Starling in the Birch

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She appeared during my digital experimenting.

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...Oh my goodness! Was just

...Oh my goodness! Was just about to hop in the forest for the first time in months, but server dead, then I check the comm to be greeted by this wonderful piece of work. ; _ ;

This is so beautiful. It's like seeing her in a vivid dream. It's how I'd imagine her to be stumbled upon nowadays; lurking in the night, enjoying the quiet, perhaps a little bit of a lost soul, though.
It's lovely... I cannot express how much this made my evening, what an awesome lil surprise!! Thankyou so much. p.s I miss you. <3
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Good timing on my part then,

Good timing on my part then, hehe. :} Welcome back. I'm only around here in spirit these days, life's been busy.

This piece was first going to be of something else, but then it evolved on its own. When it turned into a field with that wheat/grass type thing and the sky above(which was indigo blue initially and there were no trees), I saw a vision of a doe's silhouette appearing in the distance. And as I approached that idea, it reminded me of the times when I see roe deer here at home when I ride on the train through rural Hungary. Sometimes with a herd, other times alone. And Starling's design popped into my head immediately. I reckoned she was misplaced a bit, so I put her back in the birch. However, speaking of lost soul, she might've phased into our reality on purpose.