Still alive... sort of.

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Well, I'm at least on first shift now. So getting more sleep again. But day shift is much busier. And much less relaxed. But at least I'm sleeping...

I do need to get a better job still. I don't want to be stuck there any longer than I have to.

I have to work this Sunday. Nope, we don't get holidays off. If I take the day off, not only do I not get paid, but I get a mark on my record because I was scheduled to work but didn't. Even if I take off because I got sick. Nice, huh? I at least get time and a half pay for working that day. Though I think we should get paid double time for working a holiday.

Meh. I need out soon.

Haven't been in the Forest in ages... or even on the forums.

Also, the other day I bought Endless Ocean for my parents' Wii. Does anybody know... if you save the game, does it shut up after a certain point and just let you swim without trying to instruct you on everything? Because that could get annoying if not. lol

I remember your shifts and

I remember your shifts and not so nice job!
I get to work half of the holidays, but not all of them, like you.
really sounds as if you need to find another job soon!
glad you finally get to sleep now, did any of the tips people gave you help at all?
and did you miss the abio because of your job, or could you be there?

today, come and get your treats in the forest!
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Aww eggs! <3 But yeah, half

Aww eggs! <3

But yeah, half the job not giving me time (or energy), and also half the fact that I had some trouble getting TEF to stop erroring on my computer. x.x

Anyway, I actually do have to work all the holidays that are in my schedule, can't take any of them off. x.x And apparently I only get paid extra for working two of them.

I did not get any extra for working Easter. Sad

Anyway, no, sadly I was unable to alter my sleep schedule even with the tips. I think I just take after my mother too much... certain things we just can't adapt to.