The Axebeak

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Name: (not sure yet aka I take a million years to name things) is just known as "Axebeak" for now.
Pictoname: Ceratops
Age: yet to be determined but is an adult
Species: Pertyon-ish Hippogriff-ish. Terror Bird + deer
Gender: Female
Height: [x] Head height is 15, shoulder is 10. Is all neck.
Inforest Set: Skull mask, Secretary Bird pelt and antlers
Ref Sheet: [x]
Text: #b45437
Voice: [x]

Added a voice thing.

Caught eye of a heavily pregnant doe (Galene) and stalked/eyed them off for a bit before out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement headed towards the ruins...Her focus swapping from the doe to the smols..not quite smols that had ran by (Waldemar Avaar + Mansu.)
Saw that one of them was hurt and thought it was dinner time.

Wasn't dinner time as it just lead to a scuffle from the injured smaller one's counterpart. Paws, claws, teeth and beaks flew amongst her yelling. But ultimately she got fed up that this would not be an easy meal and broke off the fight. Walked off before screaming at them a final time because rude I wanted food :\\\

Ended up at the tallest rock at the playground to rest, preen and assess her wounds.

Eyeballed some smols at the playground, and in turn was eyeballed by Liathe and Shardul, but in the end wasn't interested and her priorities lay with sitting on the highest point of the playground instead.

Sat there for a bit before moving to the pond to loaf on the bridge. Was woken a while later by Sloane and Jae messing around nearby, birbstared for a while before she ended up getting Jae's attention as much to her confusion, assumed he wanted to play but she was just ":\????? wut r u doin" and ended up leaving.

Sum up of events: stalked some smols and cue Fletcher. Stalked another smol and...cue Fletcher.

Resulting in a big angry chase around the forest with birb screaming out of anger to the high heavens, letting the whole forest know that fletcher is a meanie :\\\\\\

from last night
Found smol brown fuzzy, and fluffed at them until Greitai appeared.

Judgemental birb stared at them cos brown fuzzy was her brown fuzzy not yours :\\\\

Cue staring contest and crest off. Greitai eventually coming over, birb decided it was okay for them to see brown fuzzy as long as they didn't touch them. Greitai didn't end up touching them so it was ok and birb was satisfied.

Curious squawking at Liathe because she looked her way and eventually approached.
Fletcher: -appears-
birb: >8\\\\\

Angrily huffed because she remembered them from previous occassions and have been put on her "i dont like u cos u get in the way of food" list < /birb>

"I think youre a birb too so im gonna sits" found what she thought was another big birbdeer (Blight) so she made a beeline to them because birb.

Stinkeyed Rhona in the distance "i see u there :\\\\\"

gave a sleeping Brille the stinkeye

also gave Rhona a stinkeye when she was sitting with Rhea

Eventually came across some fawns.........with a wall of antlers protecting them (Fletcher), did her best to yell at him and intimidate but it was apparent it wasn't working. Got into a kind of scuffle, with her trying to weasle her way around Fletcher to get at the fawns which also didn't work and she preferred not to be stabbed in the face at that point in time. In the end she gave up though somewhat loudly and continued to screech as she moved away.
Huffed at a 3d maneuver gearingRhona as she zipped around as birb was moving away, was bascially just ":\\\\\ im gonna sass at you another day"

Went and sat on a giant hill to feel better.

sneaking in here to fix that one gif

Birb: -total disregard for Ross's friends-
Birb: -shoves through Rossfriend to sit next to Ross-
Birb: unu -fluffs over Ross-

Also had a staring contest with an odd looking thing ("It"), wasnt sure what it was but..just stared at it because "i see u over there :\"
Found some smols by the ruins, familiar smols (Yasu/one of Kerosene's kids) stalked them for a while before going back up to the ruins hill cos I had to eat dinner LOL

new mum power 1 birb intimidation power 0

Aka birb tries to scare Kerosene away from babies and it doesn't go to plan. Whole lotta fluffing up and rearing to show she's big scary birb, but big scary birb powers weren't scary enough for protective mum. (Also wanted to make her leave before it dragged out too long or got too serious)

Went to sit on a tall hill overlooking everything to make herself feel better.

