name: shadeless
Gender: Male
age: 250 years(adult right now)
size: fawn #33/ adult #20
b-day: march 21
species: shadow of a demon
items:raven skull necklace with teeth
Diet: meat,engery of soul/magic
looks: DoTD pelt,deer mask,default antler with candles
(side note: his hair on his head is not hair but quills)

personality -Mischievous,somewhat stubborn,calm(will add more later)

-like to nip people for fun.(he will sniff you and run away.)
-quill stand when angry or scared.
-like to get to know people
-is rarely afriad of anyone
-using the engery of soul/magic of other to heal himself
-he can turn in to anyhting and everything
-he is shadow like

shadeless love to be mischives sometime will pull joke on people or down right trick them.
he no mean heartless he does care.he can be very stubborn at times and hard to talk down.
he enjoy spend time with friends.shadeless enjoy his alone time to. he will run and have fun for a while until he get annoyed and will turn from playful to attack mode.(will add more later)

family: (?)

Arabella-enjoy being around <3
Altijd-really cool looking,enjoy being around <3
Tau-enjoy being around and greatful company
loves: (?)

Tau-seem ok?want to learn more about
thais-seem like nice young lady

dislikes: (?)

(i really need a css for this guy )

Lil cutie ;;

Lil cutie ;;
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Such a cutie for a lil demon~

Such a cutie for a lil demon~
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Tracking <3

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788
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Double track cause TEF is

Double track cause TEF is drunk

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788

I like him a lot! Do his

I like him a lot! Do his quills stand up when he's mad? That would be cute..

yes they do

yes they do <3


updated Smiling


updated Smiling
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Hello there!

Hello there! Smiling
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥

greetings young lady~

greetings young lady~
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Hello hello!! Altijd thinks

Hello hello!! Altijd thinks Shadeless looks cool too Eye

bad demon

bad demon