Dire Rick [bio]

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The Dire

Here is a gray, hazy shadow, who is wandering through the forest with bloody red eyes, which are full of tears. Candles are burning on his horns, illuminated the path in the darkness. The lost soul of an old man, who is drunk of life and the most bitter moments of it, is entering the forest and seeking… He is looking for some inner peace and relief in it, trying to cry out everything that hurts him. Perhaps, this is the saddest, gloomy and brooding Wendigo, that you could ever met. Most of the time he can be seen in the cemetery, weeping near the graves, or sleeping somewhere, in the ruins. Sometimes he walks alone through the forest, in a very slow movement, silently crying, looking at his reflection in the pond.

Rick is old. His life was very dramatic. Pain, loss and unnumerous, disgusting betrayals have found their place in it. Wherever he goes, everywhere he feels like a stranger. He suffers from his dual nature. On the one hand, he is a merciless predator full of hunger, and on the other hand, somewhere, deep inside of his soul, he is kind of a soft person, full of love. Like everyone else, he wants to be happy. Now he is broken inside and he is going through a difficult patch, but he is still fighting for existence and tries to fix up at least some parts of his life. He has been feeling better lately, but the old scars still hurt him sometimes. Remora: tries to comfort him and helps him to pass through his depression, which still accompanies him. They both respect each other and feel safe, when the one of them is near by the other.

From time to time, it may seem that Rick is evil, but this is far from the reality. He is rather very distrustful, and mostly prefer to avoid being touched. Besides, he doesn`t like affinity, especially with strangers and little-known deer. Also, it`s almost impossible to see him frolicking and dancing, especially in the company of young creatures. Fauns makes him feel particularly strong sadness, so that he tries to get away from them as far as possible. It shouldn't be said that he does not like children... But their large, pure eyes remind him of someone, he had lost...

___Name: Dire Rick
___Species: wendigo
___Gender: male / voresexual
___Age: old
___depressed / brooding / sullen
___Communication style: introvert
___Smell: smoke and blood
___Diet: hypercarnivore / maneater
___Size: 17 ???
___Pelt: gray
___Mask: zombie skull
___Antlers: default with candles
___Arts (mature): * / * / * / * / *
___In game: * / * / * / * / * / *
___OST: Starset - Carnivore

~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ full story ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~
Wait! The story of the original character contains harsh themes such as increased violence, detailed psychological suffering, blood, trauma, deaths, sex, unusual sexual fetishes, vorarephilia and selfcest. So this is a really dark and brutal "Rick and Morty" 18+ fanfic in 643 pages. And it's only in Russian for now. Do you want to continue? Are you sure?

- I am ready for darkness of cold and cruel Universe. Tell me, Rick...

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OK, this bio art is so good

OK, this bio art is so good it made me give up and finally start reading his full story despite all the warnings Evil

Signature © Draak
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Track here! Hope Rick's

Track here! Hope Rick's suffering doesn't last forever..

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)