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Physical: 95% 5vr fat as fudge but otherwise healthy. / Mental: 100% Mentally okay. / Emotional: 99% Slightly hormonal, effecting his outlook on others. Extreme desire for proximity with others, doesn't want to be alone. Herding urges.

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    Do I win the award for keeping rut information the longest after the rut lmao do I.

    [1/12/2016 9:33:44 PM] JoKa: but lazzzzzz
    [1/12/2016 9:35:20 PM] Jinglebell Jackalope ?: WHEE-HEE-hork-HEE-HEE-HINNY
    [1/12/2016 9:35:31 PM] Jinglebell Jackalope ?: SMELLS UR BREF
    [1/12/2016 9:35:39 PM] Jinglebell Jackalope ?: WHIIIIIINNY IN UR FACE
    [1/12/2016 9:36:11 PM] JoKa: bro
    [1/12/2016 9:36:12 PM] JoKa: its wet
    [1/12/2016 9:36:31 PM] Jinglebell Jackalope ?: sniff face more
    YES IT IS omg i am really sick of it already

    Further Previous Updates.

Lazarus [[Laz-Ah-Russ]]
Title: The Counselor.
Picto: Woodpecker
Gender: 100% Male.
Age: 36
Orientation: Closet Homo.
Species: Koratl (Human faced Horse)
Size: Click!

Voice: #CC0000
Scent: Worn leather and spices, faintly like a fragrant, exotic tobacco.
Trinkets/ETC: N/A.


Set: Owl Mask, Noh Antlers, Sp. Beluga Pelt.

Lazarus is a horse-bodied creature of a substantial size, towering over most deer in the forest that are not the size of the irish elk or moose. Skinny long legs would roughly place his breed near to a thoroughbred or hunter. Dark-skinned face with a brilliant red moustache and mohawk that extends down his back to a fluffy, curled, canine-ish tail. Lazarus is however, overweight, it only becomes very apparent when he lies down. [[Scroll down!]]

His nose is pierced on his right side, and so are both of his ears and lower lip, but they have no jewelry/studs in them, as if something was there but isn't any longer. Has the light stains of body paint upon his fur, from years of use they have dyed his fur in certain patches.



Typically None-aggressive - Pacifist - Intelligent - Persuasive - Patient - Extroverted - Honest (usually) - Inventive - Loyal


Cowardly - Controlling - Egotistical - Headstrong - Sheep (follower) - Blunt - Sexist - Lazy/Overweight - Glutton - Serious/Not-Playful

[[ Always a WIP ]]

(o) Herding instinct, wants to be around large groups but often too cowardly to actually start interactions. Won't hesitate to sit with lone strangers if they are not scary in appearance and don't mind/notice his company.

(o) Fluctuates between being totally none paternal and extremely paternal. Will guard fawns/foals and chase away predators and happily allow them within his herd, and sometimes ignore them completely and sometimes headbutt them away.

(o) Prefers does over stags for company, but prefers any gender of horse over a deer.

(o) Heavy Brazilian Portuguese accent, don't ask why.

(o) A very good swimmer, likes swimming and often when wanting to think or reflect on things, will swim or wade out into water for the peace.

(o) Obsessively denies his homosexuality, sometimes without good reason to deny it will continue to do so. To which there is a reason, but he will rarely share it.

(o) Friendships are extremely important to the stallion, both from his instincts as a herd animal and his upbringing. Must maintain and keep bonds as strong as possible with gifts and attention, easily grows stressed or anxious from missing friends or being unable to please them.

(o) A fairly sexual being, but represses it since he won't usually express interest in males. Can still sometimes be seen checkin out the man booty tho.

(o) Sexist only in the way that he sees females as weaker physically, and that their "emotional state"-'s are not to be desired. They are wily, tricky and devious. However Lazarus is fully capable of making friends with, trusting and bonding with a female character with time without any of these views being mentioned, but may never shake his opinion on them.

(o) ItS SO HARD TO TRY AND WORD THIS WITHOUT GIVING TOO MUCH AWAY but always tries to subtly put himself in charge, instantly leeches up compliments and anyone submitting to him. Still cowardly and sheep-y though, wont outright challenge anyone.

