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*;*One Of The 7 Flower Stories -The Golden Flower Story *;*

One Of The 7 Flower Stories The Golden Flower Story
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Look what i saw last night!

This litle deer in the forest!
''i was lucky that i had my camera with me!''
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Another rainy day! 8D

another rainy day!8D
(in Norway)

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Zerash's Diary ~ Day 3

Day 3

I never knew that Redgie (my deer) had a girl friend! (actualy i knew! xD)
Her name is Dinamara and she is kinde of mean to me! (some times)
Enyway i nead to finde out more information about her!
And i'v got a plan!
It's craizy but i think i shuld spy at her! ^^; O_o
I'm just doing it because my deer is stil shy to her! ^^;

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clic on my egs? :)

sory for sending them here!
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is this magic???

when i waked up this morning and started my computer i finded out that i had photo bucket instaleted on my computer!
and on this program you can draw!!!
is this magic??? xD
and i had this computer for like 2 yers!!
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who is this??

who is this??
because i realey like her deer!
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someone up for a rolerplay?

i thot of maiking a rolerplay!
if enyone wants to join just let me know! Smiling
and dont forget to say who you wuld like to be!

i ned about 15 rols to play!
we will play it in the forest!
so you go to the pond to meat ech other and train!
and after we know that we are raidy to do it we'l do the rolerplay!
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¤*¤*¤Zerash's Bio ¤*¤*¤

Age : 16 (human years)
Gender : Boy deer
Eyes color :
Mate/crush : Hella
Picto :clik hire!

Mother : Ila
Father : Jert
Dinamara : Sister
Lifa : Sister
Friends : Dindra,Lifa,Dinamara and Hella

Look : Gazele horns,Crying mask and The bird pelt.
Personality : He is sometime mean but mostly happy!
He almost never make rude stuf but it doth not mean that he wont some day do that!
History : (wil put later)
Likes : To run in The Brich forest!!! Smiling
Dislikes : Stupid jokes
Extra: He loves to get new friends!
And thank you Dindra for leting me borow the dragons!
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A short story!

Ther was a litle fawn playng in the forest with his friends.

When he was finished playng, he said good bye to his friends and ran away.

He ran thru the pond and huried to the ruins!

But when he stopt to rest, he sow that someone ran after him!

He got scered and started runing away!

But the deer ran closer and closer!

And when the litle fawn fald down he sow that it just was his friends!
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