Trying to get old accounts with no luck :/

Hello old friends.
I have been trying desperately to get my old accounts back and there seems to be no way to get forgotten password emails sent to me. (ive tried a lot - i get nothing in junk or inbox.)
I had 2.
Geethelove and mahm.

Is there any possible way someone could help out? I heard there was going to be updates and I want to get back into the game so badly!

Hello, cherry. That automated

Hello, cherry.
That automated feature has been broken for a while, as far as I know.
People contact the devs directly via this email address, when they want their access restored:
Michael can be pretty busy, so might not reply all too soon, do have patience with him.

AH! Thank you so much

AH! Thank you so much Smiling

No problem, do tell when you

No problem, do tell when you get them back. Smiling