(o) Gains feral traits when anyone "brings the horse out in him", such as being around other horses or rough-housing with bigger deer. Genuinely enjoys being with others he doesn't have to be delicate with or look down at but it usually over-excites him into "AM STALLION HEAR MY NEIGH" mode.



Thorne: - BESTIE BESTEST - A positive acquaintance, now close friends and the closest thing Lazarus has to a BFF. Used to be afraid of him but since the episode with his eye, felt like he saw a hint of the weaker side to him. Respects and will protect his friend. Support system, and relies on very much so as an anchor point. After their 'friendship break up' has tried relentlessly to build back to where they were to the point of being doubly more affectionate and clingy. Trusts him.

Yrona: - Friend - A positive acquaintance, enjoys her company as she softens the longing to return home. Will happily let her accompany him or will seek her out whenever he wishes and finds it appropriate to do so. Hasn't seen in a while, but when he does see her she is greeted as if she had never left.

Rose: - Friend - Positive acquaintance, appreciated her help with the monsters in his first few months and thus sees her as, although a cat and something that triggers his instincts to fight/flight, she is alright. See's her as part of his herd, adept one that likes to wander off a lot and do things at her own pace. Thankful for her returning presence and now that shes settled down around him, genuinely enjoys her company. Hasn't seen in a while, come to the conclusion she's left to do feline activities, misses her company but regards her choice as wise.

Decha: - Special Friend - A positive acquaintance, invokes a feeling of trust and equality with the strange hermaphrodite. May have done the boinky boinky with which was great tbh. They care for him physically in many ways, so Lazarus does them the same honor. Hasn't seen in a while, unaware the other no longer visits the forest. Sort of misses, but then again, sort of doesn't.

OldMan: - Friend - A positive acquaintance, highly enjoys his quiet company. Will always try to find and sit with, owes a great deal to the smaller male even if it doesn't seem like much, for making him feel safer and for helping in scuffles and situations the big fat horse would have fled. Gives him the fluffies in his heartbox. Worries about constantly. Hasn't seen in a while, its a sore topic.

Lycaon/Chubbs: - UHHHH - God how to explain this when Lazarus is so hard for even me to control/decipher. Thinks of the small dog as a claim? Hoarded him in the rut so even though he doesn't actively flirt with him (not yet anywAY) the canine matters to him a great deal. Must always seek out for sits unless Thorne is around and then he can double homo. Is aware that the dog chooses everyone elses company over his, to which he is bitter of, and thus hasn't seen in a while.

Skuller: - Fading - A positive acquaintance, thinks the stag very amusing and a good companion to seek out. Even though Lazarus doesn't actually join in the games, finds his high energy levels refreshing. Hasn't seen in a long time.

Ariana: - Fading - Once positive acquaintance, now rarely sees the little doe. Doesn't really mind, shes probably got better/other things to do nowadays. Still holds good regards for her. She rarely occurs to him, and probably wouldn't recognize her. Unaware she departed from the forest.

Madian, Sheba, Tiam, S'vone and Felice: - Family - A positive group, Father, Mother, Younger brother and twin younger sisters. loves them all dearly and holds them close to his heart. Father is deceased, Mother is aging, lost contact with his surviving family when he had to leave his tribe.


- A presence that seems to come with OldMan - Truthfully neither a negative nor positive creature for him and it fluctuates between polite curiosity to slight disgust. Only in this section because he does not trust the female at all, black being the colour of death and birds being the eaters of the dead (and thus unclean) for the Koratl. Calls her Bird and probably won't address her as anything else. Tolerates her for OldMan's sake, doesn't want to cause a fuss for him.

Adaeze: - Just met - Another horse-body like him. Brings out his feral side and will willingly romp with and chase/snake around. The only figure Lazarus actively tries to dominate and claim. May have not-so-secretly mated with but hE SAID NO HOMO SO ITS OK. Forced himself to nip the bond with him in the bud to avoid accidents like last time. Blames for the friendship break-up with Thorne because dammit if Laz will take the blame for his own fuck ups.

Eleanor: - Occasional Occurrence - Negative. Thinks of her as horrid, feral, aggressive and rude, all the things he abhors, she took Thorne away with her feminine ways much to Lazarus' dismay. Can't he see that she is a terrible creature? Doesn't know what to do about, so for the most part avoids completely and wishes she'd give him the same decency.

