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I hate...

...when you go to register an account name and:

a) It's already taken
b) On top of that, it's a gorgeous Gen 1 picto.

Just a random lament, I'm not trying to stir up trouble. Just a small thing ;;
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She Just Wept 'Til Her Eyes Became Sore...[Lacie; Warning - Suggestive themes]

....I knew who she was, but I don't anymore.

Inspired by the combination of these two songs, from Surrender's blog.

There were many things she wanted to confess.

She wanted to confess to feeling alone, even when others sat beside her; she felt like she was trapped in a glass jar, and everyone else was on the outside, playing, living their lives. She'd call to them, reach for them, but she would be ignored, a too old doll tossed aside for something new and exciting.

She wanted to confess to being so jealous, so possessive over certain others; her heart burned when she felt rejected, and she'd often find herself moving away from the source of it - only to sometime return, herself being unable to fully remain cross with anyone she cared about, and if that didn't beat all. She felt like a slave in these times, tied to her master even when she wanted nothing to do with them. She couldn't stand sitting on the sidelines, watching her friends mingle with each other like brothers and sisters, while she had to say on the sidelines for one ridiculous reason or another.
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So I Suppose It's Time I Ask Myself...

...just how detached from the world are you, little one?

Well, I suppose this is a "Just how detached is one soul meant to be?" type post.

Tonight, my sister and her boyfriend had an altercation. It started out over the fact that one of their dogs is sick, and my sister, Dana, was more or less overreacting about it. However, it quickly began to escalate, even with their friend Sabrina, and her son Reese there. It gets worse when Terry (the boyfriend) accuses Dana of breaking a cabinet door that apparently he spent 150 dollars to build himself.

Well, this goes on for about an hour, and I had been just standing there watching all of this taking place, not really feeling...well, anything. Except annoyance, because I was sick of standing there, and just wanted to know where the hell I was going to end up spending the night.

Well, at one point, I walked back into my little side room, and then a few moments later, Terry starts shrieking, and apparently threw a chair at my sister. Again, I showed no emotion, didn't even feel emotion aside from the annoyance. Well, skip ahead a few more minutes, and I go back in the house to get a drink of water and use the bathroom, since my sister was still there.

Well, everything seemed to be going okay, right up until my sister decided again to leave. She tried to find her shoes at the front door, didn't find them. She goes to the back door, near where I'm standing, and Terry suddenly comes out the room, and grabs her face, and pushes her down, and she hits her head on the very back door. I finally end up raising my voice, but only a tick, and basically telling him to back away. I stay between him and her and he talks shit to her.
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Invisible scrolls? [CSS help needed]

I've seen invisible scrolls here and there for scroll boxes, but I have no clue how to do it...

Help, please?
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Oh my god.

I love sharing stories that nobody cares about 8'D

As of right now, I am currently jobless, so I have to get money from my father. Well, he gave me $10 last night, and today I was only left with about $3.

Well just now, I was going to put away the Swedish Fish snacks that I didn't finish; I usually put them in a small pocket that's in the bag I carry around with me. I open up the pocket...

And there's a grand total of $7 in it, that has been sitting there for god knows how long. Probably a month or so.

I simply felt compelled to share this, since my life is often full of absurd, yet funny, moments like this.
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Just so people know...[MSN, Trillian related]

My Trillian upgraded itself a few days ago.

Ever since then, my MSN gets signed off whenever I log onto my Trillian. This is why I've been using Meebo for the past few days.

However, this also means that people cannot add me to their contacts list. I have to be on MSN on my Trillian to get friend requests, and if it keeps signing me out, then I can't add anyone.

So it anyone was actually trying to add me (I don't see why anyone would add me, but that's beyond the point), I apologize. I have no clue how to correct this problem, and until I do find out, I won't be able to be contacted.

Again, I'm sorry...
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Just out of curiosity...[MSN related]

Is anyone's MSN not working right now? Mine keeps signing off on me everytime I try to connect to it...

I'm just wondering if everyone's having that problem, or if it's just my internet being a twit.
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What the crap is this.

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