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Want to RP with Seed? You've come to the right place! These scenes can be plot-driven, simple stand-alone moments, long, short, and anywhere in-between...Maybe even picture-driven RPs (Though I'll probably always try and reply with words because I'm bad at fast pictures ^^;) For my purposes, they are assumed to take place in The Endless Forest and are canonical to Seed's experiences, and are set on the day they begin or an unknown date in time.

Need more information about Seed? Here's his bio.

Current Prompt

A figure darted through the woods. It was the figure of Seed, his wooden legs carrying him as fast as they could. Flowers drifted from his antlers as he panicked about the woods. The golden eyes of the tree-stag darted this way and that, looking for a release, bright against his panicked face. He didn't really care where he was running, running through trees without even a laugh or an apology, trailing dust and blue smoke. The little flowers and ferns on his mossy patch seemed strained to hold onto him, dangling loosely as he ran.
Why all this, you ask? Because following him, clearly more interested than enraged, was... a swarm of honeybees. They were intent and single-minded on catching him...But Seed had one last idea to confuse them. He dove into a bush and hid there, clearly present to any real observer.

Or you can start your own scene with Seed, or ask me to start a different scene. When starting an RP, please mention if you're joining a pre-existing scene (you may need to ask) or if you're forming a new one with me.

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I'll just track this 'til I

I'll just track this 'til I can come up with a real post.
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(Excited to have him back!

(Excited to have him back! ♥ )

The scarlet doe stepped delicately over the rich soil, her head raised, embracing the sun's warmth with relief, though the feeling was not for herself. She was heading for the mother Oak, one being alone drawing her there. She picked up her pace, eager to reach him, though she was careful as to not spill her precious gift being ferried on a maple leaf. Now that the sun had bathed the forest with its warm rays once again, the doe had periodically been bringing water to him, her closest friend. She would do anything to make him grow again.

Her ears pricked as the great Oak rose before her, and a smile grew on her muzzle. However, when she was a pace or two away, she stopped suddenly, her smile faltering; he wasn't there. Brilliant blue eyes grew wider as she gazed at the spot, now a deep hole, where he had once been. The maple leaf fell from her gaping mouth, the water cascading down to the lush grass underneath. Her head rapidly turned this way and that, ears standing erect, heart racing. He was alive, more than he had been over the past days. Giddy with excitement and joy, she raced off toward the first place she thought of.

It felt like her legs couldn't carry her fast enough as the pond came into view, and so she pushed them ever faster, until it felt like she was soaring. It wasn't long until she saw him, there, on the bank by the water. She skidded to a sudden halt, lose soil rolling down the gentle slope as she stood there panting. Her smile stretched across her muzzle, blue eyes alight and moist with joy as she gazed at him. She couldn't believe it, and yet, she could all the same.

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It seemed so easy, on a

It seemed so easy, on a sleepy day, to let the sunlight drive away thoughts the way it did chill. And this was hist first sunlight since escaping death, too...So it fell on him like a warm and quiet blanket. And then at once Sage's voice broke through the fog clouding up the inside of his head. He turned to see her, ears perked up and a smile spreading freely across his face. He closed the remaining distance and gave her an affectionate nuzzle.


Of course, it was at this point that his brain had caught up to him. He seemed to remember...That as he hung dying...He had certainly almost had...A certain thought. A certain thought that seemed, seeing her now...Those big blue eyes, shining like the surface of the pond, shining in the sun that had already taken his breath away...Seemed very true. And he seemed to remember also...That she had said something, hadn't she? Something very kind....

"Thank you. For earlier. I think."

He said it a little awkwardly, since it wasn't entirely clear... But also because he wasn't sure what to say 'so I was sort of dead and you helped or maybe I just was crazy on account of maybe-perhaps being in love with you' sounded like it would cover it...Or get him rejected, hit, and alone. But he had to say *something.*
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The scarlet doe closed her

The scarlet doe closed her eyes at his touch, and nuzzled him in return. She breathed in his scent, which seemed a little different, but yet still the same, and more familiar as ever. So excited was she, and how content her being was to have him back, that she hadn't noticed his change yet. Not even when she pulled back slightly as he spoke, her smile slightly showing her glistening white teeth.

