is there forgiveness in the end ; ezekiel

wimpy smol baby man finally gets an official TEFc bio cuz it's easier for me to voice my thoughts about him in this format ;w; Bio subject to mature themes! THIS IS HELLA WIP, plz let me know if i forgot your relation tie to him, I didn't keep track until now!! Trying to track them down via TH... :sob:

Ezekiel Lucas Brooks
Zeke, Onyx, Lava-Rift, Luden, Fireside, Kiln, Incinerator, Firefly*Given from Gar.
Young Adult . Male . Halo . #17 +, growing

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Created alongside his triplet brothers, Ison & Berstuk.
Quickly taken into the care of their eldest brother, Nix.
Harbors the power of heat and fire.

Feels all his emotions with great intensity and has a hard time reigning in his feelings.
When overwhelmed by any feeling - be it good or bad - can/will have smoke emit from his body.
Eyes will glow brighter, along with his markings and the insides of his (growing) horns.
If especially agitated, will drool lava.

Playful · Expressive · Needy · Responsive
Anxious · Clingy · Loud · Overly-Sensitive
Emotional · Doubtful · Sheepish · Troubled
Withdrawn · Rough · Destructive · Unstable

Vixen, Ison, Berstuk, Nix, Bronx, Ashe, Morrow, Azura.
Diamond, Daze, Krisha, Axel, Johnny*Vikram, Savitha, & Vaani by extension., ...
Shizuka, Kyoyuu, Akahi, Okibi, Jinsei.

♥ Thais, Prometheus, Gareth, Orioch, Astraeus, Naida, ...
+ Vrasa, Kerosene, Yasu, Chrona, Melantha, Rota, Ingvild, ...
= Roawa, Eremes, Jaelyn, River, ...
? Alighieri, Musoka, Ingolfr, Sen, ...
- Set, Matthew, Kozan*By extension, Nymph, although mostly by association. Still, relates all three as one collective group due to a run in he witnessed between the three (and four, for Nymph being entangled by the chase) with Astraeus. , Dorian,Watched him burn Astra and now gets Bad Feelings from ): , ...

Design by Becca, above art by kewwi ♥
Below art by Paperflesh, gifted by Rae!! ♥
Ezekiel is 100% IC and does not represent the player.
Interactions are welcome through Forest, this bio, or discord: Laur#3136

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Little baby man

Little baby man
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hello my midget love

hello my midget love
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look it's a childe

look it's a childe

I love you all so much ): AND

I love you all so much ): AND SO DOES ZEKE... ♥ !!

Sweet sweet babyboy

Sweet sweet babyboy
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gotta track dis

gotta track dis <33

@Lath, baby boy baby man is

@Lath, baby boy baby man is here!!

@snow, ahh I was so excited to get to see your lil moose with Zeke and Mel!! ;w; I was afk at the time so I missed it mostly, but seeing the pictos on the map was enough to get me fuzzed ♥ He'll keep an eye out for the cutie!
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It's all good!! we would have

It's all good!! we would have stayed longer but I had to head out of the house so had to log, but hope they'll meet again another time! <3

a bump for the BEAUTIFUL art

a bump for the BEAUTIFUL art hopper did for him :pleading_face: :heart:

Also wanted to add a note, he's open for all plots - good and bad included! Especially as he's aging :3 idm if he's used as a villain-esque role for a plot, esp since his emotions always get the best of him. Feel free to message me via discord to talk it out!