Remora [bio]

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Gender: female / asexual

Birth date: 15.10.2020

Age: young adult / 5-th gen

friendly / playfull / trusty
absent-minded / curious

Communication style:
ambivert (introvert mostly)

Smell: seaweed and water

Size: _14

Pelt: ink koi
Mask: zombie skull
Antlers: orca fins
Spell: minispell

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Discord: Remora Minor#1368

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Track <3
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Enjoyed reading her

Enjoyed reading her story.
Also, the drawing looks perfect against this background.

Signature © Draak

A track

A track Smiling

From Whiskeybeast

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Hello Remora, I liked how

Hello Remora, I liked how you interpreted me and my personality in your bio as being a great mentor and being a great shark. I am thankful for the days we had spent together and had fun. Thank you for creating this wonderful bio and for interpreting me into it.

Thank you so much and

Thank you so much and wellcome :3
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Track for you

Track for you <:

Hey. I remember you.

Hey. I remember you.

traaaack! ~

traaaack! ~
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Fun <3
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track this lady~

track this lady~
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Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)