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is there forgiveness in the end ; ezekiel

wimpy smol baby man finally gets an official TEFc bio cuz it's easier for me to voice my thoughts about him in this format ;w; Bio subject to mature themes! THIS IS HELLA WIP, plz let me know if i forgot your relation tie to him, I didn't keep track until now!! Trying to track them down via TH... :sob:

a place that never existed ; vikram

Bio subject to mature themes as he ages!

i'll show you every version of yourself tonight ; momilani

new design!! by HB ♥

sobs in rut

the sun swallowed me ; esam

Bio subject to mature themes.

light me up like a match soaked in gasoline ; jagrav

Bio subject to mature content! Mb.. eventually.. putting this here just in case tho :pensive:

CSS testing #6

they're playing with fire ; Lalitha

CSS testing #5

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