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03/06/2004 - 06/02/2017
Twelve years of age.

Mate. Father. Brother. Friend.
Embodiment of nature.
Representative of the heart.
Forever beloved.

Rest well, my sweet hart.

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We'll keep an eye out for him

We'll keep an eye out for him then ~
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Boop &heart;

Boop &heart;
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" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

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oh my gooood ?

oh my gooood ♥
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Hai c:

Hai c:
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paps this

paps this
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&hearts;! Hnn

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Thank you so much for the interest guys! It really means a lot to me, very heartfelt!

Onto a bit of business here though...
Jin and I have been RPing for months prior to this 'return', and have been discussing this for some time too. I'm gonna clarify incase it's unclear that The Red will not be living in TEF as though it's his home, but he will be visiting from time to time!
For The Red to be possible, an alternate timeline of him was created via interruption of the portals, and all sorts of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff... His development has gone a different route as a result, and I think his character has greatly benefited and improved.

At the moment he's suffering from a bullet wound to the shoulder, which is his motivation to return for the time being. I'd very much love it if anyone could try and get as much of the bullet out as possible to help him recover! I hope this is a good opportunity for characters to be developed, aswell as my own. Possibly rekindle some old damaged relationships if anyone's up for it.

I can't predict my ingame times at the moment as Jin is with me irl. So it might be better for people to drop in a RP post for me to respond to ASAP! Atm he's in the birch forest, but I bet Saosin's presence would be a dead giveaway to where he's located!
Don't be afraid to approach. It's all good! <3

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Eyyyo! Nice to see him again

Eyyyo! Nice to see him again <3
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My thanks to Jin, too. Virgil is very beloved here.
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Gonna try and drop off a post

Gonna try and drop off a post soon. Lacie's not totally sure what could happen, but she's not going to let him stay hurt. (:
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I'm so glad he isn't dead

I'm so glad he isn't dead anymore. Normally I take issue with bringing back the dead, but it felt like part of you was too. He's different.
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Honored you all think so,

Honored you all think so, truly!

Lacie > Kauna has already begun seeking stuff out to help him. But that's not to say we don't want to see Lacie around again! I really look forward to your post. Laughing out loud

Hum > You get it, you really do. I'm grateful for that, thank you so much. <3

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Tracking! My Rune is quite

Tracking! My Rune is quite fascinated with him.
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Soo nice to see this up

Soo nice to see this up again. ♥
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Gonna let Lace sleep since

Gonna let Lace sleep since I'm just home for dinner, but that was a really nice surprise to see you there. Thank you so much. ♥
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(lmao oh god I was not

(lmao oh god I was not expecting to write this much, I'm so sorry. ;__; I can try and downsize it later if you want. Don't feel like you have to match me if you reply, hell just one sentence is plenty fakfkda)


No one truly stays dead when they are a resident of the Endless Forest. Lacie had learned that early on in her life, though it still remained as a surprise when the dead returned as live individuals.

Over time however, it became a mundane fact. The "novelty" of the dead returning, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, was an all too occurring reality. It might not have made the sting of loss hurt any less, but it made their return not quite as exciting either.

Still, there were exceptions to everything.

There were some that gave the impression of leaving for good, no matter that tiny "promise" of return. When she first heard the news, instead of calmly, coolly, accepting it (As per usual for her in present day.), she had found herself pacing around the Blue Bowl. Her jittery steps paid no mind to the poor hyacinths being trampled over and over again beneath her, and her heart was beating hard against her chest.

Suffice to say, she didn't know what the hell to do. What to think. What to feel.

Excited was certainly one thing. Anxious, perhaps fearful as well? There was happiness there too.

After was seemed like forever, she finally stepped out of the thick brush, hurriedly moving towards the hill. Red Hill. As she approached closer, there was no mistaking the scent. The musk of an aged hart (Another scent, reminiscent of sea breeze, intermingled with it. Lacie seemed to perk up more, knowing its owner.), though something as off. There was a familiar, semi sweet smell of iron, and she briefly paused, realizing what it was. Continuing on, she finally skidded to a stop as the top of the hill came into view.

And, of course, there he was, his companion with him as well.

Virgil? Saosin?

There was no mistaking their features, their scents, the way they carried themselves. Faces long lost to time, and in Virgil's case, death, standing as if they had never left.

But instead of gawking, Lacie was immediately drawn to the site of blood dripping down Virgil's shoulder. The wound looked open, however, as if whatever had been inside of it was removed. Had he been shot? It was the only clear conclusion she could come to.

Funny, funny, how things like that happen.

