Eye of the Storm - biography of Ephiré

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E Y E   O F   T H E   S T O R M

EPHIRÉ; others have named him raven stag, stormbringer, and shape-shifter. No one save for the stag himself knows his true age, but he is very, very old. His body has the shape of a moose, but he is in fact something else entirely. His size reflects this, as he is over 2.20 meters (7 feet) tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 700 kg (1500 lbs).
In-forest, he wears the beluga pelt, raven mask and default antlers.
The stag’s voice is very unpleasant; stone scraping against stone, great cities crumbling by the hands of earthquakes, and behind it all, the echo from the great void - a cold and silent universe of black stars. He does not talk much. He carries a scent of cold stone, old cellar, dried heath and natural human hair.

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-Hugs Eph-

-Hugs Eph-
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Im sorry Ravey was such a

Im sorry Ravey was such a boring barry tonight. She was so sleepy and tired. But she felt Eph there. We both were happy to see him <3
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Thank-you for your company!

Thank-you for your company! It's nice hanging around with Ephiré.
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He's beautiful, you

He's beautiful, you know.
I'll be tracking this.

So this is the stag that sat

So this is the stag that sat with Sektry and Ravenflight the other day.

I like him. He sounds like a very well-thought out character. <3
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Darcy and Sorog were having a

Darcy and Sorog were having a 'guys night' Haha. So glad Ephire could attend, even if he did seem a bit weirded out. Poor Sorog is such a lightweight -chuckle-
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I love this CSS so much.

I love this CSS so much.
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Vee: :) Ravenflight: No

Vee: :)

Ravenflight: No wonder after all she's been through. It was nice to just sit!

Starling: It was nice to meet Starling too, I don't think I've interacted with her much before.

cicadia: Thank you -- It means a lot to hear.

Hetrin: Thank you! :)

Shiori: Hehe, I thought so -- Eph thought he should keep an eye on them.

Kaoori: I'm glad! I'm quite fond of it myself.

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Little gift, sorry it's not

Little gift, sorry it's not as tidy as most of my usual drawings, was sorta in a hurry to draw anything and Eph' was my victim. Hope ya like it anyway, even if he lacks antlers and all.
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Wow, thank you...It's

Wow, thank you...It's beautiful. I really like it, especially his legs and hooves, the hair and his expression. And how you do fur, it looks really soft. Thank you, again!

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You're very welcome. :>

You're very welcome. :>
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Tracking <3

Absolutely gorgeous biography and character design! <3

Also tracking. This is

Also tracking. This is stunning. <3
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Mmf...I'm sorry that Ephire

Mmf...I'm sorry that Ephire got mixed up in all of this. Sorog just flew into a blind rage; he began attacking without thinking or stopping. >: He's a bugger, but he wasn't trying to attack Herla or Ciel; he would never harm them. He was just trying to get close to them, foolishly thinking they'd be happy to see him. He's...losing his mind. =/ 'Twas fun, though! XD;
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Faustt and Selruil: Thank you

Faustt and Selruil: Thank you :)

Uruushou: Don't be, a bit of drama is fun sometimes! Yeah, I didn't think he actually tried to attack them, but it sometimes it almost looked like it -- all that running and chasing. (the "one does not..." part was actually refering to when Sorog continued to attack Casstiel when he didn't fight back, not when he tried to approach Herla, but I think I'll change it, since Casstiel actually could continue to fight). Eph tried to not hurt Sorog much, he feels pity for him :< Poor Sorog.

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Haha, a bit of drama can

Haha, a bit of drama can spice up the game sometimes! Or in this case, a lot of drama. DX You're very right about Casstiel; normally, when a stag starts to back down Sorog will claim his victory and be on his way. But in this case, he was taking his rage out on him until Gehirn intervened. He was blinded by anger, and just wanted to keep fighting. It was when he saw how terrified Herla was that he began to back off and come to his senses. He didn't resist when Gehirn began to drive him away; he was too heartbroken to care at that point. Sorog wasn't trying to hurt Eph very much, either, since he didn't interfere all that much; he was the most angry at Casey, Gehirn and Mateo. =/

Gah, yeah...he's a pitiful bastard, no? He needs a time-out. XD

Edit: I cannot remember if I was tracking this or not, but I would be crazy not to because both Ephire and the CSS are wonderful. In that case, tracking...or double-tracking if I already am! c: <3
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Hee, thanks for the track (or

Hee, thanks for the track (or double-track). Always nice to interact with you!

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Ahh~ This biography layout is

Ahh~ This biography layout is really nice <3
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Lovely update... I think I

Lovely update... I think I prefer him with black antlers, as well.
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Starling: Thank you :)

Starling: Thank you :)

Saosin: Thank you. And so do I, they are more... him, than white ones. We had a good time with Sao' yesterday, btw. Or if it was the day before that, I don't remember.

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That picture's looking great!

That picture's looking great! The black antlers fit him more I think.

It's nice to read the text with ease too, loving it!
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Dag didn't mean to make Eph

Dag didn't mean to make Eph faint by touching him.

Is your computer all better?
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Haha, I think it's my

Haha, I think it's my internet being stupid. Everyone was frozen, and I think Eph was stuck by the pond while he in my game was in the birch. Now pictos won't spread. Didn't even see Dag there!