Finally added a proper ref sheet.

got into another squabble
virgil started itLOL

Went to go check up on a small herd of deer she'd spotted earlier, however they'd moved on...minus Virgil who'd only moved a small distance away. Did notice he was with a sleeping darker deer (Jhorla) but it was Virgil who had her attention. Had a small staring contest until Saosin arrived. Continued the staring contest for a little while before she decided "I'm gonna sit down and stare instead you guys can get sore legs it you want :\" inwhich in that moment she sat she was charged by totally-not-sick-nope-im-strong-stag-see Virgil. Found that very rude and that's not how you play staring contest and gave chase which very quickly escalated into a fight. Focussed her attacks solely on Virgil cos he started it, though Saosin wasn't 100% spared from her onslaught. By this point Jhorla had woken up and joined in (I THINK I had a giant tree blocking my view half the time asdfasdf) making it 3 v 1 causing birb to pull back a bit and move around a whole lot more while also trying to figure out how to get past the wall of antlers that was Saosin. Circled and weaved around them all while being pursued by Jhorla at the same time, though shortly decided that the wall of antlers was impenitrable and wasn't worth the potentially fatal goring just to give Virgil a beaksmack. Took the opportunity in a short semi-lull in the fight to yell and disgruntledly break it off, moving off into the birch forest to sulk and go over any injuries.


birb is defeated by two smols news at 11 (Ulya, Xirena)

Did actually stalk with ill intent but given her physical state it was more to observe...until smols approached and birb was "wat do"

Watched them play and try to investigate until their zipping around made her dizzy and she sat down, ended up letting them practically crawl and bury themselves in her feathers because she's a tired birb n you both are spared for now.

(Updated physical health. Also slowly working on a proper ref for her finally)

Still rather sore on her right side, which meant not doing too much..or attempting to not do much.

Found Ross.

Practically sat..fluffed? on Ross.

Got bored of sitting on Ross and moved away.

Found a small group and watched them from a distance, taking note of the smols. However she wasn't in any condition to chase or attempt to hunt, especially since Brille was there with them gave Brille the crabbiest face at. So she just went and sat by a tree and eyeballed them all.
Stared and squawked at one of the fawns (Arkœrova) that approached her, not sure what to make of it so she kind of whatevered and sat down again.

[11:48:28 PM] Raz/Draak: birb = i came for snacks but im feeling so attacked right now
[11:48:30 PM] Raz/Draak: LOL
[11:48:40 PM] Vee: LMAO
[11:48:41 PM] Vee: omg

Had a staring contest with Greitai before starting WW586059865.

After fluffing up and k bye-ing at Greitai, went on a bit of a roam through the light fog that'd come down. Ended up strolling past a familiar face (Rhona) had a bit of a stare because Rhona'd stolen one of her feathers, however in her stares noticed the body next to her, said body was still...a bit too still.
Even though Saosin was right there with Rhona it didn't discourage her, she was determined to not let anyone else to claim the body or let it go to waste so...she tried to confiscate it...key word being try .

WHICH obviously didn't go down well with anyone understandably LOL

Tried to deal with Rhona in between trying to get at the body every now and then.

Got hit by a freight train that was Leviathan.Wollunka. Not a happy birb but she pressed on. That's gonna leave a nice bruise or 20.

In comes a familiar and also angry canine (Brille), also tried to deal with them, but with increasing injuries/being battered around and a growing crowd she decided it was time to go. Yelled at everyone making sure they knew of her displeasure and went and birbachecrabbied at the playground. Definately going to be sore tomorrow.

i see u greitai
Was awoken by a nearby scuffle between Rhona and a bunch of others its almost 3am and I was being lazy and not checking, yelled at them, even though she was sore she then trailed the squabble in hopes for a potential second snack.
Eventually it stopped near the playground and there was a lot of standing around for a while. Stared at everyone and yelled at them again in a you-guys-are-rude-for-not-becoming-snacks-fine-be-that-way way and left birb out

birb claim bluefuzzy

bluefuzzy is now birbs

Squawked at black canine thing (Nix) when investigated at, was a stubborn birb and was just "w/e this mine I sits." I really wish you could emote while sitting down 8I

