Old Oak Uke (Save The Forest Reward [Officially open!])

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Want a little song on the ukulele? Just send me a screenshot of your donation to ToT to cdpocase@live.com and if you had a preference as to which deer I got inspiration from! You can also post up your screenshot here, just make sure to censor your personal info like your address and whatnot.

Any donation is just fine, including subscriptions.


To-do list -


Want one? Get me your receipt from ToT and I'll make one for ya!


So yeah...I'm learning the ukulele, and thought I'd give this a try. Since we're trying to come up with ideas for rewards for donating to Tale of Tales...well...

What would y'all think about a little 1-minute or so 'song' for those who donate a certain amount? Just keep in mind that I've only been playing it for about a month, so there will be mistakes, but pretty much...I'll try to come up with a little something based on your character.

Here's a few examples...when I do the real ones, I'll be sure to wear better clothes and maybe a funny hat or something I dunno X3

Is anyone interested? I guess the best thing would be to take a screenshot of your receipt to ToT (make sure to censor your address and any other personal info if you do), and send it to me or post it here or something. I don't know what price to say though...I keep thinking maybe a $10 donation but I may say $5 instead. Of course any ideas on this are greatly appreciated.


Below are the songs I've made.

Aivilo's Rire



I love how these actually fit

I love how these actually fit in with TEF's other music.
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Lovely! What a nice

Lovely! What a nice idea.
Looking forward to seeing more from you. c: Keep at it!

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what a fantastic idea! Thank

what a fantastic idea!
Thank you for doing this Quad ♥
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♥ Love it to pieces,

Love it to pieces, totally made my night, Quad~
I almost choked on a cracker, rofl

Kickass reward.

Kickass reward.
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Thanks for the support guys!

Thanks for the support guys! The next time I'll be able to make some more of these will be Thursday afternoon on, since I'm at a hotel as of now, so yeah...if anyone wants one, and you got a screenshot of your receipt from M&A, feel free to shoot me an email at (and if you had a certain deer you wanted me to get some inspiration from)

Also I decided I'm wearing a different hat on each one. I have so many hats!
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I hope to hear more of these

I hope to hear more of these Quad.

I don't strive to be the best, but instead I strive to do my best, and always give it my all every time.
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This is wonderful! Do you

This is wonderful! Do you mind if I include your service in the Save The Forest donation hub?
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WOAHHOAH Another ukulele

Another ukulele player?
Howdy *tips musical hat*
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I really like these, So calm

I really like these, So calm and positive.
Really good to up someones mood! ´v´
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Agree with Jin, surprising

Agree with Jin, surprising how well it fits TEF. Awesome and cute idea
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Unplugged - Absolutely! Feel

Unplugged - Absolutely! Feel free to add it up!

Chromai - hehe I'm a new player though, only had the uke for about a month but I love strumming on it. I want to get those aquilo strings for it soon though. I've heard they're pretty awesome


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Verdy and Sylvan added

Verdy and Sylvan added
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Hello Quad ...Nice idea!!

Hello Quad ...Nice idea!!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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@quad Well, you're certainly

Well, you're certainly coming on! I've had an ol' blue Brunswick for about a year and a half, but recently I got a lovely electro acoustic Kala.
If your budget allows... x3
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Shooting you an email now!

Shooting you an email now! These are great 8D
I'm personally just starting to learn guitar so...sorta similar
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@Freyja - Got you on the list

@Freyja - Got you on the list XD. Give me a few days, I'm out of town again at one of my landfills.

And I think I have the perfect hat for you too
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Ooooh tracking ! I love how

Ooooh tracking ! I love how these songs fit with the atmosphere of the forest, great job !

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Just listened through these

Just listened through these and really enjoyed it. What a lovely idea.
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Thanks for all the support

Thanks for all the support guys! I still have plenty of hats to wear so if you've donated or subscribed for ToT, let me know and I'll make one for you as well!

I plan to get Freyja's done over the weekend since I plan to just...chill over the weekend haha