My computer is awesome now Cool I changed all parts but the graphics card, so now everything runs like water. 40-60 fps when connected <3

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Excellent! Glad to hear it (:

Excellent! Glad to hear it (:

=D Just dropping by to say


Just dropping by to say something along the lines of "Did I just read 40-60 fps?"
That's insanely awesome.

Side account of Cicadia
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I &hearts; my new computer.

I ♥ my new computer. If only my internet could run as fast as it, hahah. At the moment everything is frozen :C

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Why am i not tracking this

Why am i not tracking this already?

"Ephiré, my dear. You are a

"Ephiré, my dear. You are a heavy sleeper. But that is ok. It gave Sabu' and I time to bless you with a new pelt." The gazelle giggles lightly before settling down beside the sleeping raven stag with Saburo for a rest after their long romp across the forest.
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The large stag mumbles and

The large stag mumbles and smiles a little in his sleep. Who knows what he dreams about? Heavy sleeper indeed, tired after some days of much running and jumping.

(I saw you there! ^^ Was playing another game though, and my internet is really unstable right now so TEF crashed. 'Twas nice seeing Saburo and Atu' again, even if it was for a short time.)

(I know how it feels. My

(I know how it feels. My internet is ancient and cruel. X-D It was good seeing Ephiré as well. : ) Atu' and I do not interact with him enough. :3 )
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Happy belated bday. I'm

Happy belated bday. Ooh

I'm sorry I drew his outdated antlers, I tried very hard but his new ones were too hard for me to draw. :( I'll try again some other time.
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Whoh, thank you!

Whoh, thank you! <3 He looks lovely there, I love his colour and shape and how dark the background is. And don't worry about the antlers, they're ridiculous so it's totally okay to draw them as the old ones! You did a very good job on them :D

Thank you again <3

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I saw Ephire snoopin' around~

I saw Ephire snoopin' around~ He's probably wondering what Sorog's problem is, haha! Sticking out tongue
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The quiet of the world is

The quiet of the world is often disrupted
Silence is taken for granted so easily
Oh what beautiful music silence makes!
Ephiré, you embody the essence of the void
For choosing not to speak, you create wonderful song
I hear your lovely voice when the Forest is calm
The center of the storm creates an amazing symphony

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Wow, thank you Quad... I've

Wow, thank you Quad... I've never gotten a poem before. This is beautiful and I really love that is is about silence.


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I like that Eph has been

I like that Eph has been seeking Dag lately...
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Tracking this wonderful

Tracking this wonderful charecter <3

The white gazelle moves

The white gazelle moves lazily closer to the great stag she had not seen in some time. Lowering carefully by his side with small shifts and fidgeting to get comfortable, trying to accommodate her now more rounder belly and sides.
"Are you unwell," she asks softly once she has settled fully. She did not mean to pry but she had noticed his mood was a bit off. There was a curious look in her light brown eyes as she looked at him.
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Aww, poor Eph, bio says he's

Aww, poor Eph, bio says he's feeling distant and moody. I'm sure him waking up to Herla bouncing on his ribs helped ALOT. LOL.
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PrairieWolf: The stag is

The stag is happy to see his friend; it has been a long time since they crossed paths. He shifts his weight to give her a little more space. Her round belly has not gone unnoticed, and he smiles when he thinks of Atuutluk and Saburo's unborn child. A small yellow birch leaf slowly falls down and lands in his hair.
He hesitates before he answers."Not... unwell," he says, his voice as terrible as ever. His ears droops a little. "Might be the season. Been thinking too much." He shakes his head and the small leaf swirls away. He looks at it for a moment, then his gaze falls on the doe beside him and a small smile can be seen on his lips. "But how are you? Are things going well?"

SHL: He thought it was nice when they joined him, actually. And he didn't mind the rib-bouncing xD

Her eyes soften to quiet

Her eyes soften to quiet concern. "Something to worry on, my friend? Missing someone, perhaps?" She gently prods with her words though she attempts to be respectful, to not force him.
As he speaks again a small smile forms. "As well as can be expected. Though... truthfully I am not sure what to expect anymore. I feel as if the world is changing though I know it not to be true."
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lol Poor Ephiré. Gustiro's

lol Poor Ephiré. Gustiro's happy at least. XP
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Unfortunately I'm a bit

Unfortunately I'm a bit preoccupied irl right now, and can't really respond to your lovely post on Eraline's bio, but as long as he doesn't mind sitting he is more than welcome to stay with her for a while. Smiling
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PraireWolf: He smiles again,

PraireWolf: He smiles again, a tired smile this time. "No... it's not something like that. It's... there is a decision to be made," he says, silently, as if the subject isn't something he would like to elaborate on -- not now, not when it is still red-hot in his mind. Perhaps some other time.

When she continues, he nods thoughtfully. "Maybe it is. It seems to always be changing... in small ways."

Gustiro: Haha yep. He was not very pleased with Gustiro's stubborn herding attempts. XD

pumpkinseed: Oh, that is totally fine! He might disappear soon anyway since I have to go to bed in a while.

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I like sitting by Eph. He's

I like sitting by Eph. He's always so nice and calm. (:
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"Ephiré..." ... I can hear

"Ephiré..." ... I can hear it, your heartbeat.
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"Yes..." A hoarse whisper.

"Yes..." A hoarse whisper.

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"Thank you, Ephire.. I

"Thank you, Ephire.. I appreciate the company too."
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He bows his head. "Likewise,

He bows his head. "Likewise, Kaoori."