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Morda &
ft. glowfrog
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Two birds atop the trees. ft. Fuji & só.
Even though this scene took place in the birch woods and during summer, the image ended up being one bearing colors of a silvery and red winter dusk or sunrise.
Please check out the full image in a new tab.

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This was made out of a print(done on paper) from a big project I'm working on, modified in Photoshop.
I hope you enjoy discovering all those dimensions that I did in the flowing paint of this image.
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Going Further

"Are you bathed in silver or drowned in gold?"

The soundscape for this is the sound of crickets and the calls of the blackbird.
That's what I used to hear in the summer during dusk, when all opposites seemed to mix, opening up a portal to something linearly endless.

For the full experience, please open the image in a seperate tab.

(( X X ))

i'll forgive you, but if you don't apologize

little thing to destress. this game has given me so much motivation. i'll try to do something bigger for my next drawing, but bear with me as i don't have a lot of experience
edit: uploaded the wrong title hashdhs

so much has happened and nothing happened at the same time

my deer finally grew Smiling got some new accesories from random cervids

i feel like a deer in the headlights of love

i'm new here and a little bit shy. i hope you all like my first fanart of this game Smiling
still trying to figure out what dimensions work best, oh well.
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come paint my face [eliza art]

raz sold me an adopt (here) and i created a lesbian, as is only proper

The Fawn

I started this last night, but fell asleep halfway though Laughing out loud
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