send me dead flowers every morning

PhysicallyHealthy | EmotionallyGood

Wants for nothing from her family. Having the best childhood so far she could ask for. Learning ASL, as well, which she's picking up at a pretty rapid rate.

A day with Pa. Taken around to visit her oldest brothers who she promptly tried playing by way of karate kicking/flailing her hooves and running around like a headless chook. A great time. And then a Ashe who wouldn't stand still and let Lilianae flail her hooves at her, so chased her sister around and around until stilling. Given candy when their father moved off to investigate some neighbours. Watched intently as the stone saint brought over a small. Aiwin. Being used to playing with larger siblings, as well as a Qamar, much too boisterous than what lil aiwin might have been used to. She is tiny but she is mighty. Moved over to sniff the human face once, twice, before rearing up and turning on her hooves, bolting back to Arcturus. Did this a couple times before chilling tf out when Erwen, Aiwin's parent, joined the little gathering. THEN A PEBBLE! Elated to see Qamar. Played soccer with the acorn, more running chook's before taking the acorn over to her pa. After some settling near the other children, returned home with Arcturus to plant the acorn.


Played with Kiss today, letting out all her spunk with her even spunkier sibling. Had a blast. Settled afterwards, and with their mothers help, put flowers in his hair until pa came and helped in the most Arc way. He put stuff her in her hair and she :heart_eyes:


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i won't forget to put roses on your grave






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♥ !

♥ !
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Precious little bean.

Precious little bean.

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♥ Another precious

♥ Another precious bean.
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'nother girlie

'nother girlie

lillll sisturrr

lillll sisturrr
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awww such a cutie!

awww such a cutie!
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&hearts; ty everyone

♥ ty everyone

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