~When in the springtime of the year {Sage} when the trees are crowned with leaves~

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Updated Seed under relations ♥

When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew

Are dressed in ribbons fair

"Is something the matter, dear?"

Went about her usual routine; chose a random flower patch to settle down in and practice her meditation. A little while later was disrupted however, from a commotion coming from behind her. Got up and turned around, witnessing a fight between a familiar stag (Leonardo) and a red one. Looked on, watching as Fletcher dove in the fray. Concern grew for each individual, especially now that more deer had congregated, one of them being the smaller doe, Halla. Eventually the fight moved off a ways. Noticed Fletcher had hung back; caught his eye, wondering what on earth all the fuss was about..though of course, it wasn't her place to ask. Broke eye contact when she turned back around to sit, though watched as he moved to settle down next to a tree a few yards away.
Was taken slightly by surprise when a brightly hued doe approached her (Tempest). Greeted her, her warm-colored pelt capturing her fascination. Focus however turned to the others that had been with the doe (Umay and Morikiah). Greeted them as well, noting how all three had intriguing physical features. After a time was asked by the warm-hued doe to sit with them. Turned to the others, looking for their approval; the polite thing to do anyway. Pleased when they obliged, and settled down with the group, happy to meet new faces. Some time later, bid them farewell when they left.
Had dozed off for quite some time, and awoke to see Ruin nearby. Got to her feet and went over to greet the young fawn warmly, pleased to see her again. Confused however when it seemed something was bothering her, and looked in the direction that she was gazing in. Noticed Fletcher watching them; further confused, had something happened between them? Was soon asked to follow by Ruin; agreed, and trailed after her toward the Idol. However, she looked back over her shoulder at the stag, and nodded at him to follow as well. Once they reached the Idol, she made herself comfortable next to Ruin. Saw that Fletcher was still a distance away; is wondering what is on the stag's mind, and why Ruin seemed upset.

*Mental-100% | ~Physical-100%
Confused, concerned

When owls call the breathless moon

In the blue veil of the night

The shadows of the trees appear

Amidst the lantern
l i g h t


Name~ Sage
Identity~ [x]
Age~ Adolescense; Ageless
Gender~ Female
Orientation~ Heterosexual
Species~ TEF deer + unknown species
Looks~ Crying Idol pelt, DotD antlers, skull mask; real deer muzzle underneath
Voice~ As soft and soothing as the whispering wind
Speaks in~ #F76541; Coral
Scent~ Poppies, honey, a whiff of fresh air

We've been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay


~Skull mask is decorated with nature designs in berry juice and moss, as proof that beauty and joy can come from any hardship and suffering.

--Was given a different mask by Verve. Keeps and switches between both however.

~Collects feathers. Any vibrant bird feather she finds laying around, she'll take it and store it amidst the rocks at the Playground. Has two feathers behind her right ear, given to her by her mother.

~Meditates in any flower patches, though loves the poppy patch the most.

~Loves all kinds of weather. If it's snowing, she'll romp and hop through the glittery powder and try to catch snowflakes on her tongue. If it's storming, she'll let the rain fall on her muzzle and soak through her fur. Enjoys lightning. She'll sit out and watch the dazzling light show in fascination.

~Adores all creatures. Even if she's chased by a predator or any other being, she doesn't spite them. She simply feels sympathy and understanding toward them, as she feels that there's good within that needs to be brought out, or that it's just their nature.

~No one is rock hard. There's mushiness within.

~Pelt like a cardinal, eyes the tint of a bluejay's feathers,
and slit pupils like a cat with long, luscious eyelashes; eyes are big, but soft and reassuring.

Who will go down to those shady groves

And summon the shadows there

And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms

In the springtime of the year


Seed - mate {9/2/13}




The songs of birds seem to fill the wood

That when the fiddler plays

All their voices can be heard

Long past their woodland days

Art by Me

Art by Others <3

by Sessy:

by Wingeddeer:
by Kikistar2:
by Seed:
by Wiana:
by xixi:
by Acer:
by Magnanimous:

Writing <3

by Sianna:

And so they linked their hands and danced

Round in circles and in rows

And so the journey of the night descends

When all the shades are gone

A garland gay we bring you here

And at your door we stand

It is a sprout well budded out

The work of our Lord's hand






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Ohh ...wonderful Bio here ...

Ohh ...wonderful Bio here ... Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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Ooh, this character looks

Ooh, this character looks really neat. I hope to run into her.
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FFF thank you!

