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FANKS DANNII <3 updated some things and added Oz.


Eye Colour: Brown
Build: Interperet his size as you will. He's very barrel-chested, with slender legs. Antlers are huge and branching, having a few broken tines.
Face: Square jaw, crooked nose - he's not what you would call attractive, but he's got a very gentle look.
Voice: Christopher Lee, thank you very much.
Scars: A few on his neck, from Pan.
Personality (quite clipped): kind, intelligent, caring, wise
History: Born and raised in the Forest. Spent his life learning about the world he came into. Had a mate at one point, but she died, and he's been living in peace ever since.
Family: Tuna & Pan = adopted daughters; he's had various adopted family in the past, all mine.
Mate: Lieka. <33
-Is sloooowly losing his eyesight. D| His hearing too.
-Is very good with kids, but never wanted any biological ones. :U idk why.
-Likes birdsong a lot. n_n
-Doesn't usually get in the shallow end of the Lake at all, on account of his aching joints. YEAH HE DOESN'T GET IN THE DEEP END EITHER SMARTIES.
-In accordance with the above - damp weather makes him sore, and he doesn't usually go out in the rain.
-Being old, he can't move very fast, and tends to run in short bursts rather than long stretches.
-Usually, he doesn't mind being alone.
-He hardly ever appears in the Forest during rainstorms.
-He hardly ever takes off his mask, but underneath, he's got kind of a square-shaped face, and his eyes are brown.
-Enjoys long walks, alone or with company, but will lay down often just to observe.
-He's become more of a loner lately - he's sociable enough, but he doesn't go out seeking company.


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 100 lbs - emaciatingly thin, although it seems to have little influence over her life. Eating habits are a mystery.
Eye Colour: yellow-green. It's hard to tell, as her irises and pupils are almost points.
Hair Colour: fox orange.
Hair Style: Thick, and unkempt. It's curly as a rule, and falls in just about every direction. XD
Skin Tone: Very pale.
Face: Angled, with a pointed chin. Mouth is very wide, but lips are colorless. In deer form, the opening will split very wide when she is opening her mouth to smile or grin. Think Water Mirror mermaids. |D
Clothing: Pretty much anything. XD
Scars: A few, but they're pretty much invisible on her skintone.
Personality (quite clipped): Insane, anarchistic
History: Born in the forest as a sort of were-deer - she was completely normal at times, but had periods of mental issues. Aeros tried to raise her, but disowned her when she attacked him and fell into the pond, getting electrocuted and permanently destroying her mind.
Family: Tuna = half-sister, Aeros = adopted grandfather
Romance: ...lol. ACTUALLY YES. Never and her are mates, albeit in a very macabre fashion.
-When she talks, they're hardly conversations at all, actually. Mostly she just throws together a few random words with psychotic laughter. It's peppered with legible statements, but it's creepy to most. XD
-Despite the above, she does have moments of intelligent speech. It's rare, but she seems to be able to talk to Never/Tuna very normally.
-Most of the time, you might notice a slight twitch in her left wrist, or jumpiness of those fingers. A shot from a cop messed with the nerves in that arm, and every once in a while it acts up, to the point where her fingers are curling and the wrist is jerking uncontrollably.
-Pan has really...really long legs so she runs really fast. |D butlol it's how she gets away half the time. The other half is some crazy halfassed stunt that nearly kills everyone within 100 miles of the place. -cough-
-Her thought process is pretty much completely twisted. You'd go insane listening to what goes through her head. :B
-As a deer, she doesn't have a mask. Her mask has sunken into her skin as kind of permanent dye, leaving unique patterns on her face. Her eyes morphed from normal to small and completely black, like a shark's or doll's eyes.
-Besides ADD has like 4087046980567 other mental diagnoses that have been assigned to her, when she's really just N-N-N-NUCKING FUTSSSS.
-Will only stand completely still when I'm away or chatting, which is often. D|


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs - lanky, with a bit of muscle.
Eye Colour: Blue/green/gray
Hair Colour: Sandy blonde
Hair Style: Long bangs; hair is windswept and falls just above her shoulder blades. It's straight, but very full.
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Face: somewhat long, with a straight nose. Deep-set eyes that change (gray/green/blue). Attractiveness depends on opinion.
Voice: No, it's not Hooters. 8|
Scars: Many, the most concentrated on her stomach and back. The most prominent is a long, ropy curve inside her right thigh.
Tattoos: A fish skeleton on the back of her neck, only. Had one removed from her right shoulderblade.
Personality (quite clipped): Clever, Relaxed, Practical, Humorous
History: Stillborn of two whitetail deer - was taken to the forest by the Gods and adopted by Aeros. Introduced to the human world at 14, and grew up dividing her time between the two.
Family: Pan = half sister, Aeros = adoptive grandfather, George = adopted brother.
Romance: Been married once, and had only one relationship since then. Aside from that, she's been pining after someone for a while but she knows she doesn't have much of a shot. |D
-Doesn't have a specific age, but is estimated to be around 24.
-Despite her relaxed nature around friends, she's highly antisocial with people she doesn't know.
-She has reeeally keen vision. Like. REALLY. It's an easy task to pick out a face in the crowd, or to spot snipers on a roof. -COUGH- Her hearing's also really good.
-Smells like sea salt. cB No matter how many showers she takes. -shot-
-She has one holyfreakingshit weakness - someone's fingers going through her hair. :B She feels that and completely relaxes/goeslimp LOL.
-She's a very good boxer. :B She does it to relax. She also spends time at shooting ranges.
-LOLBEER. She has an insane alcohol tolerance level, but in the same, really bad hangovers. |D (It's a deer thing, I believe.)
-has a leg problem. The upper bone on her leg is oddly shaped thanks to a fracture, as are the muscles around it. It's not visible on the outside, but it makes things difficult sometimes.
-Plays the saxaphone and harmonica. SCOOOOORE. Guitars are so lame. : D
-Looks a hell of a lot like Naomi Watts, I've noticed. o_o
-Has a lot of weird connections. |D She's particularly fond of Trinket, Rut, and some others. More guy friends than girls. :U
-Isn't angry at Key for tossing their relationship, but is extremely pissed that he completely ditched her as a friend LOL.
-Flirts a hell of a lot, although she's usually just leading you on. |D Honestly, though, she does have real feelings, and sometimes they show up...
-Although she couldn't take her guns with her to Florida, once she got there, she bought a Glock 17 and a new Jericho 941. And when she moved to New York City, she took them with her. YEY. Don't bother asking about her skills in that area. :B
-Owns a cat, Lola. She had a vintage Chevy pickup until it cut out for no apparenty reason, and then disappeared. (Pan. don't ask.) She now owns Masque's old 1958 Mustang.
-Drinks 1-3 cans of Coke a day. Guilty pleasure. |D