"You're very welcome, Seed," she replied in her usual soothing, light tone, knowing what he meant. "You were in need, and I could not leave you there in the cold of night without warmth." She didn't question what happened to him, or how his new appearance came to be, at least not yet. She would save the questions for later, because now, she was simply content and happy to have him in her company once again. Closing her eyes, she reached over and nuzzled his neck again, feeling the warmth of his fur and smelling the rich sweetness of his scent.

"Such a relief it is to have you here were deeply missed."
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Seed couldn't help but,

Seed couldn't help but, against his confusion, smile at her nuzzling and affection. It made the world feel warm and glowing...Well, aside from the actual glowing. But that, flaring at the edge of his vision, was just physics. Her touch was an actual glow, and he soaked up the sense of it as he stood, mingling with the sweetness of the scent of the top of her head. He smiled and tried to clear his troat and get the conversation....Somewhere safer?

"I see...That's very kind of you. Even if it was that was rightest for you...I'll thank you all the same."

He laughed at that last part, not mocking, just amused. He had gotten his own feedback from this, after all. The response astounded him. He pulled back for ease of conversation. He shook his head and let loose another little rolling chuckle, blending with his soft voice. After all, this was a puzzle that had been on his mind since getting back.

"I noticed, I did...I'm a little surprised that everyone recognized me, really...I'm not sure I recognized myself."
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I can rp with Seed Nemonica

I can rp with Seed Laughing out loud

Nemonica walked towards the pond with graceful steps as she gazed around her. The weeping willows were swaying in the breeze, little pink flower petals were flying around in the air. She sighed as a few petals mixed in with her purple ones. Her purple mask glittered in the sunlight as it shone on her face, her blue eyes gleamed with little spots of sparkle. She made her way to the pond's edge as she gazed at her reflection. She smiled and bent her head down to drink the cool water. As she was drinking, her ears perked up to hear another deer. She lifted her head up immediately and seen a green stag, a unique looking one.

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((Sorry it took so long to

((Sorry it took so long to reply ^^;))

Seed shook himself out of his revery as he heard hoofbeats. His gaze focused on the here and now and he saw the doe drinking. It was always uneasy for him, spotting someone, who had spotted him, but who had not yet made a move. Was she waiting on him? Was she waiting for him to leave? Did she want him to say Hi, as much as he'd like to meet someone knew? The thoughts that filled his head buzzed like a swarm of bees. At last he settled on clearing his throat and offering her a thin, slightly nervous, smile.

"Lovely weather, isn't it?"

Weak, Seed. Weak. He thought to himself.
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(Its alright, I really don't

(Its alright, I really don't mind Laughing out loud)

Nemonica heard the stag clear his throat. She lifted her head and looked up at him. "Ah, yes it is lovely. I love it when the days here are beautiful like this." She gave the stag a pleasant smile and gave him a greeting bow. "My name is Nemonica. What's your name?" She flicked her tail back and forth with enjoyment as she stood back up.

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"I'm Seed. Nice to meet

"I'm Seed. Nice to meet you."

He thought about it a moment longer and it occured to him that this place actually didn't really have too much in the name of bad weather -- at least, not bad weather that happened often enough to make good weather worth commenting over. He chuckled.

"I guess we're pretty blessed...When you think about it, a beautiful day's the average, here."
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Nemonica smiled as the stag

Nemonica smiled as the stag told her his name. ''I love your name, it really suits you.'' She chuckled, ''Yes we are blessed. This forest is full of mystery though.'' She smiled and pawed the ground with her hoof looking a bit shy.

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"Ah, I suppose...I suppose it

"Ah, I suppose...I suppose it does."

He laughs a little, perhaps uneasily. He was yet to get used to how he looked now, no matter how easy it felt. He tried to find his way to a more natural smile, and, failing that, pressed forward.

"It is. I still don't know how this place manages some of its magic...But I suppose if I knew, I'd be a sorcerer and not a poet."

((Hmm....Trying to think of a new prompt...Any ideas?))
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(Hmmm i dont know

(Hmmm i dont know :/)

Nemonica smiled. "Well it is the Twin Gods who take care of this place. I don't mind it. I know some deer who died from their past life and ended up here. I was born here so..." She chuckled and looked at her feet again. "So are you poet? I never met one before actually." She smiled again and looked up at him.

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"I was born here as

"I was born here as well...Just because it's the only world I've ever known does not mean I intend to accept it without thinking. When you do that, I think you close your heart to how amazing the everyday is."