(Made it so she didn't see the smol cos it's past 1am and I can't be bothered with making her try to get at it, also I'm pretty sure everyone was afk anyway)

one day birb will do other things than spot a smol and stalk the smol
Zoned in on a sickly looking small deer (Draugur) when she spotted them from a distance, even though they were being escorted by a canine (Brille). Didn't think much of it.
Was noticed...and then in came a feline (Halla).
Birb was basically just ":I" at them, ended up birb-whatevering at them and circled round Draugur and Brille, Brille being a physical wall for the smol.
meanwhile I'm trying to click on all the pictos
Cue big black doggy (picto = ThisOne).
Cue frustrated birb.

birb frustrated out of there
no smol for birb today

??????angryfuzzy (Ross) not angry??????
???????what is?????
wasn't sure what to make of Ross trying to play with them on bork legs

"clamied" biggest rock at the playground, Ross had a sad cos he couldnt climb up there, birb kind of w/e'd and sat down.

Later stared as a giant black cat (Hades) came over to Ross and Zaferi, stood and yelled at them from the top of the rock and they wandered away. Thinks they scared them away and proudly sat down.
[1:14:51 PM] Raz/Draak: birb: -yells at giant cat-
[1:15:00 PM] Raz/Draak: birb: -thinks they scared it-
[1:15:08 PM] Raz/Draak: birb: -+20 ego-
[1:15:11 PM] Echooo: lMAO



Ross made attempts to verbally tell her to shoo, however it fell on deaf ears as she can't understand english so she continued to try to get at the tiny (Lalin)...until the calvary came in via Jaquelyn, Sasuda, Akos and Refr (I THINK that's all of them LOL).

Cue me messing up my hotkeys and forgetting to take out the scared emote. PLEASE IGNORE IT THAT'S MY BAD.

Took a couple of swipes at them all, aiming at whoever she could reach or came too close, also yelled at them a lot and got hit a couple of times. However didn't hang around for too long as there was way too many for her to handle, ended up moving away while disgruntledly screeching at them all. Was persued for a bit by Sasuda whom she promptly swatted at in attempts to make him leave her alone kind of in a "I-might-have-decided-to-go-away-but-that-does-not-mean-i-wont-be-hostile-go-away" way. I think Refr tried to get Sasuda to stop, I'M NOT SURE. Yelled some more.

Went and disgruntledly sat on the bridge.

fite fite fite Was drawn to a massive fight between a whole lot of creatures, watched it for a while in hopes to pick off one of the losers. Opportunistic scavenger birb.

Targetted one and eyed them off until they limped away (Hammel), regardless of the fact that they were escorted by another (Astaroth).


Got yelledroar/snarled at and presumably snapped at.

Sass-yelled back at them, however very quickly got the message that they still had fight left in them and weren't gonna die and promptly left.

birb found other big birb (Albatross). Tried to nosey in on them but they were sitting a bit too deep in the pond and I couldnt get her closer. Had to remain content with birbnoseys from a small distance away.


Caught sight of another smolblue...sans fuzzy (Talla) and wanted to have a nosey around, however smolblue was guarded by a stag (Virgil) and a familiar giant (Elliot). Gave Elliot so many birbstinkeyes while trying to get a look at smolblue.

and then ooc because hi random stranger

[10:57:10 PM] Raz/Draak: asdfasd
[10:57:22 PM] Vee: rooofl
[10:57:23 PM] Raz/Draak: hirandomdeer
[10:57:27 PM] Vee: it's always the way
[10:57:45 PM] Raz/Draak: cue record scratch noise to break scene
[10:57:46 PM] Raz/Draak: LOL
[10:58:41 PM] Vee: Christ, so accurate it hurts

OOCly played with random stranger.