She stepped closer, stopping at the bottom of the hill. Her bow was shaky, hardly elegant, as if her bones were feeble and unable to hold her. Been a long time since she needed to greet someone. She briefly joked to herself about how old she felt, and how old she probably was. How long had she even been in the Forest? She had lost track, really.

Do you need help, sir? Trying to keep her voice steady, though it was clear she was having difficulty with doing so. Would he even remember her? How did he even come back? Where had he been? So many questions, but his injury was more important.

Better to play cautious and speak as if they were strangers. Didn't stop the slight sting in her chest, either way.
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For the first time in many

For the first time in many many moons, the Red Hill smelt of a nostalgic musk. But it is not a musk that claimed ownership; it never was. It is the scent of someone reminding this world that Red Hill is, and will always be a neutral place for all to enjoy.

Days have passed since The Red made his return to the forest. Most days have been spent in hiding under the guard of his equal. Despite the time he's been around, it is only today that the time faded scent was replaced. It would seem as though there was a sort of reluctance, but finally he overcame it.

This was hours ago now.

The Red spent most of the day asleep beneath his favoured tree. The body required time to heal, especially after the bullet-wound was reopened by Kauna and Saosin. Fortunately their removal of the bullet and its lingering fragments was a success.

By the evening, the arrival of hoof-beats below caused the wild hart's ears to twitch, and awaken The Red from his slumber. Years back in his homeland has made the wild stag notably more sensitive to the smallest details. Scents, sounds, even a sort of sixth sense that allowed The Red to just know. He's very aware of his surroundings; it's imperative to his survival.

The names of himself and the Inferno are called by a voice unheard for a long time. A memory stored deep within his mind reemerged now that it is once again relevant. Lacie. It causes the wild stag to raise his head and look for her. At first, unsuccessfully, but he did see that his Equal nearby has spotted her, and so used Saosin's line of sight. The Red rose up slowly and there she was, at the bottom of the hill. An old sight to behold, but recognized nonetheless.

But being a stag of so few words these days, he greets instead of answering her question. "Hello Lacie." He says with a voice rustier than his youth. He is now an aged stag, nearing the tail-end of his prime, but not past his finest days yet.

-jins reply is coming-

The Inferno stood at the peak

The Inferno stood at the peak of the hill. Tall tines pierced the twilit skyline above, and windswept, his mane appeared as if aflame in the light. Slowly, his tattered ears perked up at the sight of the familiar form, steam flowing out of the hollows of his skull as he let out a warm sigh, awaiting her. Seeming very pleased at the visit. 'Evening.' He greeted her along with his Equal. 'I assure you he's quite fine.' He answered her, knowing the Red is an even sparser talker than himself. 'All is well.' He reassured her, perhaps referring to more than just his health this time. His intensely turquoise eyes never strayed from hers.
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*scratches between his

*scratches between his antlers* c:
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(Shhh I know it's not on the

(Shhh I know it's not on the top of the head.. or a stag... but it was the only thing I could find! OTL)

I guess I should track this

I guess I should track this c; It's a pleasure meeting Virgil! ♥

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Aye, it's a pleasure meeting

Aye, it's a pleasure meeting your miss too. <3 Hope you and your lady don't mind him being a lazybum!

We don't mind at all haha!

We don't mind at all haha! She spends most of her time lounging around c:

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Glad we're not boring you

Glad we're not boring you then! c:

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Initial reaction. Eeeeee so

Initial reaction.

Eeeeee so glad Virgil is back to visit. <3
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Echosong: ... ajfgkhk... Holy

Echosong: ... ajfgkhk... Holy shit man, that's such a wonderful surprise! Wow, I'm honored! ;; Awww Rune looks like such a cutie. We should hang out again! Laughing out loud

Kate: HAHAHA wow! Aaa, it's been a lot of fun playing him again, big relief too!

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The sound of her name from

The sound of her name from his muzzle brought a sense of immense relief. She hadn't been forgotten. It was more than comforting.

His lack of an answer was both a little frustrating, but so like him, that it didn't bother her too much.

Feeling Saosin's eyes on her, she turned to return the stare. Even then, a part of her was unnerved - he always seemed to look straight through everyone - but she never wavered. That was like him, and she smiled a little at the thought. Some things never change.

Feeling a little more comfortable, she slowly climbed up the hill, watching the both of them for any sign that she was to stop. As she climbed, she spoke again.

I smelled blood before. She said plainly, not arguing the Inferno's words, simply sharing her view. And perhaps I'm still finding all this hard to believe.

