks for

khaosso, oh, thanks for watching)

track it)

track it)

Hello~ Just throwing a track

Just throwing a track on here for Echo (:
If you want to Skype me sometime about RP with Darcie
My username is TEFAcer
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acer, hello) I'm glad that I

acer, hello) I'm glad that I will play with someone)
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You can rp with me if you

You can rp with me if you want to =3
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Curusant, AaaaAaaa! Of

Curusant, AaaaAaaa! Of course!!!1 do you prefer in my biography, in your, or in a separate topic? And maybe privat in Skype?
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I do not care if you like for

I do not care if you like for me, the emphasis is on fun :3
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Curusant, choose, I trust

Curusant, choose, I trust you, oh great hot deer!)
you did not solved the problem with candles yet?
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Yes:(.I write e-mail to

Yes:(.I write e-mail to Michael but he can't do anything.

And meaby we can rp on skype:3.
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Curusant, I think that Gods

Curusant, I think that Gods cannot help you in this case, it's too... petty... =)
I can help, even for a long time been looking for you in the woods, but did not find, so I write about it here) We could meet on Skype, so I finally saw you in the forest)
I missed you Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
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I miss you to =C.I wilk wait,

I miss you to =C.I wilk wait, wen I see you on skype I will write to you;3
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Curusant, Honestly, I'm not

Curusant, Honestly, I'm not very often on Skype)
much easier to find me on the community) Sticking out tongue
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Such a handsome young man he

Such a handsome young man he is turning into! n_n