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 199 lbs - powerfully built, with a lot of muscle mass.
Eye Colour: Dark brown, almost black.
Hair Colour: jet black
Hair Style: His bangs are shaggy, and his hair falls to his shoulder blades, although it's always tied up in a ponytail.
Skin Tone: Reasonably tan, thanks to a bit of Spanish heritage.
Face: Strong/square jaw, straight nose, and long chin. He's quite handsome. :B
Voice: Jesse L. Martin. : D
Scars: One on the side of his right wrist.
Personality (quite clipped): Easygoing, sweet, charismatic
History: His mother was a Forest deer, but immediately after he was born she brought them to the real world, and lived in poverty for years. After battling heroin addiction caused by his mother's death, he met Tuna, who took him back to the Forest.
Family: Dead.
Romance: He's bisexual, and he's only ever dated a few people - he would make a fantastic significant other, mind you. :B He's very sweet and caring.
-Although he's huge and muscly, he's a big softie, preferring flight to fight.
-...that being said, he can kick some srs ass. LOL.
-He's very intellectual and intelligent, and he works as a highschool chemistry teacher.
-He has a flat-coated retriever named Molly.
-Tuna is really his only friend, but he loves meeting new people, and he's very good at socializing.
-He grew up on the streets of Chicago, making him very city-wise.
-Was very close to his mother. She had her own problems, but she loved him, and her death affected him hugely.
-He was heavily addicted to heroin from the time he was sixteen to twenty-two. Because of this, he has heart and lung problems, but he does his best to cope.
-He lives in an apartment in the SoHo district of New York City.
-Is rather awkward around deer since they're...deer. LOL. However, he wants to meet new friends, and so will warm up rather quickly if you show him it's alright. c8
-Sings in church HAHA HA HA. Voice is deep bass. :U
-Doesn't own a car thank to the crowded city streets. He prefers to walk or take the subway. He does tend to stand out on the street. XD
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I dont get you. is this true

I dont get you. is this true or sumthin?


*Click Us!*
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Aeros is one of Fayne's

Aeros is one of Fayne's deer. These are facts about human-Aeros.

The Dragonfly Deer's Biography
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A+ MY CHILD I had to type it


I had to type it realistically because I was in class and my friends were like lol wut r u doin so. |D
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(Hai this is Rowan :3) The

(Hai this is Rowan :3)

The other day in class, some girl behind me had a seizure.
It upset me so bad that my whole arm twitched exactly like that.
It was so weird. XD;;


Don't stop chasing dreams
Because failure is on your heels...

Don't stop chasing dreams
Because failure is on your heels...
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Anywayslol that sounds upsetting but epic at the same time. |D -fails-
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Raping her way through drama since '07.
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SURELOL ~~~ Bios

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-she smells like sea salt.

-she smells like sea salt. cB No matter how many showers she takes. -shot-

Lol, better than smelling like fish XDD

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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...lol don't even plant the

...lol don't even plant the suggestion. XD FAHAHA THIS'LL BE FLOODED WITH FISH NOW.
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-snortlols- WILLY WONKA.

-snortlols- WILLY WONKA. WILLY WONKA. THEAMAZINGCHOCOLATIER. heeheeheehee HA HA HA HA ho ho ho ho cB <3
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c8 cB CB ~~~ Bios

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Yaaaaay Faynedeers. You

Yaaaaay Faynedeers.

You know what? I keep on having thoughts about my deers, and going, 'Ooh, must remember to add that to the Bio's when I FINALLY GET ROUND TO IT.'

Andobviously. That doesn't work.

I like this format. I might make one, and just randomly add to it as I think of them.
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DOIIIIT -+- Bios

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Bale: c; Heyluv. -leans

Bale: c; Heyluv. -leans on- How're your bruises healing? -gingerly touches bruise on his elbow-
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Mostly good. :U My leg's

Mostly good. :U My leg's been hurting a lot more than usual though. Damn physical therapy. >:| -lapsit-
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Bale: -epicconcernedface-

Bale: -epicconcernedface- Your medications aren't helping? -puts arms around and holds close-

Bale is such a dork, lol.
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-died a little bit- ffffff.

-died a little bit-

ffffff. No. -squirm- u smell gud. cB