He nodded. He couldn't help but take a little bit of pride at his vocation, even if often he felt himself clumsy and ameturish; it was a special and solitary existence.

"I am. To my knowledge, I'm the only one living here...Or, at least, the only one I've met."
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Nemonica listened with her

Nemonica listened with her ears perked up with interest. "Wow, you really sound like a poet. I don't have anything special about me..." She looked away, feeling a bit ashamed since she didn't have a gift.

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"Everyone has a gift," He

"Everyone has a gift," He told her, his soft voice brimming with sincerity of the sort that would make a cynic wince.

"Even if it doesn't seem obvious...I really believe that everyone has something only they can do, if they dare to look for it..." His eyes moved skyward, a little wistfully.

((I finally found a new prompt!))
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I'm going to answer to your

I'm going to answer to your current prompt; I just need to get something done first.
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(Yay!) Nemonica looked back


Nemonica looked back up at the buck. "I should look for it, I know that my mother is really good with herbs, maybe I am too." She smiled with a feeling of eagerness in her heart.

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Placing a track here for now,

Placing a track here for now, will throw something at your face soon.
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"That sounds like a good

"That sounds like a good place to start; I'm sure your mom would be happy to teach you, too..."

He paused and pursed his lips, mulling over other ways to encourage the relative stranger. He was in a pretty revitalized mood, on account of being re-vitalized, and he wanted to spread it around.

"Do you have anything that interests you?"
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Nemonica looked around. "Well

Nemonica looked around. "Well I do like to run. I don't know what else interests me." She looked back at the stag and thought for any other things that interest her.

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Greetings seed, i have

Greetings seed,
i have admired your from afar for a long time and finally met you today in the mushroom circle. Thanks for the spells and the company. <3
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It had been so long since the

It had been so long since the black and white doe had seen Seed and as the time went by she became more and more hesitant of seeking him out. Maybe he had forgotten her? Maybe it would do only harm to both of them if she decided to seek him out. Who knows. One thing was for sure, she had missed him quite a lot, he used to be a major part in her life after all.

The doe was not in the best shape of her life mentally nor physically, but over time she had learned to hide it all. No one would know, not even the closest ones, what was going on. She was able to put on an act.

Nevilly wandered around the forest aimlessly as she had not planned on searching anyone she knew out today. She just enjoyed the views and smells of the forest, watched others play as she walked forward. Her ears perked up and jaw dropped slightly as she saw a familiar figure in the distance, once you stop searching for them, you'll find them. She was positive it was Seed in the distance. The doe remained still and waited to be noticed.
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((*Sigh* I had a good reply

((*Sigh* I had a good reply to all the things. And then I don't even know what happened, but they ended up deleted.))

@ Jookie202:

"Well, those sound like good places to start... I think if you just listen to your own passions, you'll find what you need to. It's a big world; there's a lot of room to explore."

With that very children's TV-sounding response, Seed felt like he had exhausted his own sense of the subject. After all, to some extent, that's what it boiled down to; it was al just a matter of heart.

@ p

((I can't tell if that was meant to be an interaction or not, but anyway...Thank you! There's no need to be shy; you can hang out with Seed any time. I'll be keeping an eye out as well.))


Seed noticed her; of course he did. He had trained himself to always be looking for her scent, the sound of her hoofbeats, the tiny awareness of her existence warping the fabric of the world -- well, that's how he'd describe the feeling, occuring somewhere beyond his peripheral vision. He hadn't used that training, really used it, for over a year now, but you never forgot. Not when love was involved. He turned his head to spot her.
Too close. His stomach somersaulted. His heart pounded. He felt happy and hurt and afraid until they all combined to make him nauseus. And this was just looking at her. But she was too close to run away...And he had been wanting to see her. To see where his feelings -- which, when she was not around, felt much more relaxed than this -- took him when she was around. He kicked himself in the stomach and walked forward, a thin and uneasy smile on his lips.

To her, he would have looked...Rather different from when he saw her last. But, in her small and subtle ways, she looked different, too. Just maybe not "Has legs coated in living wood and a big spot where thigns are growing on his back" different. Still, because it was such a turnaround, because it had been so long...He noticed she didn't look exactly...well. Unless Well had changed.
"Hello, Nevilly. It's been a while..."
That part was easily. Yes. He could do this. With a bit of concern, he asked,
"How have you been?"
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It had not been just a brief

It had not been just a brief moment that they had been together and really got to know each other. If he could still recognize her scent, hoofbeats, all that, she could definitely tell when something was off with him. Everyone could tell from that smile on his face, that he didn't really feel comfortable in this position, but she knew there was something deeper there.

