Hope your dreams are [Caden] sweet as mine...

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...And I hope you sleep just fine...

Updates 10/4


Feeling the shift in his temperament starting to take over. Mentally and physically preparing for rut.

mental - |||||||||| ~ Healthy
physical - |||||||||| ~ Strong


Name: Caden
Alias: 'Cade'
Sex: Stag
Orientation: No preference
Species: Has moose, Irish deer and demon from his father; mother is a petite mini
Age: 6 years
Birthday: Aug 01
Zodiac: Leo
Build: 17
Speech: #222222 | Derrick Brown
Scent: Burning candles; hasn't faded since he dropped them
Raven pelt | Zombie mask | Blue flowers/default antlers(Noh or Beluga antlers when dropped)

Optimistic | Protective | Ambitious | Uncomplicated | Generous | Enthusiastic | Faithful
Pompous | Patronizing | Interfering | Proud

Minis | Fawns | Attention in general | Romping | Sitting in quiet with company | The Great Oak | Gold (color)

Hotheadedness | Cruelty | Those who won't embrace his affections | Closed-mindedness

Family/Closest Bonds:

Aleumdaun Misang - Mother
Jax - Father
Zari - Twin sister (deceased)
Kasmir - Sister; not very close to.
Aamori - Younger sister (gone; deceased?)
Emdeaur - Uncle (non-biological); loves, misses.
Evania - Aunt (deceased)
Enthbril - Nephew; not very close to.
Evelys - Cousin (non-biological); enjoys her company.
Averell - Youngest sister; not very close to.
Demon - His father's best friend, who was the first face Caden ever saw outside of his family.
Buttons - Best friend; she knows him very well. He will always go to her for advice, friendship, and affection.
Flail - Demon's mate, and an acquaintance of Caden's; basically one in the family.
Euriea - Demon's daughter; not very close to, but still considered family.
Hälla - Caden considers her a friend, and admires her strong will, despite her other issues.


Sophia - Considers the doe a friend; finds her sweet and attractive, and is also quite intrigued with her mysterious history.
Blue - Silent factotum; met through Sophia. Took a liking to the stag.
Aria - Acquaintance; helped to defend her fawns from "wolf".
Phaios - Acquaintance; fought "wolf" with her. (deceased)
Tieff - Caden's fascination; will seek him out without hesitation.
Haustier - Acquaintance; already Caden has developed a fondness of the mini, and quite the curiosity. (missing/gone?)
Alani - Acquaintance; helped heal Caden's wounds.
Ramsus - Unsure how to feel about him; curious, mostly.
Su-mi - Appreciates her fun-loving personality; thinks her very sweet.


"wolf" - Hates; tried to go after two newborn fawns and their mother. Lead to a very large fight & chase. Caden will not forget him, and will not hesitate to attack on sight.
Umay - Hates; wretched doe caused a lot of trouble for Caden.
North - Dislikes; one of Umay's helpers.
Neiro - Dislikes; one of Umay's helpers.

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I cant believe no one replied

I cant believe no one replied to this. He sounds cool, My Shika would like to meet him sometime ^^
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He's been in and out of the

He's been in and out of the forest all night:) lol it's 3am here, but I'd love for them to meet sometime. Perhaps tomorrow?

o: -licks page- ;n; i missed

o: -licks page- ;n; i missed him so much so does Jax ♥!Exclaim im glad to see that your back ;u;
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Asdfgfs Of course tracking


Of course tracking ;;
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yay, I'm glad to be back:)

yay, I'm glad to be back:) hahaha
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Tomorrow would be fine ^^

Tomorrow would be fine ^^

There's no excuse for me not

There's no excuse for me not tracking this. xDD -track- ♥
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I believe I've seen him just

I believe I've seen him just now, am I correct? same pictogram I think, and set he was dancing with us too
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yes, indeed^ that was him:]

yes, indeed^ that was him:]
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Do you know who the other

Do you know who the other deer was, Ive been seeing them a lot.
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Been seeing Caden around a

Been seeing Caden around a lot lately. Track!
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Kirness: Yeah, he's

Kirness: Yeah, he's definitely been in the forest plenty since I brought him back:)

and Shika: Which one? What did he look like?
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The adult deer in the

The adult deer in the screenie I took ^^
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...Why the heck am I not

...Why the heck am I not tracking this? *slaps self*
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Lovely stag you got thar~

Lovely stag you got thar~
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Haha why thank you, both!

Haha why thank you, both!
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Sorry if Shika was acting a

Sorry if Shika was acting a little weird, she knew you were busy but she had no one to turn to, Shika was recently attacked and attacked again.. she lost some trust in her friends and she was really beaten up and scared

Strawberry feilds -bu do do

Strawberry feilds
-bu do do do bu do-
Nothing is real
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I always love his journal

I always love his journal entries :3
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Shika: I know DDD: I found

Shika: I know DDD: I found out she was so beaten up after I logged off...I wish I had known! I would have made Caden react to it!

