One sheep over the fence (Featuring Nidhem)

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From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

One sheep over the fence
Featuring Kallonate's Nidhem

The lambs plant their memories
Of hopping over the fence
For those who cannot sleep
On nights loud and tense

But not every planter of dreams
Is wooly lamb or sheep
Many are Forest deer here
Who themselves cannot sleep

Nidhem walked carefully
Past restless stags and does
And with a whisper in their ear
They slumber through their woes

They never hear him coming
On three hooves he walks
And his voice is much like the gods'
Strong and powerful words he talks

The stag does his job well
As he makes sure none stay awake
The Twin Gods know the importance of sleep
So insomnia is never at stake

Though Nidhem knew his sacrifice
There was a price for this flight
For as others fell asleep around him
He would not sleep this night

The stag found the last restless deer
And nipped his ear with the words
"One sheep over the fence"
It was all that needed to be heard

The Forest slumbered thanks to him
Every deer but him slept now
So Nidhem sighed and went to the Pond
And sat quietly in the shallow

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep
But his mind was full of clutter
He couldn't keep his thoughts still
Almost like a hummingbird's flutter

But he had one last thought
And it broke the spell
He thought of a deer hopping a fence
And fell asleep quite well

So the moral of this tale
Is that no sacrifice is ignored
For every gift given away
Even greater is the reward
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Beautiful poem! Love your

Beautiful poem! Love your writing Laughing out loud
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These are always fun to

These are always fun to write, they're much like a puzzle to put together because sometimes you can't find a word that rhymes with the word you've picked, so you have to rearrange the line and pick different words until something works.

Thanks for the comment XD
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Ahhh oh my, this is just

Ahhh oh my, this is just great 8I You're really talented and great at picking on character traits into your writing. This is really fitting for him.
Especially loving the end. Just great.

Thank you so much for this. ♥
Totally inspiring for me too.
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Hehe I'm glad you liked it, I

Hehe I'm glad you liked it, I pretty much get all my info from the character's biography, so the more there is to know, the better. It's always pretty fun coming up with a story to fit the character too Eye