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Want to RP with Seed? You've come to the right place! These scenes can be plot-driven, simple stand-alone moments, long, short, and anywhere in-between...Maybe even picture-driven RPs (Though I'll probably always try and reply with words because I'm bad at fast pictures ^^;) For my purposes, they are assumed to take place in The Endless Forest and are canonical to Seed's experiences, and are set on the day they begin or an unknown date in time.

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A figure darted through the woods. It was the figure of Seed, his wooden legs carrying him as fast as they could. Flowers drifted from his antlers as he panicked about the woods. The golden eyes of the tree-stag darted this way and that, looking for a release, bright against his panicked face. He didn't really care where he was running, running through trees without even a laugh or an apology, trailing dust and blue smoke. The little flowers and ferns on his mossy patch seemed strained to hold onto him, dangling loosely as he ran.
Why all this, you ask? Because following him, clearly more interested than enraged, was... a swarm of honeybees. They were intent and single-minded on catching him...But Seed had one last idea to confuse them. He dove into a bush and hid there, clearly present to any real observer.

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"I apologize," she said, "I

"I apologize," she said, "I did not mean to offend you. I suppose everyone loves peace." And she smiled at him.

When he began to tell his story, she listened with complete interest, enraptured by his tale. His story was sad, but it seemed to end happily for him as he got his wish. "To me, it seems it was meant to be," she said, but she was curious about something, "Could you not speak to the flowers?"
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It was just complicated. But

It was just complicated. But Seed didn't really get 'offended' by things. Well, most things, and certainly not this.
"No, you didn't offend me, I just --"

He paused at her second question, and gave it some thought. Not the yes/no question, which was fairly obvious, but the more subtle and interesting questions in that. For a while, he just looked upward through his own antler-branches, contemplating the purple blooms. Eventually, he remembered she was waiting.
"I'm afraid I can't... But I don't think it's because flowers -- well, free-standing flowers, or those a part of shrubberies, you know what I mean -- cannot speak in their own way. Many things, perhaps all things, here can. I have friends who understand koi and dragonflies, for example. But... It'd different from the way trees communicate. It's not even a matter of language, but...Perception, perhaps? The ways they communicate... Are likely just beyond my ability to perceive or understand."

He sighed and shook his head, apparently wishing that it wasn't so: well, of course he did. Knowledge, perspective...Those things were interesting to him. A certain distant look crept into his golden eyes, a little twitch of his mouth, as inside his mind, words began stirring. He 'hmm'ed, thinking of a recent event and the topic...He was clearly about to go into his own little world if no one stopped him.

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“Okay,” she said when he mentioned he wasn’t offended; she didn’t want to offend anyone by mistake. And when he answered her next question, she listened intently, taking in all that he said. “Ah, I see,” she said softly and watched him fall into his own thoughts. She smiled at the sight.
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Seed shifted, freeing a

Seed shifted, freeing a forehoof from underneath him, all the while moving his head and making odd little faces: furrowing and relaxing his brow, widening and narrowing his eyes, his mouth smirking in satisfaction or pursing in puzzlement. He hmmed, then scratched some pictogram-like glyphs from the local language, just a line's worth. He sat back and read what he'd written -- The syllables of surreptitious silken petals rustling -- And shook his head. At the peak of the shake, his eye caught her, and he realized that, oh, wait, he had not actually left this conversation.

He turned his head, embarrassed. He cleared his throat.
"Ah, my apologies."