starting out- hello!

hello everyone who sees this and those whove seen me running around lol- I j started cus I heard of the game somewhere and tought it sounded fun Laughing out loud

stuff thats happened while I was on:
-explored a lot
-was dancing with another fawn for a bit lol (somehow got a mask thing for a bit then it disappeared)
-heard a thunder strike (which scared the soul out of me I didnt expect it since the forest was pretty quiet)

hope I get to see more ppl and dance around again Laughing out loud

(still learning how to move around-ish and actions so if i do snything random/offensive-ish?/sudden that was prolly an accident and didnt mean it qwq)

currently sleeping in a fairy circle

Heya, mochi, welcome. Good to

Heya, mochi, welcome. Good to see you've enjoyed the forest and caught a hint of one of its mysteries so far (that thunder strike has a source. see if you can find it).
Don't worry about offending anyone - fawn phase is a learning phase, after all, and the worst forest 'crime' one can do is cast pelt magic on a mini-deer (but even that is easily fixed in a minute). So, feel free to experiment, meet deer, emote at them, and have fun.
I'd get up to dance and give you some forest magic, but I gotta leave in a bit. Hope you meet some active peeps soon.

lol the thunder has a source

lol the thunder has a source Laughing out loud kinda wna look for it now Sticking out tongue and thanks! Hope I get to see more ppl and u and we could all dance around lol