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New Arts

I have been meaning to draw more to just work on it and get better. Some of the drawings here will just be sketches I don't think too much on while others I will alter and change and hopefully improve. These babies will also be on my Toyhouse and may be up for sale on there.

Name: Skelligrum (May/Probably change)

For Sale: £10
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[Intro to the Mun]

Hais there

Name's Rio


Writing, Reading, Drawing


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First Steps

Art by LostintheEcho

xx Name: Bargac xx Species: Maned Wolf/Babirusa Hybrid xx Personality: Friendly, cautious, stubborn, determined, excitable, adventurous, inquisitive, intelligent, social but uncertain of more than two strangers xx Current Height: 50 cm xx Age: 4 months old xx Runt of his family xx Born Maned Wolf, Mutated by a portal xx

Day one

World smells strange, smells sickly sweet, strange purple flowers
Do not recognise forest, do not recognise any smell, no sign of family here
Can't get back, tried to go back but couldn't, tried walking back to the strangeness but was gone
Can't see far, strange white over everything, have to use smell
So many noises, so many strangers, must be careful of dangers
Managed to hunt, managed to catch frogs and hoppers, found fruit and a hollow den
Will stay here, need find better food, won't last if can't find food
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Before the Forest

When Bargac was born he had no idea what was going to happen to him, he had no idea about how he would change or where he would end up, he was just happy to feed and play and sleep especially in those very early weeks of his life when he could only pull himself across the ground. He had been the only male born in the litter and his two sisters had already been bigger and stronger than him making those first few weeks much harder than he realised.
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