Ended up frustratedly yelling at Elliot and giving him and Virgil so many judgementalbirbstinkeyes as she gave up trying to investigate smolblue only to be followed by pagenotfound fawn. Ended up sulking in the ruins.

Joined by Albatross (wasn't paying attention to the game and then bigbirb x2 on screen), sulked a bit less in the presence of another big birb.

(edits health/physical percentage. birb has healed a bit)
Was found by a white deer with black stripes (Erieda). Not-sniffed them out of curiosity, deemed them okay but cawed at them anyway cos birb. Stared at stripeydeer for a while, watching them circle round them a few times. She ended up losing interest and birb'd away to the pond and not-claimed the bridge for a bit

birb is watching you Bluefuzzy who's now goldfuzzy

took a break from judgemental birb staring at Ross to judgemental birb stare at another small blue deer (Creusillana). Stopped when they ran round the corner. Resumed judgemental birbstaring at Ross.

Found a newborn smol (Ryuko)
Tried to investigate newborn smol
SUDDENLY TWO ANGRY DEER oh (Kaala and a page not foundDardan) and it's suddenly fight mode on. Took several angry swipes at her opponents and in turn got (what I'm assuming) are swipes and bites back. (I ended up focussing more on Kaala because I didn't want to get involved with a page not found considering they could be anybody). A third deer appeared (who I couldnt get a chance to get the picto of) but was mostly ignored unless birb ended up too close to the smol. Fight wore on for a bit, zipping around and trying to slash and beakmash at what she could reach. In the end ended up retreating because she most definately was not going to be getting at that smol and was getting pretty beat by that point.

(I was unaware that Dardan was that big + claws + teeth, she probably would have left a lot sooner. )

Noseyed around two deer who had a tiny (Cassiopea, Aries and..picto not appearing on map but their name escapes me alkngad). Figured trying to get at the tiny wasn't gonna work with the two bigger deer close by.
Cassiopea tried to say hello.
Birb is gud at social. Cawed at them and then flitted off.

yelled at a giant elk (Elliot)
yelled at smaller deer (Rhona)
temporarily claimed patch of long grass to sit in
gave judgemental birb stares at tiny herd nearby (Elliot, Rhona, Sevigne, Alexei)

birbdeer has really bad no good terrible day cos small deer yanked out a tailfeather. Got angry and chased smalldeer. Smalldeers friends didn't approve and soon followed. Cue smallish fight with smalldeers friends x3 with more angry bird yelling, a whole lotta claw swiping and beakbashing against them. Got batted around a bit before there was another staredown. Eventually everyone broke off and she went off to crabbynest on a hill.

Found angry blue fuzzy by the pond (Ross), yelled at angry blue fuzzy. Became excited when angry blue fuzzy ran around them and chased them a bit. Stopped when angry blue fuzzy also stopped and decided to ignore her. Was basically just ":I ok then bye" and left them alone to go birb at the pond.

Nesting around the ruins when a small brown deerantelopekudu (Fjord) caught her eye, cruised/watched them for a bit until they ran off.



Chased smol thing until bigger thing arrived (Benjamin). Bigger thing not pleased. Yelled at bigger thing and tried to intimidate them presses cower by accident cos i remember hotkeys gud, wasn't really working in trying to frighten them off so yelled at them some more until she gave up; they weren't gonna move from smol thing. Huffed and left them alone.

Saw an odd deerthing. Did what birb does best at seeing odd thing: Yelled at it.

Also saw some more tinies with two other deer, prowled around them but ended up leaving them alone (I guess they were brb cos was getting no reactions)

(I need really need to figure out what else to do with this character other than stalk, cos it'll get boring fast asldfanlskd)

Was prodding around the bridge when approached by two deer and a tiny fawn. Instantly locked onto the tiny. Wanted to get at the tiny (Alika) but they hid under one of the other deer (Cassiopeia and Kerosene). Tried to frighten them by screeching and mock charging, when that failed she disgruntledly fluffed up and moved away. ">:C"

Found some more small/young deer and circled them for a bit (didnt make any moves cos no one was moving). Until a fawn got up and noticed them (Leola), prowled around them until a red canine (Jacquelyn) approached to give them a sniff, got disgruntled at being interrupted, skwawked a bit made a fuss and left.
(Nothing would have happened either way, she'd prolly end up leaving regardless.)

