The Sweetheart; Child

Carilynn [Cal/Calamity] Hana Havisham

Calamity; a great misfortune or disaster. Carilynn; ???


presumably and somewhat eternally in late teens to early twenties

unknown; prefers February 2


Emrys; infatuated with before he left/dissapeared
Lorak; good friends with, fell in love with, forgave him for leaving her

Rylan; forbidden to mate with Terra, killed by a rival herd
Terra[lin]; forbidden to mate with Rylan, killed by a rival herd

Vipin; second-cousin, considered an uncle
Aspen; second-cousin, considered an aunt
Xylia; [half]second-cousin, considered an aunt
Devi; niece/cousin
Chanse; nephew/cousin
Ketan; nephew/cousin
Andy; Bellsio's "caretaker", thinks of as an uncle

Cal is a doe, smaller than average, with somewhat straight shoulders, a brown pelt with a tan underbelly and spots on her rear, faded along her back. her legs are long and thin and wonky, giving her a hard time walking. her mask, the DoTD mask, is constantly repainted but is usually blue, green and yellow in any array of designs, though she'll more than likely stick to easy patterns. she has twelve pale green, windblown feathers atop her head, the typical dots in the plumes absent. there is a long, wiry scar along her stomach from some mystery attack. her eyes are a golden-brown. [this is a very brief summary; for full design details on all my deer, look here!]

Cal was conceived and born as an illegitimate child. her parents--Rylan and Terralin--were deer in opposing herds and forbidden to mate. upon her conception, Terra's parents were overjoyed when she pointed her hooves at another stag as the father. when Cal was born, however, she was unmistakably Rylan's and both of the young deer were punished. as Cal would learn later on, her parents were slaughtered in a very violent and very deadly fight between the herds. before all of this, however, Rylan took her in for several months, as his parents were very slightly more tolerant of the situation, before dropping her into the Forest, alone.

Cal was quite peculiar to Vipin, who discovered her and adopted her into the family, scarcely knowing that they were very distantly related. Aspen and Xylia were startled by her but gew to form odd and unexplainable bonds with her; as the older ones were figuring out their love lives, Cal grew and formed tight bonds with the stags Emrys and Lorak. she soon began realizing her feelings for Emrys when he suddenly dissapeared, leaving her desperate and weak and leaving Lorak for her to lean on. caught in a wave of anxiety, she fell in love with him, only to be rejected when two other does--Cirrus and Silvery--professed their love. [he ultimately chose Cirrus] for a time being she was violent and upset until she met Bellsio, and they very sweetly and slowly fell in love with eachother.

recently, her various diseases and symptoms, such as her ADD/ADHD and extreme OCD have been dying down and she is becoming a strong young female. though she doesn't like remembering her past, which is pitiful at times, she is proud of herself for growing up and putting up with so much. [this history is very brief; full histories of all my deer are here!]

Cal, best described in two or three words, is bubbly, eccentric and peppy. there is scarcely a moment where she is not happy or at least grinning ear to ear, seeming to have a permanent smile plastered underneath her mask. having a tendency to either greatly annoy others or amuse them, she skirts around deer she admires or knows will not tolerate her hyperactivity and instead joins in large groups of deer who are dancing or jumping or laughing. she is always especially joyful around fawns, who are more often than not almost as fast and excited as she is, and finds time to frolic with them or introduce them to the beauty and wonders of the Forest. though this may make her seem motherly, she is wary of the entire idea of having fawns of her own or even adopting some to care for.

the doe prefers bright spots of sunlight and the Great Oak. in the rain, which is her favorite weather, while others may seek shelter in the giant tree, she can be seen sprinting about and bugling and guffawing and she gets sopping wet before ambling off to shake the water on someone. during the extremely rare times when she is sad or furious, it is best to stay away from her as she can be rather dangerous without knowing, although you're more likely to find her attacking a tree or a stone than another deer. when she is deathly silent, the feeling of happiness around her seems to vanish and the light seems to dim and things turn eerie. it is best to be wary of The Sweetheart when she is unblinking...despite herself she may even attack without warning.

determined and agile and enthusiastic, you might find her bemusing or downright bother. it depends entirely on the deer she is interacting with, but you can't help but wonder what she's been through, the Child...the Child without parents. there is more to the doe than we--or even she--know.

Cal has ADHD and does not sit still for long; be ready to move!
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Trackkkkkk track owo

Trackkkkkk track owo


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y helo thar my deer kiri

y helo thar
my deer kiri played with her yesterday for a brief moment.

/FALLOVERDIE y helo ther


y helo ther sxc. reallyyy? was she a fawn? I remember Cal spazzing out with two little fawns bahah that was fun...I was attempting to take screenshots but it wouldn't so I went "OH HECK -FLAIL-"
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yep! she was one of those

she was one of those fawns. c:

and then cal fainted away. :c

and then my internet decided

and then my internet decided to be stupid because it hates me. seriously it kicks me off all the time when I'm having fun it sucks :c and my connection is pretty stable tooooo -weeps-