She paused halfway up, as if contemplating. She laughed quietly. I feel old, seeing you two here. But it's a good feeling. A tiny smile pinched up the corners of her mouth. You've been missed.

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It has been a long time since

It has been a long time since the Red laid eyes on Lacie; years have passed for him, and surely for her too. He considers it a quiet honor to see her again after so long. As she ascends up the hill, the Red turns to expose his flank - in doing so, he reveals the scabbing bullet wound on his shoulder. The Red trusts her enough not to exploit his weakened condition, therefore felt comfortable enough to answer her observation through physical communication.

Before long, he stepped forward a little closer to the lady, lowering his head as he stands at the edge of the hill. He hopes to encourage her to join them. "As have you. I am happy to see you again."

I have missed you.

I have missed you. <3 it's really nice to see him return c:
"Hello, my dear friend."

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Aaah Nopje

Aaah Nopje <3 Hey there, missed you too! Good to see you.

Gonna set this reply to a separate time from Lacies rp. c: To the present!
He had heard her delicate steps before her darkened frame came into view. As she approached, The Red raised his head from where he laid - beneath the tree ontop of Red Hill.

If his face allowed it, the old hart would surely be smiling warmly. Instead he tilted his head ever so slightly away to welcome Waarhijd into his company. "Hello, Waarhijd." He says.

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- Nice to see him around

- Nice to see him around again. ^^

The Butterfly doe smiled

The Butterfly doe smiled slightly. She couldn't believe it. A wave of warmth surrounded her heart whole, as she gently made her way towards him. She felt quite emotional, but hid it well. "I have missed you." She said softly, as she sat down next to him. She glared at his face, still smiling. "It feels so good to see you back. You have no idea." She truthfully spoke, but it was true. She remembered everyone who left, and missed them, too. "How have you been?" She asked.
Likewise <3 How have you been? c:

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She flinched at the site of

She flinched at the site of the wound. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she would always remember her own experiences with bullets and guns and people.

Yet, despite that...

She shook her head, her smile returning, just a little wider. She began to walk up the hill again, realizing his intent. Finally reaching the top, her gaze drifted between both stags.

The kind of words that make my day. She said openly, just a small thing to release from her heart. How've you both been, aside from the run in with the bullet?

It had been a long time since the hill's view didn't feel so empty.


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Thankyou :c but I didn't...

Thankyou :c but I didn't... so I updated it a little sorry not sorry
I imagine the story behind this is that Sao gave him a swagtastic makeover

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oh my god

oh my god
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Jess: I saw that picture, and

Jess: I saw that picture, and saved it! Laughing out loud Dunno why you removed the link though, it's absolutely gorgeous! Like damn you've improved so much, the fur texture... You should be very proud of yourself! Smiling Thank you sooo much. <3
+ ... dajfrgkhglfuck HAHAHA hOLY SHIT. I bet he would too, omfg that's hilarious!

Nopje: I've been amazing, thank you! This year has treated me very well. How are you? Smiling

The Red's ears pricked as he reached over to touch his nose against her shoulder. This is how he greets; few words need be said as actions - however subtle - speak far louder. The wild Hart relaxes beside Waarhijd.

The stag chuckles softly. "Times have been better." He states, afterall the aliment on his shoulder still produces a constant ache. It's not unbearable though; The Red is still strong.

He looks at the Butterfly Doe expectantly then, as if to ask how she has been.


Lacie: I'll reply soon, after Jin stops being a lazybutt and makes her reply. Help me nag her! >:B

The veteran stepped forward

The veteran stepped forward to meet the female, near enough to gently graze his shoulder along hers, to take a whiff. Then, tines sprawled out above her, he raised his masked head as he answered the question. 'Well enough.' It was genuine, for in his time he had seen much hardships, and the return of his oldest foe and treasured friend was nothing the stag took for granted.

Shut up, Vee. My muse is just shite sometimes. -Frown-
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As the Inferno speaks, the

As the Inferno speaks, the Red raises his head in agreement of his rival's words. Well enough will do just fine as an answer from the old Hart. He could be much better of course, but only time will heal the numbing pain that has overcome his shoulder.

The Red is fortunate to know of the Endless Forest. By simply by being in this world his aliment is healing at a much greater rate than it would have back in Scotland. The smaller stag doesn't doubt that had he stayed outside, he would not have recovered.

With a gentle turn of his ear, the wild Hart stepped a little away from Lacie and the Inferno. He settles down beneath his favourite tree and watches, inviting them to join him should they wish.


6th August.

Just a heads up that Jin and I will be afk for a few days, so our replies will be a lil late!