Gets this show on the road.

Found some kinda smols, watched smols. (Sky Sight, Lina and Ulfr) (Slotter)

Watched Slotter and semi investigated, Slotter went and sat a small distance away. Stared at them for a bit before running off.

A while later was found by a catlike deer (Vodka) gave them a few curious looks before squawking at them and zipping off. Vodka followed but ultimately she didn't mind and kinda greeted them (things I need to figure out still; how they'd say hi and respond to said greetings)

Had a sphinx (Morana) steal her spot. ">:V" Took spot back. ":v" Sat with Sphinxthing once she got her spot back.

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Yay, smileys.

Yay, smileys. Smiling

8 ^))))

8 ^))))

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

double post yesssss

double post yesssss

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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yessssssssss terror birds

yessssssssss terror birds have my soul.
Avatar © Squeegie & Siggy © Caiir + other
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GOOOOOD YES!! neck for

GOOOOOD YES!! neck for days... love her.
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this is so cool ;;

this is so cool ;;
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hello, hope vodka wasn't too

hello, hope vodka wasn't too annoying haha, his curiosity got the better of him when he saw her down at the pond :')
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niriyaplz LOL

Having some in ARK got me hugely inspired for this.


neck makes daisy dukes go whaaa- no LOL

asdfa thanks Laughing out loud

Nah, it's okay, she was just being birb. Things are a bit wonky social wise cos I'm ironing it all out.
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(((8 yaaas

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B) I see you there LOL


I see you there LOL
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Poor birb.

Poor birb.

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birbdeers bad day

birbdeers bad day
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SRY BIRB Gorgeous design and

Gorgeous design and cool character, Draak 8D I didn't even know about Terror Birds until I came across the link here! And I love her Harpy Eagle-like crest, too ♥

By Leuvr
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AAaaa thanks Laughing out loud They're probably some of my favourite prehistoric critters just cos giant birb though they do come in smol variety too.
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srry birb. Elliot woulda been

srry birb. Elliot woulda been less incline to intervene if he had known the does were being bratsssss


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@Acurna It's okay she yelled

It's okay she yelled at him anyway LOL u meddling kids :|

Laughing out loud
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Hohoo, track this birdy

Hohoo, track this birdy
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I'll also leave a Track here.

I'll also leave a Track here.
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Thanks birb is now mashed

Thanks Laughing out loud

birb is now mashed birb
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The page you didn't found is

The page you didn't found is my Dardan.
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Ooh thanks :o

Ooh thanks :o
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I just realized I forgot to

I just realized I forgot to track this. Shocked
Forgive me. ;w;

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I scream at birb under

I scream at birb under another birb. +20 confidence
birb charge -200 confidence
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LOL "aaa" "-judgemental

"-judgemental birbstares- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
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screams because idk what

screams because idk what these characcter refs are but this looks so cool good job
im sorry im s tranger just passing by after like 5 months
pelase teach me what this is im confuzzled...
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Thanks What do you mean? How

Thanks Laughing out loud
What do you mean? How to do these character bios? Or the game in general?
Nepence's picture

how to do these character

how to do these character bios, just the general idea of that
sorry for bothering you about a thing like this, im just interested .n.
Draak's picture

I'm actually terrible at css

I'm actually terrible at css and this bio layout is one of the premade ones lying around the site that users have kindly made and shared. Pretty sure you can find them by searching 'free css' I was dumb and forgot to favourite the link of this one

Unplugged's also made a bit of a guide here too. I've used it before on another bio and hasn't managed to break the site yet
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okee, thank you so much. ^^

okee, thank you so much. ^^

Such lovely art with a very

Such lovely art with a very nice background story to the oc. Just a question here for you tho, why nasethis around fighting? Or being violent towards other players in roleplay? Don't you just find that disrespectful that your just trying to find a excuses to be better then others? With shit like "sizing the deer up at the play ground."that is a really horrid excuses to bring violence into this game.
WayfarerHart's picture

Psst, it's not disrespectful

Psst, it's not disrespectful when it's with participating roleplayers in the game. Many roleplayers enjoy a good troublemaker once in a while! Smiling It absolutely doesn't reflect Draak as a player, who is as far as I know on good terms or at least neutral with those her character sizes up.
That being said! Accidents do happen sometimes, I can assure you that with this character Draak has never meant any intended harm on a personal level, and had they accidentally harassed a plager who isn't roleplaying (which is rare considering our community's etiquette) she would know to apologise.