FFF thank you! <3

Whoa I love this owo &hearts;

Whoa I love this owo ♥

Hey. Tons of fun running

Hey. Tons of fun running around with this deer of yours.
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Wiana: Thank you! cB

Wiana: Thank you! cB <3

Sianna: Likewise! Deta's a pleasure to be around <3
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"Yes, I quite agree... A

"Yes, I quite agree... A lovely day like today, when the wind is nothing but a faint tickle on the ears. On a day like this, all the scents in the air mingle together, becoming something sweet and not quite placable, nostalgic of times that were halcyon and yet so unremarkable that maybe they haven't even happened yet... At least, that's what comes to mind on a day like today.
It's a lovely feeling.
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"Mm, yes, lovely indeed...The

"Mm, yes, lovely indeed...The poppies, how they shimmer with iridescence in the golden light of our life giver, hues of every color dancing on everything they touch.
All the souls of nature brought to life by those brilliant collumns of light, spreading out to reach every corner of our homeland...With your eyes and mine combined, the luscious forest truely is a paradise for those that inhabit it."
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"That's well-said, I'm

"That's well-said, I'm impressed... Still, I think you might be mistaken. Two deer seeing what a wonderful place the forest is, and drinking it with our souls like honeyed light on water... That cannot make a place paradise for more than those two people. Either it is a paradise for all regardless -- and some days I believe it, regardless of what anyone sees or does not -- or it takes every eye's love to make it so.
...Still, two deer in paradise isn't anything to sneeze at. Now, if only I don't ruin it with my nit-picking, heh."
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"Haha, no, nit-picking is

"Haha, no, nit-picking is quite alright in my eyes. It makes one dive deeper into the depths of the mind, swimming in knowledge they never explored before...but you are right. It must be my wishful-thinking budding yet again. I see what you are saying though. A fish cannot be a bird. One may think differently than another. The bird can see things a fish cannot, and vice versa. However, if one digs deeper into the roots of another's being, it is possible for them to feel such emotions that the other obtains. They just have to be willing enough to accept the challenge, and to get their hands dirty."
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"Ha....That's true, but it's

"Ha....That's true, but it's not the root of my objection. I meant that... For the people who, in this moment, forget the beauty of this world... Then in this moment, our seeing it or not seeing it makes no difference in the world they live in. It's no more paradise for them than if we didn't exist at all... That is something they must realize, through listening to others or not, for themselves.
But... I don't think wishful thinking is a bad thing, either. Looking at things like that... It is what turns a muddy puddle of water into a sun-lit and glistening jewel, what turns burning sun into dazzling, and what makes a boring afternoon where you just sit and don't do anything... Into a divine day, spent bathing in the sun-warmed air and lying on the cool ground, becoming a sort of twilight with your companion as you swirl your thoughts around just like the gently circulating air."

((Made a request at you on MSN))
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/TRACK DIS B| That picto is

/TRACK DIS B| That picto is so gorgeous ;u;
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(No subject)

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fff thanks guys!

fff thanks guys! <33
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She sounds so pretty and

She sounds so pretty and nice!
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Thank you!

Thank you! <3
I apologize for not having her interact with Sorrel; been afk for a good chunk of the evening. Hopefully they can meet again sometime though <3
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*wanders through here*

*wanders through here*
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Whee thank you! cB

Whee thank you! cB <3
FFF I'm still cracking up xD
...bacon durrs B3 *brick'd*
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Wonder if those birds are

Wonder if those birds are eyeing them. A lot are landing on the rock... >>
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They do look mighty

They do look mighty tasty...I'd be eyeing them too if I were there e3e

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Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Adfgh she's beautifull

Adfgh she's beautifull <3
Tracking so hard ^^

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I will stalk her.

I will stalk her.
Kobal Snuff
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8'D Thanks guysss!

8'D Thanks guysss! <333
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I'm bored so I'm just going

I'm bored so I'm just going to throw this random RP at you.


Mitsuko the fawn trot through the forest, watching the trees beginning to blossom. These trees were rather unusual, not like the trees she had seen back in Nippon (Japan). The trees in Nippon were decorated with pink, red, and orange, but these trees were all green like the grass. Mitsuko had no idea where she was, was she still in Nippon? Was this a secret place she had never seen before? Where were her parents? The last time she saw them, they were being dragged away by strong, muscular deer, and the very last thing she saw was the strong deer preparing to stab their sharp antlers into her parents' chests...

She couldn't really remember much after that, but something took her attention. A doe, standing very close to her. Mitsuko had almost bumped into her leg. She looked up at the doe's face; she hadn't talked to another deer in a while now. Mitsuko then spoke.

