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The Silent Shadow

Recently (October 15th - December 1st)

After the Rut everything went back to normal; things were the same as before. Actually, scratch that; I'm probably lonelier than before. Haven't seen hide or tail of Tristan since our little check-up talk, nor anyone else. Not any of the new acquaintances, such as Alchemilla or Pagan. No one's fault but mind really.

Elijah's been tryin' his damnest to get me to budge, get out and socialize more too, but that's a constant battle. Some days are better than others.

While spending one of the raining days at the Old Oak-- pretendin that my presence among others takin up shelter in the old tree was enough ta be considered socializin-- when a little bundle of white fur came rushin at me. Took me a while ta put a name to ta face; it was the little owl-faced deer I met while hangin' on the outskirts of Pagan's herd durin the last day of Rut.

They had company too.

Was basically forced, by mah own need of not wantin ta bore company, ta get up and be active an' social. Spent de day dancin and runnin around with Yumi.

At de end of de day, had a wonderful time hangin out with Yumi and even felt a little lighta. Even felt some of my love for dancin and performin return.

The bad feelin's continued for a few more days, staying at de tree and probably driving Elijah a tiny bit insane. I'm even drivin myself crazy. But despite everything, Elijah stuck around, trying to help lift my mood any way possible.

When Elijah got called for leave, forced myself away from de tree and take a walk around de Forest-- sittin around an' waitin isn't goin ta help anythin.

Came across a sleepin Goro-ma and his usual party group, includin a Yumi. Feelin a bit more up for socializin, walked up to the group and took up a spot between Yumi and Goro-ma.

Started out as a calm, good day; restin in the rain wid Elijah, startin' ta feel more lighta than the past weeks. Was able ta get a few winks of peaceful sleep, nestled between the tree and the giant, red log dat is Eli.

It might not have been dat great of an idea ta take a nap dat day.

Woke up ta find three eggs bein' cradled between Big Red and myself. Wat?

Was informed that de eggs came from Chanti; de bird dropped them off wid a bow and no words. As wid all strays, Elijah's very adamant on keeping the eggs and watch ova dem. I'm... a bit skeptical of it. I can deal wid children-- children are great--... just feel like dey tolorate me less if I'm de one holdin guardianship ova dem. But Elijah and Sindile-- wow yuh've grown-- insist I would be great.

Let the chatter of de two wayward hounds become background noise as I curled back up, eying de eggs and wonderin if secretly Eli holds a grudge that I'm not ready ta birth pups of our own yet. Of course he says he's not, but dat's what people say to their spouses... right?

Sin's friend Noelani came by; by that time I felt it only polite ta join back into the conversation.
Talked wid de young bloods for a while until wishin dem goodbye; Noelani on her way and Elijah takin' Sin out of de Forest ta his bar so the boy can get some bar trainin.

Left wid de eggs and my thoughs, wrapped around de eggs and began hummin to dem; occupying dem while distractin my thoughts.
Continued to watch ova de eggs by myself until I became too restless. Secured de eggs back in de wrap dat Chanti left and left de Forest for my shop.
Spent de days between fillin out orders, helpin out customers, and chatterin/singin to da little bundles.

A week later, as soon as Elijah came to de shop, dropped off de eggs wid 'im, which he seemed more than happy ta spend some time wid dem. Been noticin movement from de eggs so not sure how much time we got left of dem just bein eggs. Once he was situated wid de eggs, left him to it and left de shop in Never's hands and left for the Forest.

Found Yumi amongst de usual crowd on de Twin Gods' hill, de owl-face deer welcomin me instantly. Joked around wid her for half de day-- some relaxation time and some chaos time wid de group on de hill--, later bein joined by Altijd. Which wow, not goin ta be just a Rut here-and-there, huh?

Enjoyed a bit more time wid dem before everyone bid everyone a goodbye. Headed back to tree-sweet-tree to find dat Eli and de eggs have returned.

Name: Jonah / Amber Eye
Nickname(s): Jay, Moonbug
Age: 21
Sex/Gender: Intersex* Has both reproductive organs. Fine with just about any pronoun, but commonly goes with either he or they.
Reference: Here
Species: Shifter
Scent: Faint scent of maple sap and mint, but doesn't really have a scent of their own.*Catches the scent of whatever they've been handling or whoever they've been hanging around.
Diet: Opportunistic, mainly loves fruits and sweets.
Size: x (a little over #17?)
Orientation: Androsexual demiromantic
Human Vocals: Ashe, but with a Trinidadian accent.
In-forest set: Dotd pelt| Orca antlers| Skull

Curious / Quiet / Calm / Patient / Overthinking / Friendly / Watchful / Cautious / Introvert / Secretive / Daring / Fighter /


+Omnist; believes that all religions exist in some way and respects them.
+Most of the time hesitant to completely approach a group. Tends to just quietly slink over.
+Tends to stay on the outskirts of groups. Doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy them, they love good company. Though they also likes being alone at times.
+Can become snarky/flirty, if it benefits them in anyway.
+Most of the time finds group convo easier than dealing with one-on-one-- there's extra people to fill up their silence.