Sorry for the rude comment, I

Sorry for the rude comment, I just kinda got disappointed because this character looks really friendly but I read on more and got disappointed that she makes trouble! I am a big lover of drawn characters like axebeak. I understand now please mind my comment.
WayfarerHart's picture

It's okay! I'm glad there's

It's okay! I'm glad there's an understanding. ^^ I'm sorry if you felt intimidated by my comment! I only wanted to help explain is all.

No no its all very good! You

No no its all very good! You didn't scare me but only enlightened me more about the user and oc he/she has created.
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She wasn't in last night, or

She wasn't in last night, or my last night so I'm not sure who you may have ran into to give you trouble.

But yeah Vee basically summed it up and is 100% right. I'd never bring OOC drama into rping because it's hugely frowned upon, and any conflicts Axebeak has caused has been purely rp based. So far said fights have been relatively minor, with her ending up running off because she doesn't want to be turned into birdy mincemeat.
Her character doesn't reflect me, she's actually kinda inspired by my pet budgie, only carnivorous and on steroids it's one of the reasons why I/players put a disclaimer on a bio.

To try to clear things up a bit more, she's not exactly "human minded" she doesn't really understand right from wrong, and all her actions are based on feral instinct; she sees something small, and most of the time she will want to go hunt it for food. Something she's wary of is in her personal space, she won't approve of it, and will stare at them in a "don't-bug-me-or-youll-regret-it" way. And sometimes she'll stare at groups of characters in a "I see you there I'm watching you so I can know what you're doing" sort of way.

But she'll also never pick fights or harrass without reason or even be involved in pointless fights that get drawn out for hours because it's not good rp ettiquette and also OOC for her. Not to mention I myself would get paranoid about making other players angry/annoyed.

She's also a new character to me, and I'm still trying to develop her too so she may or may not stay this way.

I hope that kind of clears things up a bit more?
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Heard u was lurkin. Shame I

Heard u was lurkin. Shame I was AFK, would
have loved to have interacted with them.
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guiltyLOL Though by that


Though by that time I was youtube + tumblring + about to go to bed so it's okay, if she's nearby and I'm not distracted she's bound to investigate.
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don't mind her birb manners

Laughing out loud

don't mind her birb manners LOL
tigerart27's picture

lmAO he doesn't mind her, he

lmAO he doesn't mind her, he was just surprised
Draak's picture

LOL that moment when you're

LOL that moment when you're having a quiet sitornot-deadinross'scase and suddenly birb
tigerart27's picture

lmAO a most unexpected birb

lmAO a most unexpected birb

more birbs !

more birbs !
Draak's picture

so much birb I've been

so much birb

I've been meaning to have her come investigate smolharpy actually cos birbs


thanks for the fun ;^)

(also can i say i admire how u play the axebeak, 11/10 good predator character A+)
Draak's picture

Thanks No probs B) (aaaaaa

Thanks Laughing out loud
No probs B)

(aaaaaa I'm glad to hear that ,u, if you ever want more serious birb fighty etc action feel free to let me know)

(whispers i assumed she got a

(whispers i assumed she got a strike on kero if that okay :'^), delta did too, but if not that's cool!!)
Draak's picture

(Oh O: that's fine yeah,

(Oh O: that's fine yeah, small stuff like that I leave up to assumption/the players decision cos they're kinda minor fights. It's only if there's some super major mauling going on then it's discussion time. BUT I'm still glad you asked cos it doesnt hurt to ask no pun intended)