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{Warriors Never Show Their Wounds}

Mental: 100% Physical: 60% (recovering) Emotional: 90%

Oh baby Kiara I'm so sorry....You know those things happened for a reason.Maybe for a reason your father decided that it's better for us to not have a child. I don't know where you are or how you are, I just want to let you know that I love you and if I could have all the possesions in the world, I would just give them up, just so I can feel your more time....

Baby is growing very fast, Simo already started to wean her but she struggles because Kiara starts to ask for breast milk, a lot. The young doe starts to lose her mental energy because of this draining experience. Her husband is always by her side and never leaving her for anything, even with this is hard to raise her child to a resonable weight to survive the winter.

Just gave birth, it was a tiring experience but Simo some way could manage to do it with the help of her mate,Tequilla who was there by her side, encouraging his soul mate to push harder. The birth occured in silence of her family. Not a single stranger or friend interupted this magical moment.
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Need some help with the art :D

Hey guyssss!! I tried so hard to draw Simo but it seems like my drawing skills are really poor Sad If any of you is willing to help me out with a drawing with Simo on a transparent background (Such as the ones in all the bios template since I need this for a bio haha) contact me here or on discord. Thanks alot guys and any help is appreciated Smiling

Discord: SimoSimo#5552
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Questions for you all :)

Hey guys, I saw a topic like this one and I wanted to create another.So, let's start. Answer these questions, if you want:
1) Why do you like TEF?

2) Where is your territory? And why did you choose that place?

3) What do you like to do in forest?

4)Do you like when someone stranger comes to sit with your deer?If not, why?

5)Have you ever did something in-forest that you regret?
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Free adoptables?

Is anyone who is giving free adoptables at the moment?Thank you!
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Simo Art

Credits: Vaniliana
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