It came on the wind

Water behind my habitat...
well worn and loved chair facing trees draping heavily with leave
as the breeze softly touched the water it rose up and moved through the trees
in a moment it gently caressed my face
as it did it left a gift
for logo

an essence of that moment in time
becoming a visual representation
on a word

....Texas summer evening at twilight become magic like that
a place for a moment of creative thought...

Lovely poem, Theano!

Lovely poem, Theano!

Thanks, FishBiscuit was ever

Thanks, FishBiscuit was ever so glad to see your name. Smiling

You're quite welcome! I

You're quite welcome! I appreciate the life you bring to our community :>
I'm sorry if this is out of left-field, but what pronouns do you use? They/she/etc.

Well she most of the time but

Well she most of the time but when I Python program I tend to he it. Here is my theory I am older at 60 years of age. What you learn is you get to experience the other side naturally. So the part of you that is male comes out more if you have landed on the female side. And visa versa. Did 30 squats yesterday fully and did not have the usual female pondering that I might get muscular. I was just happy my butt could still go up and down. Useful for a variety of functions that make life pleasurable and functional. LOL My math science computer programming brain is much more male than female. When I take care of children I am all mother and all female. Situational switch a rooey but not a physical one. Smiling some day we will be able to talk about that