"Konnichiwa!" (hello!). Mitsuko spoke in the only language she knew, not knowing that most of the deer here were not familiar with the language.
I have a Master's degree in Wumbology.
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Hey Haleigh

Hey Haleigh <3
Can I pester you on msn later? If you could hop on and message me, I have just a little idea I'd like to talk to you about. If not today then I'll talk to you tomorrow, or another time ^^
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[Agh I'm so sorry Blue, I've

[Agh I'm so sorry Blue, I've been busy with other things that I forgot all about this ;A;]

The gentle breeze stirred the leaves in the canopy, letting the trees whisper things unknown to a passing ear. The koi fish kissed the surface of the pond every so often, grasping a water spider that was foolish enough to land within range of those wide, hungry mouths. All this was the center of a particular doe's attention. Her big, blue eyes were closed, letting her ears and nose be her main senses as the forest breathed around her. The sweet scent of the purple flowers she was sitting in wafted up her nostrils as she, too, breathed in slowly, and slowly breathed out through her mouth.

How deep was she in her meditation, that she heard light footsteps coming toward her yards away. She listened to them come closer and closer. By the sound they made, it could either be a fawn or a mini. Her eyes opened ever so slightly, and turned her head a little to see who it was. It was a young fawn, and she seemed distracted. In fact, she almost ran into the scarrlet doe.


Sage smiled and opened her eyes fully, her cat-like pupils contracting as they met the light from the outside once again. "Why hello there little one, who might you be?" She hadn't recognized the word the little one spoke, but she had assumed that it was a greeting of some sort. Hopefully the fawn could understand what she said, but no matter. There were ways around that if she didn't.
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Thank you!

Thank you! <3
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Hmm tracking~ Wonderful walk

Hmm tracking~ Wonderful walk today, didn't see it coming.

+ Can't believe you have a song from Loreena McKennit here, her voice is so beautiful <3 double tracking just for seeing that.
This land is made of love and peace!
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Thank you! Oh yes, I loved

Thank you! Oh yes, I loved the walk also. It's good to simply walk around the forest once in a while and enjoy the scenery/see what happens as you move slowly through the forest <3

I agree completely. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it, so peaceful and imaginative ♥
Thank you so much! 8'D <3
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"That was most likely my dear

"That was most likely my dear friend Walter -- I had completely spaced out and didn't see him. I hope he's not upset..."
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"A friend?" she inquired

"A friend?" she inquired before looking over her shoulder toward the pond, where she could see the older stag resting. She turned back to Seed, her eyes gentle. "I'm most certain he'll understand. All dear friends do."
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"You're right...And if it did

"You're right...And if it did bother him, he'd probably have let us know pretty quickly; he can be very sweet, but he can also be...He feels things very violently." was Seed's best description. Maybe it was a personal weakness, but he knew Walter too well -- and had too many morals of his own -- to think of his friend without some conflict.

Hai there &hearts;

Hai there ♥


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Thank youu! cB &hearts;

Thank youu! cB ♥
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Funny thing about that is

Funny thing about that is that's where I started up TEF, so Toukan was literally right under her 'til I moved him. XD He was just going to go somewhere else 'til she stood up and greeted him.
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LOL I was wondering about,

LOL I was wondering about, but wasn't sure since I wasn't looking at the screen when he appeared there xD Also would've been awkward, one minute you're sitting on the ground, and the next you're a foot off of it, with a caribou underneath you xD
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Wat double post e3e

Wat double post e3e
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At least he makes a soft

At least he makes a soft pillow? XD
Honeyfur's picture

LOL indeed! He makes a very

LOL indeed! He makes a very soft and fluffy pillow |D♥
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Between Toukan-Pillow and

Between Toukan-Pillow and Teddy-Bunny-Seed, Sage certainly had a day full of handy sleep paraphanalia.
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ROFL Sage was set for the

ROFL Sage was set for the night with her soft cuddle buddies xD♥
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HAI Donnovan curled up close


Donnovan curled up close to Sage,resting his skulled head on her back,letting out a heavy sigh.he was gratefull for the red doe's company,after not seeing her for awhile.Her presence always enveloped him in an aura of comfort and peace.And she was great with advice also.
"I'm very happy you're here,Sage." he breathed.

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WELL HAI THAR 8D Sage smiled


Sage smiled as her head lay on the cool, soft grass, letting the warmth of the day sooth and relax her muscles as she basked in the sunlight. "I'm glad to hear that....Today has been magnifiscent, being in the company of friends again. How have you been fairing, Don?"
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Donnovan lifted his head

Donnovan lifted his head slightly from her back,eyes shadowed.
"Not so good,to be honest.I know i've been putting on a facade of calm,but it's only a mask." he blurted out,flattening his ears against his head and letting out a low grumble.He had'nt meant to be totally honest with Sage,pnly Angel knew about this too,he thought,Sage was but a stranger to these events.But again,her peacefull and wise nature made him spill his guts.
He eyed the doe's head lying on the ground,wondering how she would react.

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She too lifted her head

She too lifted her head slightly at his words, worry fading into her eyes. "Oh dear, what has happened, Don? Nothing too drastic, I hope?" Despite her worry, she remained calm for his sake, patiently waiting for him to answer and take in every word he spoke.