It was unexpected to see him again, for a long time she could walk around without really finding even the slightest sign of him and now he was there in front of her, approaching her. Thought of running away visited her mind as well. With taking a deep breath she tried to be brave enough to face him. 'It can't be this difficult, you know him', she repeated to herself.

"Hello, you."

She let out a brief, nervous chuckle and turned her deep blue eyes to his direction only to drop her gaze to the ground not long after.

"Can't complain. Life is treating me nicely. How about you?"

Once again she turned her gaze to him, tilted her head lightly and already pondered how to go on with the conversation after this, in case he just said he was fine.
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"Fine enough, fine enough.

"Fine enough, fine enough. I've been busy."

He was...A little surprised she didn't have more to say in light of, well, everything. Not everything between them, which was understandably avoidable. But all the ways he had changed as a result of that odd incident in the fall went uncommented on as well? How very odd.

Luckily, he at least had one last conversational volley to fire, which...Well, it was a harder one for him to do than the standard, but was...near enough. Inoccuous, except in all the ways it wasn't. And that was asking about her family....Yeah, it was easier to avoid that one, he felt.

For all she avoided his gaze, he avoided hers, and looked up at the sky above her head.

"I eventually got that scavenger hunt I was mentioning last time done. It went well."
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The doe's mind was getting

The doe's mind was getting crowded with things to say or point out, the changes in his appearance were one of those things and she did not know where to start. Once she would get even a little bit more comfortable, she would most likely be able to organize her thoughts better and do some progress.

Her only respond to his answer was a faint smile tugging the corner's of her lips. She took a few steps closer as well, she could feel his scent lingering in her nostrils now. For a brief moment it made all of the muscles in her body tense.

"I am.. glad it went well. Very glad."

She nodded letting out yet another nervous chuckle, she was starting to feel a little dizzy from the awkward atmosphere but put that aside, she could do this.

"I have missed you."

She whispered quietly, not sure if that was the smartest thing to say but it just came out. As soon as she finished she closed her eyes and her ears flattened. 'Stupid doe, stupid'.
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The fledgling watched the

The fledgling watched the scene progress, attracted to the sight of a green...bark covered stag being chased by a swarm of insects. That was interesting, after all. Not everyday you see a giant creature be beaten by something hundreds of times smaller. He charged the spot where the bees were mingling, puzzled by their quarry suddenly vanishing but still there, trying to leap up to pluck one of the creatures out of the sky, just as he had done to butterflies and tried to accomplish with dragonflies before. He cheeped in surprise and outrage as his prey turned on him, the bees buzzing in his ears and stinging him through his baby fluff. He soon gave up the hunt after several stings, leaping into the bush after the green and brown stag. The most he had accomplished was making the bees angrier, if anything at all.

This is the baby.
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Nemonica thought for a

Nemonica thought for a moment. "Well I would really like to help other deer with their problems if they need it." A bright smile appeared on her face.

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@ Rouda: His smile lost the

@ Rouda:

His smile lost the strain of it -- it just became sad, a specialty of Seed's smiles.
"...I've missed you, too."

He said. His tone was hard to place, warm and distant at the same time. How could it not be, saying what he really felt, but knowing as he said it that there was no place -- no place in this world -- for what he felt. That was what he had been working on for much of the year; putting that feeling in its own little world, detaching it from everything around him, so he could live. He didn't owe missing her anything, even seeing her again. That was how he felt.

And that awkwardness at last reached a tipping-point in his brain...And he began to laugh, self-depricatingly. He smiled that sad smile and kept on,

"...This is silly, isn't it? All this tip-toeing? Relax. How's Dariah?"


@ Waning-Sun:

Seed looked up, spotting suddenly the little fluffy thing in the bush with him. Seed himself was unstung -- until the fledgeling had tried to defend him, the bees hadn't been attacking.
He pulled his head out, noticing the lack of bees. His antler-branches rattled as they pulled free of the bush, leaving trails of purple flowers.

He looked the younger creature over, full of concern.
"My goodness! Are you alright, little one?"



"Ah, then perhaps you should ask about their problems. I'm sure I could come up with something, if you'd like to try it out on me."