Ractera/"She-Beast" & Minion: - Met Twice - Extremely negative, doesn't like them being even within eye-shot. Will avoid, run away from when alone or challenge when with his herd. Despises.

Kyrian/"Fireface": - Ouch - Dislikes, distrusts. Was chased by on two occasions where Lazarus' love of water saved him eventually, has learnt to stay well away from Kyrian, his mare and generally his aura.

Unathi/"Fireface's Mare": - Passive/wary - Dislikes, distrusts. No real hatred of her as she has done nothing but happen to belong to Kyrian and thus he will stay well away from her.

Art & Etc

By Cradlecap
By Wake
By Soliloquy
By Arktoss
By Tuoho



[o] Because he is so tall, Lazarus may not notice mini fawns. Don't blame this as ignorance. He is also not to blame if he trods on the little fawn ;;

[o] Does not make deer noises, only horse noises, such as snorts, whinnies and neighs.

[o] Subject to the same instincts as a regular horse would be, but muted a little. Still has a desire to herd, to guard from other stallions, and a strong natural fight/flight.

[o] Can only fight by rearing and kicking (turning away, followed by a leap). Aggressive/showing "antlers" is headbutting and is actually fairly mild.

[o] So desperate for companionship when alone will sit uninvited with others or follow them around a little, but can easily be told to get lost by shaking head or acting in any way violent.

[o] Because Lazarus is so large (and fat) he doesn't bow fully unless its someone who deserves his utmost respect and submission. But it takes him a few moments to get back up.

[o] Usually doesn't play. It just doesn't interest him due to his serious nature and besides, he's too fat.

[o] Will leave/avoid social situations where he feels like he's intruding. This makes it really awkward for Jack because he will leave situations when another deer joins the deer he's sat with if he thinks he can see a connection between them.

[o] This includes being invited to play when there's a crowd. He feels like he's intruding.

[o] Likes to feed the fish in the pond while waded out there.

[o] Jacklo cannot use hotkeys and has a poor connection, so please don't be concerned if some actions seem a little delayed or he misses some cues.

Interaction Guide

. Pawing, Nod - Its alright, come here (or alternatively when in close company: This place is safe)

. Listen, shake, walk around, listen - Guarding, acting as a herd protector. He can often be noticed doing this when with company.

. Leaping around, constantly trying to stand close behind, shock/aggressive (mix) - Snaking, trying to drive another either away from someone/someplace or just trying to round them up with usually a sexual or heavily instinctive fueled action.

. Rearing - Kicking at with forehooves. Alternatively a threatening display of "Look how big and dangerous I am". This is an effort because Lazarus is fat.

. Leaning butt against tree, shake - Peeing/peed. A scent marker and because he has the bladder of a pea.

. Pawing/Taunt over and over - Trampling, either squishing something up or making a comfy little flat patch to sleep in.

. Aggression/sad or Sad/curious - Looking down/eating. Usually followed or following the above.

Character belongs to Jacklo, contact Jacklo via his tumblr or skype: JackloJackalope
Lazarus is in character 100% of the time.
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*Sits.* o3o

*Sits.* o3o
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*gets comfy*

*gets comfy*
Sigi by Wake

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Oh hello there.

Oh hello there.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
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icon from mortgraphics.
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Putting a track here. n_n My

Putting a track here. n_n
My character's personality isn't fleshed out yet, but she certainly appreciate the company of Lazarus. c:
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Aa thank you ;3; he enjoys

Aa thank you ;3;
he enjoys her company very much too, being that she is the only "horse" creature he's seen so far and it makes him miss his homeland a little less, I'd love to see more of her though <33

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Awh, that is nice to hear,

Awh, that is nice to hear, she'll definitely be around more. n_n

He was actually painting. We

He was actually painting. We both appreciate Lazarus company aswell yours.
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Track. c: Thanks for the

Track. c: Thanks for the company! Hope to see him again soon! <3
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@Kez My bad, I corrected that

@Kez My bad, I corrected that for you <33 And its great to actually talk to you wweh I love your character he's so nice 8w8

@Farelia Same! Your characters are always so pretty aaa <33

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Silly you haha. You may come

Silly you haha. You may come and go as you please, we don't mind.
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Erf, how didn't I see this?

Erf, how didn't I see this? :3

Injuries have been treated

Injuries have been treated with medicine, no need to go along if desired.
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*Aggressively draws fanart

*Aggressively draws fanart for you*

You should totally make a thread bio for me to stalk though wweh.