+Tends to people watch a lot.
+Even though he might stand or sit away from the group, he doesn’t mind if someone scoots over to him. If he’s persuaded enough, he’ll even move more into the group.
+Easily won over by fruits, sweets, jewelry, or any type of oddity.
+Pickpocketing; an old habit that appears every now and then. The remnants of growing up with thieves.
+Prefers to stay in shaded places.
+Usually becomes more active/outgoing during rain, night, or twilight.
+Able to phase through things.
+Able to come back from death, and any damage-- say if a limb is chopped off-- will regenerate, leaving behind scars. It's sort of like a reset. But it does hurt and cause slight trauma.
+Doesn't like being too close or going into mushroom circles.
+Can be seen talking to inanimate objects, like: trees, flowers, water, the idols, ect.
+Loves to play chase-- either chasing or being chased, but loves chasing more.
+Loves to play hide'n'seek, as it makes him use his senses and resembles hunting.

Needs major updating.

Fond of



(And more but I can't remember)

*Stones with dragon script on them
*1 Druid book
*1 jar of liquid aloe vera
*1 jar filled with mint leaves
*5 empty jars
*1 brown satchel
*a gold leafed mask (not wearing it)
*Amber pendant with scorpion (on)
*glass pieces (from Melanie)
*an assortment of crystals (from Melanie)
*wood pieces (from Melanie)

~Inspirations & Muses~
Wanderer || Foxes || Amber || Sap || Candlelight || Midnight || Nightlife || Shadows || Smoke || Religion || Mythology || Gold || Magic || Druid || Crystals || Bones || Shaman || Spider eyes || Fangs || Nature || Silence ||

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Discord: HootinOwl #2320

First!! ??´??? Tracking the

First!! ??´??? Tracking the cutie. Can't wait for Him and Bonnie to meet.


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track Smiling
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A ...Track ..!

A ...Track ..!
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Yay, a new character, gotta

Yay, a new character, gotta track this! ^^
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Wow, thank you all

Wow, thank you all <3
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Track c:

Track c:
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Hello Jonah !! Nice to meet

Hello Jonah !!
Nice to meet you !
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~Tracking~ Eye

SORRY for all that

SORRY for all that awkwardness by the pond ledge, sobs. Buttons were not working with me.
Good to meet him, though! ♥

Aah, I've been slacking off

Aah, I've been slacking off ;; Thank you all

Fly: Hey, it was nice seeing you again. Albeit from a different character, once again.

C!ssy: Aye, no problems, happens all the time for me. And it's really nice to meet Liathe.
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^3^, nice to meet you)

^3^, nice to meet you)

Hihi, it was nice to meet you

Hihi, it was nice to meet you too c:
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Hey there, shrub-buddy.

Hey there, shrub-buddy.

hi there!

hi there!
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track ^^

track ^^

You was my off-player,

You was my off-player, couldn`t see you! I didn`t mean to be rude
Hello now)

No worries, TamaBird, I

No worries, TamaBird, I didn't take it as rude.
And hello there c:
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Whoa its Jonah! Surprising to

Whoa its Jonah! Surprising to see him officially here now! Gonna keep an eye out.
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was glad to see you again.

was glad to see you again.

Ooh! Thank you all, as well

Ooh! Thank you all, as well as the others I forgot to thank for the tracks earlier x.x

Whiskeybeast: It was really nice seeing you again too. Had a good time.
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t! &hearts;

t! ♥

By Draak ♥

aww ;;

aww ;;

Saturnia and WildflowerDeer,

Saturnia and WildflowerDeer, thank you two~

VasilisaKonti, why the sad aww?
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Yes. Hello there!

Hello there!

Hautakumpu, Hi hi!

Hautakumpu, Hi hi!
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Hey, I think my Delacroix met

Hey, I think my Delacroix met Jonah earlier at the pond today!

Yee, that was him. It was

Yee, that was him. It was nice to see Delacroix.
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Thank you for saving Nome

Thank you for saving Nome from boredom (:



Humi, didn't want the guy to

Humi, didn't want the guy to die of boredom. Though sorry Jay couldn't stick around to save him from it for longer.

Thank you, tarkat c:
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i haven't seen you for a long

i haven't seen you for a long time. hope you are doing well.

Hey, Whiskey. I'm doing fine,

Hey, Whiskey. I'm doing fine, thanks. Hope you are doing well as well. It really has been a long time, hope to remedy that soon.

That was Jasta that just

That was Jasta that just rushed up there. Some unknowns were trying to spell her so she ran, found them, thought they would be good company and protectors lol.

Hah, I'm honored that you

Hah, I'm honored that you think we're good protectors and company. Jay will try his best to keep her idea of being good protection.
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AaaH hi there o u o

AaaH hi there o u o
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Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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I'm soooo late to the party.

I'm soooo late to the party. Apologies.
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o/!! Hello, hello you

o/!! Hello, hello you two~

And you're fashionably on time, that's what it is.

psssh Shikoba's all "What is

psssh Shikoba's all "What is this thing how do I even fight it??"
(also I didn't really have time to keep going for long)

Jasta is getting rather fond

Jasta is getting rather fond of him lately. I just love having her in the group with him, even if I'm more AFK than not XD
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hello there Oro is certainly

hello there Eye Oro is certainly happy to be accepted into a herd during the rut!

@Amary: Haha, poor Shikoba.

@Amary: Haha, poor Shikoba. He's a trooper though.

@Valeska: Jay's getting fond of her too, it's nice having her around. Even if she does sleep most of the time.

@OkamiLugia: All are welcome! It was nice having him around and playing a bit.
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Long time no see! It was nice

Long time no see! It was nice seeing Jonah and Doitsu after all this time (:
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It was so great to see you

It was so great to see you again too! It really has been such a long time.