the#PRINCESS [Devi]

The Princess

Devi Ananda Gracemore

"golden goddess"; Sanskrit


presumably and somewhat eternally early to mid teens

November 30


Rutilus, Uio, Gabriel; infatuated with for a period of time

Magnet; golden Dragonfly stag, alive and well
Aspen; Magpie female, alive and well

Spade; fraternal twin brother
Aspen; mother
Magnet; father
Vipin; uncle
Xylia; aunt
Chanse; cousin
Ketan; cousin

for her age, Devi is undeniably massive, being relatively young and as large or larger than a full-grown stag. her pelt, a flaring gold, is almost mixed with creme and brown and dark marigold with a pale yellow on her underside and below her chin. the skull upon her head is her actual face, therefore not held in place with string or rope, and she lacks the prongs and hanging windpipe that most have. her tail is short and fluffy and her beluga antlers incredibly sharp, though she is aware of this and watches herself around deer. her eyes are grey. [this is a very brief summary; for full design details on all my deer, look here!]

Devi is still young in terms of deer; she is only about sixteen in human years, born with a fraternal twin brother, Spade, to Magnet and Aspen. as children, she and Spade often sparred and romped together, building muscle and speed and gradual fighting skill. when her cousin Chanse was born, she grew fond of him immediately, acting more like a sister than a relative, doing the same with Ketan. at a time, she grew very distant from her brother, as he found affection with the doe Faytha, and Devi mildly expressed her jealousy towards their relationship, which earned her dissapproving stares. they have steadily starting improving their relationship, teasing eachother constantly as Spade watches his sister's behavior. Gabriel, the German, arrived at a point in time, and she became shamelessly infatuated with him until she could not take being denied any more. her failed relationship with him has made her somewhat stingy and sarcastic. [this history is very brief; full histories of all my deer are here!]

a typical high-profile teenager, Devi is shamelessly promiscuous, bold, stubborn, selfish and blunt. somewhere inside of her resides a heart of gold, though she chooses not to show it and chooses to show off. she seems to know how beautiful she is, as if looking at her is an honor on it's own, but she can seem to shrink sometimes, outdone or outmatched by a doe more beautiful than she. she mainly pays attention to external beauty, being rather vain, but she is envious of those who are kind and glow when they walk. there have been times where she has shown a lesser, more sensitive side, such as when she is with Chanse or trying to impress someone, but for the most part her outer shell holds an air of vanity, confidence, satisfaction and egoism.

her favorite weather is sunset, which makes her pelt shine and glimmer. in this time she may be significantly happier and show more humility for whatever reason; in rain, however, she will whine and complain about her fur being soaked or her hooves getting wet and will patter after a heard of deer like a little golden dog. she gets angry quite easily, even if it is rarely showed, and when she does choose to take her fury out the results can be quite bad, with her routinely sharpened antlers and pointed skull. most often she'll turn to muttering and cursing through gritted teeth to keep her anxiety to herself, even using her mood to her advantage, sticking close to stags and nuzzling them and hinting for their attention.

being flirty and coy may not win smiles from everyone, but somewhere she has a deep, touching, compassionate side that can only be revealed through trial and error. if you choose to keep with her for that long, it is somewhat of a reward for both you and for the golden goddess, who knows neither her own strengths nor her own weaknesses.

Devi always flirts with all stags, mated or not; don't be offended, she's just being herself.
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I love her. :.D

I love her. :.D
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I thought I saw that picto

I thought I saw that picto today! it's lovely.
She's lovely.

ohai you're lovely.




thank you though Tally, fffuuhssnfdkk <3

I get on really fast to take screenshots xD -master- and then I left to get food so she fell asleep curled around the water lily... B: thank you so much, Pega actually picked out her picto when we were only planning for one kid! <3 then we got two and IT ALL WENT FROM THERE