The World seems made for Dancing [Bio of Terpsichore]

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Name: Terpsichore
Gender: Male
Age: young stag
Appearance: Magpie pelt and default antlers, usually with poppies in them. Frequently wears the red forest spirit mask.
Friends: The deer he hangs out with most are Faeron, Dahji, and Amazon, but he's friendly with absolutely everyone he meets!

Personality: Playful, friendly, and loves dancing. He's been known to dance with other deer until they get tired and drop down to sleep. If he sees others dancing, he's very likely to join in. Once in a while he does things that border on foolhardy. Some of it is youthful overenthusiasm, but he also may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. He may not be a genius, but he likes almost anyone and everyone unless they give him reason not to.

Behavior: Terpsichore frequently runs up to strangers and begins dancing at them, hoping they'll join in. He tries to be respectful towards his elders, often bowing, and only nuzzling them after they've show a similar level of interest and affection towards him. Terpsichore loves playing with fawns because they tolerate his playfulness and share in it better. He'll usually follow another deer anywhere if they make it clear they want him to come along. He's not pushy if deer try to chase him away, because it's easier to just go find someone else friendly.

Journal: Travels of Terpsichore: Fawnhood
Travels of Terpsichore: Current
Fan art:

My art:

Player notes: My computer only barely runs the game, and makes my cursor very jerky and slow. The only way to make it run smoothly is to turn down the detail to the point where all distinctive landmarks vanish, and it's not worth playing like that. As a result, Terpsichore's actions are sometimes a little delayed, so please don't take that as an in-character problem. If you're waiting for a reaction and he's just standing there doing nothing for a minute or more, it probably means I'm frantically trying to get the mouse to work...

Tracked~ I find him

I find him fascinating :3

Omg he's adorableeee!

Omg he's adorableeee! *huggles little black fawn*
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Track. <3
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Heh, thanks! It was a digital

Heh, thanks! It was a digital paint over gesture sketch experiment.
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Ahah.. He seems so cute. I

Ahah.. He seems so cute. I like his bio! Its interesting! c:
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~tracking with joy~

~tracking with joy~



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I didn't even know this

I didn't even know this character existed! I just created Aoede; who is supposedly one of the Greek muses, along with Terpsichore himself:)