Bamboo: Smiling tehe

Pretzil: aw thanks xD yeah, I just didn't do one about yesterday, cus I was too tired and lazy. I wish Mimi had been there D:
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mismatched: Its alright,

mismatched: Its alright, Shika will heal up soon, since she's a smaller deer(because she's young still) she is faster at healing.
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Well herro durr ^^

Well herro durr ^^
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Faustt: Why herro >3> Shika:

Faustt: Why herro >3>

Shika: Oh good:3 that was so sad haha
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Yay! Shika is glad to see

Yay! Shika is glad to see Caden back! <3
Sorry but it won't let me nuzzle so don't think she dosen't miss him :c'
Oh and the big bird is someone I am RPing with and Shika is a little afraid of her though, heh

Tracking. &hearts; I'm the

Tracking. ♥ I'm the 'big bird'. |D
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OMG. Sorry that I casted a

OMG. Sorry that I casted a pelt spell, I was trying to cough it off but then Caden came and it got on him, D;
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Ohhhhhhhhhhh okay;) it was no

Ohhhhhhhhhhh okay;) it was no problem! hahaha

and hiya Rain:D Caden's so happy to play with Shika! I kept glitching though, so I left. I kinda figured she was afraid of him, and that's why she was more distant, but I didn't know you were rping xD sorry to intrude! lols

Ah, it's alright. You didn't

Ah, it's alright. You didn't know. And you weren't intruding, really. X) It was nice to meet Caden, hopefully Soroka (the bird) and Caden can meet again sometime~
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Yes! Caden finds him pretty

Yes! Caden finds him pretty interesting, and I agree, I hope they meet again:D

Hehe. She doesn't have a bio

Hehe. She doesn't have a bio yet, but here is her picto. She'll have a bio soon. Oh, and sometimes she's in deer form -- magpie pelt, crying mask, default poppies. Just in case you run into we run into each other and you don't recognize her. XD
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Oh, thank you!! Yeah...that

Oh, thank you!! Yeah...that might have been a problem x)


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Oh hey:D thanks!

Oh hey:D thanks!
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I just had to peek. sorry xP

I just had to peek. sorry xP This CSS is wonderful, I wish I could do CSS, but I don't understand at all :c
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I barely understand it xD

I barely understand it xD I've read a lot about it, but it's so complicated and I hardly have time to learn it. Still, I'm constantly checking back to Unplugged's "eyeburningness" blog xD and I had to ask for help sooo many times on this blog, I felt ridiculous! hahaha
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Side account to Mr.Sanguine.
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ohai:D thanks!

ohai:D thanks!
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Hi Caden.. I think I'm with

Hi Caden..

I think I'm with you and Virgo now. So neat to meet you. So fun running around the forest. Yes, I'm a doe for the rut. Smiling Ayala.. Smiling

"I'm only following you to

"I'm only following you to keep you out of trouble, you know. I can't watch you all the time, but when you go racing into danger like this, I don't want to see you get hurt."

I'unno. Em's random fatherly thought for the day. xDDD

Hello, darling.

Hello, darling. <3

Leviathann and I appreciate your company.

Stalk- Tracking. He's

Stalk- Tracking.
He's gorgeous~

Signature by Terabetha
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Wetter: "I know. . ." -guilt-

Wetter: "I know. . ." -guilt- "But I don't want to cause a fuss, I just can't really help myself! Or maybe I don't want to help it. . . I don't know, uncle Em, I'm so confused."

Selruil: I'm sorry I switched deer on you yesterday. Caden came to you because you were quiet and peaceful, and I think he needed a brief break:p We both were happy to join you & Levi!

Ammy: d'aww thanks Laughing out loud
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Trackin this bio! He seems

Trackin this bio! He seems like an interesting character. Yara met him recently. I think she's part of Virgo and Caden's herd...still I little confused on what herds are what...
AngelWings's picture

Ehhhhhhhh I thought I didn't

Ehhhhhhhh I thought I didn't track this yet! Sticking out tongue hey would you mind too terribly a role play? Wif Yara? :3
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Herds are confusing:p I'm

Herds are confusing:p I'm confused too. Yes! Of course I'll rp Caden with her:) You can do it here if you like, or on a different blog; whatever you want haha.
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Here good? I have to eat

Here good? I have to eat dinner so I won't nonstop reply for a bit. Thanks!

Yara's black and white fur shimmered in her light spot. She watched a bird begin pecking at the ground, but it squacked and flew away. "Who's there? Are you friendly?"
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A large, charcoal-colored

A large, charcoal-colored buck made his way through the undergrowth, skirting the brambles, carefully stepping over branches and potholes. Fallen leaves crackled beneath his solid hooves, echoing through the trees that were now showing off their bright, autumn colors. A voice rang out from the surrounding bushes, breaking the ambient hum of the forest. Caden whipped around to see a little blackbird take to flight, and two eyes - slits of ice - pierced through the shadows, gazing wildly up at him, "Oh, hello there," the young buck said softly, breathing in her unfamiliar scent, "No need to be frightened, I won't harm you. My name's Caden," he spoke to her as he would a fawn; quiet, gentle, unlike his usual, outspoken voice.
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"Oh hello Caden...my name is

"Oh hello Caden...my name is Yara." She looked up at him with her icy eyes. She rose slowly.

I've been meaning to do this

I've been meaning to do this for a while.

Aamori: HI CADEN 8D -flops on-

My mission is complete 8l
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Bam: LOOOOL Caden: >3>

Bam: LOOOOL Caden: >3> "Aao-mo-ri?" -gasps for air-

"Ah, what a nice name. It has a nice ring to it; so simple, subtle, yet lovely," He let out a slight laugh, "Sorry, it's very nice to meet you, Yara. What brings you here?" Caden gazed around the deep green enclosing the two, surrounding them within the interwoven branches and hills of moss underfoot. With a smirk, he looked back at the patchworked doe.