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Age : 16 (human years)
Gender : Boy deer
Eyes color :
Mate/crush : Hella
Picto :clik hire!

Mother : Ila
Father : Jert
Dinamara : Sister
Lifa : Sister
Friends : Dindra,Lifa,Dinamara and Hella

Look : Gazele horns,Crying mask and The bird pelt.
Personality : He is sometime mean but mostly happy!
He almost never make rude stuf but it doth not mean that he wont some day do that!
History : (wil put later)
Likes : To run in The Brich forest!!! Smiling
Dislikes : Stupid jokes
Extra: He loves to get new friends!
And thank you Dindra for leting me borow the dragons!
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nise bio! and you are

nise bio!
and you are welcome to ask if you need eny pic you want!

I love your Bio! <3 Its

I love your Bio! <3 Its cute


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