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Oh i'm flattered...I will one

Oh i'm flattered...I will one of these days.
Really amazing art you did, it means a lot. Thank you.
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Dat mooshtash Track! I

Dat mooshtash

Track! I don`t think I`ve ever seen a human faced horse before on this site c:
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~

Ariana's glad she found you.

Ariana's glad she found you. ;u; She was limping along after Laz though, because she was attacked. Poor girl.
by Niriya and SoliloquyChryseis♥
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Yeah he heard the scuffling

Yeah he heard the scuffling and went over to see if she was okay, but she confused him and he thought she was trying to tell him to back off which is why he sort of ran away xD

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She was like, "No, come back!

She was like, "No, come back! ;u;" When he did that. xD
by Niriya and SoliloquyChryseis♥

I keep seeing this guy

I keep seeing this guy around! Yup, Skuller met him the other day... I'm sure they will bump into each other again at some point, too.

*strokes his moustache*
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dat stash

dat stash <3
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O u gais

O u gais <33

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Tracking. B)

Tracking. B)

Hahahaha ¦D Love the updates.

Hahahaha ¦D Love the updates. This guy's amusing without even trying to be.


Tracking! Smiling
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TthhhhhaaaNNK. Also its


Also its fitting I play him all November since its Movember heueheueheu <33

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What does a fox

What does a fox say...RATTATACHAHAHACHA

I want track him. c: &hearts;

I want track him. c: ♥
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Thank you! Though this has

Thank you!
Though this has reminded me I should have updated uUURHGHHH.

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Track. <3

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DAT moosh

DAT moosh <3 tracking

yoooo.... sooo our boys

sooo our boys played a nice game of 'get rid of the sticky fawn' today...

Thanks for the company, i hope we weren't too boring in the end ^^

I regret nothing.

I regret nothing.


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Lol, I feel like changing my

Lol, I feel like changing my character's appearance now. I must have been thinking of Lazarus subconsciously or something while drawing him/planning him out, because they are too similar. ;__; I'msosorryIcan'tevenforreal

Seriously... They even have similar sexual preferences. I had been rp-ing with my character for like 3 weeks now, and I feel VERY unoriginal. I'm sorrysorry
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If you wanna make a

If you wanna make a moustached man horse be my guest, hes part of my own semi-original species but I wont go round yelling blue murder at anyone who makes something similar. Don't use the same colours, throw some original design in there and have a lil party.

If you do make a fat moustached giant man horse with the same hair and stuff then I will be a lil mad, if you want you can email or skype me about it and I can tell you what I am comfortable with and what I'm not if you've already made a design?

Lazarus is a closet homosexual because of his past, he doesn't want anyone to know he's gay so he hides it, your character can be the same but since you don't know Lazarus' past its hard for us both to have the same reasons why they hide it, so once again be my guest.

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Actually, the only things

Actually, the only things that are similar are skin color, fur color (slightly), hair color, and sexuality. I guess its just a really weird coincidence; they almost look related! I made Indica (my char) before I even knew that Lazarus existed. xD I just came back from a two-year break from TEF.
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My bad ahaha I thought you

My bad ahaha I thought you meant you were making a new one.

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Lol, they could be bros. Gay

Lol, they could be bros. Gay bros. xD Sike man, you do watcha want!
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Probably, Lazarus is pretty

Probably, Lazarus is pretty friendly. But by closet I do really mean closet ahaha.

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*Walks into a closet* Like

*Walks into a closet* Like this?? :3

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... No, not like that. Like

... No, not like that. Like this.

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Brb bout to go to sleep for

Brb bout to go to sleep for like, 3 hours. It's like 3 in the morning in the US... aww fuck, my eyelids are closing.
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That's nice??? >>;;

That's nice??? >>;;

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Oh siznits, I found a Lazarus

Oh siznits, I found a Lazarus today xD

Have a track of

Have a track of curiosity!
Edit; I'm also sorry about not being very clear yesterday, my hotkeys weren't working very well and he was doing the belly-slide walk when he came back to her, so your actions weren't seen. |D
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track c:

track c:

whyyy have i not tracked

whyyy have i not tracked thissss
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Amazing. This.

Amazing. This.