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LOGO word and deer

Shall I take the chance to play with a word and turn it into art. Like a playful quiet deer near water always about to prance and yet always watching for an event. Can a logo capture that feeling and ...
anticipation deer

How the World Followed the Deer

Peeking out of the realm of forest, blue sky, and the sound of water the deer noticed on the edge of the forest to the netherlands others had begun to leave space for roaming in between entities. Social distancing has always been part of the forest where one lies in the butterflies and contemplates the deepest thoughts so as to have it flow from mouth and fingers as they make sounds or draw. Many do not understand the gifts of communing with out words and how observations sharpen. When a relationship does form it begins as intense play set among lush greenery whot much laughter. No corona exists in the forest does it... A place where everyone can play if they wish. So now the world does the same wandering around then suddenly in small groups gathering a favorite spot cuddling. Hmmmm a global forest ....

Something on the outside of the forest while you wait

A deer told me to share

It is not art based but at times projects come along where you can look art and gorgeous photographs

IN case you have need while you wait

it is a gig, a project, a job Aussies $10.00 an hour

enough to eat at a cafe and buy art supplies
Online remote pay by Payoneer, global could use some artists


Outside the Forest

A deer told me to share

It is not art based but at times projects come along where you can look art and gorgeous photographs

IN case you have need while you wait

it is a gig, a project, a job Aussies $10.00 an hour

enough to eat at a cafe and buy art supplies
Online remote pay by Payoneer, global could use some artists


The WAters

Deer companion spent the time observing the weather and events. Wind blows. Sand forms. Fire burns. Rain falls. An orange deer Leeloo once said. The companion deer spent most of the time watching the waters. As the water rose and fell she noticed the rain. Whether mist or droplets it coupled. Then rain drops group. As the rain did so it formed rivulets where waters had not flowed before. As rivulets gathered it formed streams. Streams become rivers. When water has no place to go it makes a lake as large as the amount of water that fell. One exception delays the whole cycle of it all. When water chills it becomes ice or snow. Companion deer watched as snowflakes gathered but instead of rivulets it formed a blanket on the ground and smaller blankets on trees and sleeping deer. At some point snow warms again and it moves back into being rivulets. As destructive as all that became in a temporary span of time so to did it cleanse the deepest tar. It is said that most of which anything breathing is made of is water. For a short time a membrane like glass holds it in a variety of forms and shapes then it leaks to return to the larger waters only to be scooped up by another glass like sack in a similar but new way. Companion deer remembered when watching births a rush a water cames before the fawn. Other deer deaths resulted into turning into water slowly as the rest decays. Usually some flowers would grow to mark the water event in that spot. Companion deer pondered how much of the water in her came from others and how much came directly from the sky.

sounds of water hertz style

Assing with Deer

(_!_) = Normal Deer Ass
(__!__) = Big Deer Ass
(!) = Tight Deer Ass
(_?_) = Dumb Deer Ass
(_E=MC2_) = Smart Deer Ass
(_$_) = Rich Deer Ass
(_x_) = Kiss My Deer Ass
(_X_) = Get Off My Deer Ass

Any other deer ass welcomed

Couple Uncouple?

When two become one and one transforms does the coupling end as well?

Deer companion pondered that nightly since ancient deer had turned into oblivion. At first she went to the cattails and pulled a few to get at the pulpy sweetness near the base. She laid it down after feasting on a cylinderical stalk. The next day she would return to feast on the crinkly dried leaflets of cattails.

In the evenings she would lay curled up in the last spot ancient deer had slept. In twilight sleep she would take her well formed neck and caress the air like ancient deer was still present then settle into sleep. Companion deer would linger in all the last spots ancient deer had stood once awakening as if memorizing every precious moment of interaction in their last days together.

By and large it had been pleasant with deep conversations with deer friends. In the following weeks she visited each and every deer who had helped attend to needs of those nature to collect those memories, those stories made in body language, and those last c ommunings.

One morning she arose and ran to where new poppies had arose and instead of eating the petals she held them in her mouth. In a slow gracious senuous walk she would meander back to where he left her on the stream shores. Instead of entering the waters she simply dropped the flowers and watched as they floated down nearly the same path that ancient deer did walk.

A few weeks later she paired with an ancient female deer who had lost her male companion. Together they ventured forth into new territories. Another deer offered an excursion into a land called tejas where the deer had less spots and sported browner coats and deep passions.

The ancient female deer has been a stellar flyer in earlier decades and had made global deer friends. One group had formed a colony in a set of grapevines.

the deer soprano said

Comedy the deer soprano said
which made no sense to the head
Dark arts became her flair
when she chose not to take risk and dare
Comedy never became her forte
Preyed on teen talent made them bey

Those of us who knew her deer ways well
Would inform and tell
Twisted hebrew law
To make a devil's claw
Comedy became "come die"
So many began to defy

Those who practice the circle way
Find heavy price will come their way
Cry out they do Lord Lord for show
I never knew you now just go

Try the twin gods of deer they will help

A code for the early morning hour with a Apis looking for alveolus


I C D B.

D B S A B-Z B!

R U B-N U? R U B-N D B?

R U C-P?

I M 2.


Ancient deer is no more

While waiting the other deer brought the orange poppy like flowers from the fields. Their dream like quality for mystic crystal revelation and relief from the pains of old age have been well known from sunset to sunrise and back again. In the latter days ancient deer would still stand but only wander a few feet to return to gently sitting on the ground. With help he would arise daily several times from the ground to enjoy the breeze, the fish, sustenance and conversations with the head nods and hoof pawing.
At the stroke of midnight he arrived near the edge of the meadow where a rock had laid in the form of a deer for centuries. He turned it 90 degrees so the curled fawn's head was pointed to the sky and the bottom of the tail on the ground. With a new perspective all saw a sleeping fox had arrived in the forest. With that he lay down beside it to fall in a deep sleep from the flowers given by his lovely deer companion. In three days time he released his last breath quietly. They managed to place ancient deer across the backs of three adult deer. In step with each other his body was taken to the pond where the second lotus flower lays in the stream. Here they entered where deer become frog. Soon 4 frogs came from out the bridge and swam in the pond. Eventually the other deer returned to land. The ancient deer remained in the pond. Lovely deer the companion remained on land and was attended to by many. Some deer transform...
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