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i don't remember how but -i guess i never did forget about my tef oc, but i came up with downloading game again and nostalgia hits me OOF since it's been around 5yrs of being inactive... gotta say it's really nice to see that tefc is actually alive, seeing familiar faces gives me serotonin lol enough of this speech i guess. in conclusion i think i'll forever be tefc member lol just how much love i have for it...
well anyways here is redraws of my characters cain and sara, maybe i should somewhat rethink them yk...

I see how your sense of

I see how your sense of shapes've evolved and how free-flowing your lines have become.
It's inspiring. Makes me wish I worked on my art muscle at all. Ah well.
Gotta say, I adore Sara's design, both the '16 and the '22 versions. Though I'm interested in seeing the reworked concepts, too, if you make 'em.

Absolutely gorgeous face

Absolutely gorgeous face structure on recent Sara!

@Uitleger @J!n : thanks a

@Uitleger @J!n : thanks a lot, you guys! i hope soon to draw something more serious with these guys and other characters of mine <3

Sounds great. I'm looking

Sounds great. I'm looking forward to it.
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Ouugh i'm in love please do

Ouugh i'm in love please do share more!

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