He winked, trying to be playful. Seed attracted trouble like magnets attracted iron fillings.
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The fledgling blinked,

The fledgling blinked, looking up at him before reaching around to, with some difficulty, remove the stingers. He cheeped as if nothing had happened, when in reality it hurt to even move. But he wouldn't show this stranger that, after all he was a big, strong owl deer. Big strong deer didn't show pain. He fluffed up his baby down and feathers, his little wings flapping once as he looked back up at Seed, tilting his head one way and then the next as he studied him, offering another cheep.
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It didn't seem like the

It didn't seem like the little owl-deer could speak; perhaps not yet, perhaps not at all.

"Thank you," I suppose He added as a thought. After all, the bees hadn't been attacking him... They'd just been invading his personal space for pollen-collecting reasons. And he didn't like it. Still, it'd probably damage the young buck's pride to tell him *that*. Seed was going to be a slightly more mature adult than that.

"Looks like you got a little roughed up trying to get them off my back; is there something I can do to repay you?"

He hoped the little creature would make some sign as to what it wanted, or at least let Seed try some ideas as to how to help with the stingers.
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The fledgling watched him

The fledgling watched him until he stopped talking, then settled down on his haunches to think. The stings did hurt....and he was offering to help...He cheeped and motioned toward his shoulder with his beak, hoping he got across that he wanted to take him up on that offer.
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Nemonica looked at her hooves

Nemonica looked at her hooves then back up at the stag. "I should. I could get some help from my mother first just to get used to it." She giggled when the stag winked at her.

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Yet another chuckle escaped

Yet another chuckle escaped her throat as she heard she had been missed as well. She was glad she had not been entirely forgotten as of yet. The doe didn't seem like a fool as she told she had missed him, thank god for that.

The doe laughed as well as he mentioned the tension between them, maybe they both should just suck it up and act like nothing had happened, but was that possible? Who knows. Maybe one day.

"I haven't seen her around, nor have I seen Alain around at that matter. I have been spending a lot of time alone. Again."

She smiled and shrugged, being alone was something that she was slowly getting used to.

"What about you, is there someone I can ask the same question, hm?"
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@ Waning-sun: "Hmmm...Let me

@ Waning-sun:

"Hmmm...Let me see what I can do."

He ran the scraping edge of his teeth over where he could see the skin swelling because of bee stings. This stung a bit, but he came away taking out many of the stings. And leaving Seed with some feathers to spit out.

"That should help a little...Let's head to the pond -- we'll wash that right up, and hopefully that'll help."

Seed was not a medic, but he was doing his best, after all. He began walking that way before he stopped to see if the little creature was following.


@ Jookie202:

"That sounds like a good idea, too."


"Well, if you need company, I'd be fine with keeping you company."

Ah, loneliness. He knew it well. Still...He was sad to hear that she was alone; after all, the opposite idea had been his comfort for a long time. In times like this, he had the endurance he had built up over the years to keep him warm...But he knew she was a bit more delicate than that.

"Who, Complex? She's much the same; always darting in and out, leaving her poor father to worry....Still, I'm sure she's fine."

It did not occur to him that her question could have had other meanings; they were talking about family, after all. He hadn't seen many people in his family, but he wouldn't say he was exceptionally lonely: but talk about friends, whether secret crushes or otherwise, didn't occur to him.
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The fledgling cheeped, trying

The fledgling cheeped, trying to keep his voice cheerful as he followed after the stag. He made sure to avoid moving too fast as it made him wince. He had done his best to not show pain when the other ripped out the stingers he had missed, but he couldn't help but wince; it had hurt. Hopefully water would make the spots that got stung feel better.
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The black and white doe

The black and white doe appreciated his words more than he could possibly imagine, but could she accept his offer was a whole another thing.

"I am sure you are busy as it is, I do not wish to disturb you or waste your time."

She nodded humbly with her eyes closed as a thank you. As she opened her yes, she flashed a bried smile at him. It was more relaxed and gentle as the previous ones. Most of her tension was gone, not sure if he was still uncomfortable or not.

"Ah.. I am sure she is alright wherever she is. She has proven that many times already."

As the male didn't seem to find the inner meaning of her question, she let it slide. Maybe he did not wish to talk about such things.

"You look.. different somehow."
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@Waning-Sun: When they


When they reached the water, Seed looked around for something other than the water and mud that might help...And folded his ears back in frustration as he realized he didn't know much. Still, willow-bark was supposed to help with pain, right? That was something he knew, and it'd have to be good enough. He found a place where his antler-branches could do some proper scraping and rubbed the tips against the trees, shedding leaves and flowers from the contact, but also scaping off a piece of bark. He carried it over to the farn in his mouth, and set it down before.

"Medicine is...Not my strength, sadly. But I think if you sit in the water, the coolness will help you...And chew this; I've heard willow bark helps with pain."

@ Rouda:

"Don't worry about it. My time's not worth much."

Things he felt it wiser to not say was that, after all, he'd never be too busy to be with her. Too absent, he had proved. But never too busy, and it was far from wasted. But he was pretty sure that was the sort of thing an ex-husband should not say to his ex-wife, so he held it off, letting the words wither unspoken on his tongue.

He nodded his thanks for her opinion on the matter of Complex, whose absences were honestly what he was accustomed to; her presence was exciting, but it was also a little bit foreign. He had never really known how to be a father to her, only that when they were together, however brief, they were happy.

"Oh. Yes. That."

He laughed nervously and his mind scurried, trying to come to a sensible, reasonable answer to this. 'I died and came back' was not one he expected she would understand, and it was perfect for worrying her. He settled with the more accurate and somewhat reasonable,

"I sort of...Had to be a tree again for a little while...For my health...And it stuck when I got back."
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Sorry i am gonna have to end

Sorry i am gonna have to end the rp with Seed and Nemonica Sad im getting 2 busy!

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The fledgling did as he said,

The fledgling did as he said, moving after he spoke to settle in the water and take the willow bark, though chewing it puzzled him. He sort of moved it around in his beak, looking back up at him. Like that? Was he not supposed to swallow it?
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"Right. Just sort of grind

"Right. Just sort of grind bits of it away...It's not very good to swallow in a chunk, is the thing."

He explained. He could see it wasn't working very well...There was a lot of differences between his body and the body of the youngster he hadn't counted on. His face scrunched up with concern and frustration.

"Hmmm...Maybe if we ground it with a rock, it'd work better? Sorry, I'm not really experienced with medicine. But we could give that a try, if you'd find it easier to handle that way?"

((sorry...I kind of forgot about this for a bit.))
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[*Tracks* Hope you don't

[*Tracks* Hope you don't mind! I'm still developing my character, so I'm not ready to RP just yet. :)]
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Hello may I roleplay? ^^

Hello may I roleplay? ^^
Good comes to those who wait~

I'm always open to roleplay ^^
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((@ Arwym: It's

((@ Arwym: It's cool.

@CrazyOwl07 : Sure! I've got a scene-opener up-top, if you'd like to use that, or we can do whatever.))
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All right

All right ^^


A small brown fawn's ears flicked up and she ducked under the bushes as bees past the spot she had been out. She sighed thankfuly and poped out of the bushes and relized there was another deer hiding in a notso far away bushes aswell. He had her back to her, she slowly, and quitly walked up behind him. She said "I think there gone."
Good comes to those who wait~

I'm always open to roleplay ^^
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Seed poked his head out of

Seed poked his head out of the bushes. He stared after them with a curt expression. A little exasperated sigh escapes the green stag, and his shoulders slump. He says, kind of to her and kind of to no one,

"Oh, thank goodness. A stag should be allowed the dignity of not being pollinated without his consent, don't you think?"
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She smiled and said "I think

She smiled and said "I think so, though I don't know much about that subject yet." she and laughed "I wonder what you did to up set the poor things." She sat down for a moment, lookin at the unusally deer. He reminded her of someone but didn't know who.


BTW here is her bio ~ ^^
Good comes to those who wait~

I'm always open to roleplay ^^
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"I didn't upset them. They

"I didn't upset them. They just wanted to get pollen from me."

He shook his head, rustling the flowers that bloomed from his antler-branches. He chuckled, and his face wore a wry smile.

"They didn't expect their flowers to move...Oh, forgive me. I'm Seed."
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She smiled and said "Oh thats

She smiled and said "Oh thats all right Im Rosa." she looked up at his blooming branches and grined. "You remind me of someone? but I don't know who. Thought I do that this person made me smiled just like you do."
Good comes to those who wait~

I'm always open to roleplay ^^