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"This is very nice..."

Today was very chill. Feeling much better than he has in a while, Kagekaze sojourned to the pond where he found Ciel bathing. He joyously greeted the buck and proceeded to romp around with him along with a new acquaintance, Eraline. They were soon joined by Sparrow, who to Kage's shock was full-grown and quite tall. Nuzzled his "nephew" like no tomorrow and preened at his fur, and engaged in some playful banter before settling down with the small group.

When Ciel and Eraline moved off to the side a little to be alone, the daemon smiled knowingly, thinking that perhaps the two may be more than just friends. Feels proud of Ciel. Stayed cuddled with Sparrow, and was ecstatic when Stockholm appeared. He looked different, but still as beautiful as ever in the daemon's eyes. Promptly suffocated the feminine buck with nuzzles and curled around him, sandwiched between him and Sparrow. Utterly content, and perking up.

memories x x x x

art by me
* *
* portrayed with his mask

by natille.koks
by Xemi

name Kagekaze (kah-GAY-kah-ZAY)
species Japanese shadow daemon
age unknown, ageless
size here (estimated)
set space beluga pelt, crying idol mask, default antlers
voice soft and gentle, slightly deep but not masculine
scent subtle, sweet smoke and rosemary
talks like this

has the ability to sift into darkness or shadow
his mask is made of porcelain and can only be damaged by him
rarely wears his mask despite in-game appearance
he has no fur whatsoever; his skin is smooth and feels like rubber
prefers to swallow prey whole and usually alive, much like a snake
can also absorb live prey into his body through shadow sifting
jaws can open to almost 90 degrees despite human appearance
typically very quiet and reserved; difficult for him to make friends
socially awkward; does not know humor very well or how to dance
does not seek a mate; believes that he would end up hurting them due to Hibje
feels attraction towards males, females and hermaphrodites
he who would rather talk about others than himself
Hibje is his alter-ego, and was originally created mentally
over time Hibje has manifested himself into a living being that Kagekaze unwillingly transforms into during bouts of extreme emotion like rage

quiet | lonely | passive | observant | thoughtful
protective | understanding | affable | avoids crowds

name Hibje (HEEB-jay)
species Japanese light daemon
age unknown, ageless
size here (estimated)
set long/gray pelt, DotD mask, default antlers
voice harsh and grating, constantly fluctuates, animalistic
scent harsh musk, copper and subtle decay
talks like this

Ω has the ability to sift into shafts of light
Ω Hibje is Kagekaze's alter ego: the Hyde to his Jekyll
Ω he is an embodiment of malice, violence and perversion
Ω revels in violence and pain, and has numerous taboo pleasures
Ω prefers to maul and torture prey in horrific ways
Ω his saliva is venomous; wounds he inflicts via bites have a great chance of becoming infected
Ω the scent and sight of blood arouses him; seeks further pleasure in pain
Ω he does not have a true voice; constantly changes
Ω is very strong and agile despite his malnourished appearance
Ω mentally torments Kagekaze; when not physical, he is a voice in Kage's head
Ω devoid of all empathy and reason; finds humor and pleasure in causing pain

sociopathic | psychopathic | lustful | perverse
frenzied | violent | avaricious | blasphemous

In extreme cases (severe depression, loss of sanity, etc.), Kagekaze will transform
into his alter-ego, Hibje, who may be identified by his picto and set. During this time,
Kagekaze is no longer himself. As Hibje, he will be extremely violent and ruthless.
Approach with caution. Kagekaze will regress back to his normal self once he has
gained back some sanity, or if Hibje is severely injured.

Kagekaze and Hibje are original characters and are always IC.

Yep, that's right. B|

First. Tracking, this is


Tracking, this is gorgeous~
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Thank you so much, hon!

Thank you so much, hon! ♥

Track. Purr, I love your


Purr, I love your characters and your art so much. ♥
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Oh, track. I like their

Oh, track. I like their designs. ♥
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Thank you both, I truly

Thank you both, I truly appreciate it~ ;; ♥
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Oh, this is a gorgeous bio

Oh, this is a gorgeous bio Colbs! What an interesting character idea. Wonderful art!
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Aww, thank you so much Lady,

Aww, thank you so much Lady, that means a lot coming from you! ;; ♥ Kagekaze is a very old character of mine, so I'm pretty excited to finally play him in TEF!
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Obligatory track. I love this

Obligatory track.
I love this guy.<3
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Haha, that damn owl! Thanks,

Haha, that damn owl! Sticking out tongue Thanks, Lyss~ ♥
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This is so cool ;;

This is so cool ;; <3
Tracking <3
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Thank you Han, I truly do

Thank you Han, I truly do appreciate that~ ♥
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ooo. Yura might like to meet

ooo. Yura might like to meet this fellow someday.
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Ooh, I just looked up Yura's

Ooh, I just looked up Yura's bio: a slit-mouthed woman in the forest is an awesome idea! I'm sure that meeting her would spark some familiarity with Kage~ I didn't expect Kaoori to follow him; that whole exchange was pretty cute, even if he did end up a little confused! Sticking out tongue
Kaoori's picture

Thanks ^^ - I'll have her

Thanks ^^ - I'll have her keep an eye out for him xD

Kaoori ... well, it's not that she's fearless, and she's not stupid, but she doesn't use her head sometimes and it's what gets her in trouble.
He looked like he could use some company though, and I agree the interaction was cute. xD
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I look forward to having him

I look forward to having him meet Yura!

Haha, Kaoori is so silly~ Thankfully, Kage is not the trouble-making type. When he saw that she followed him it piqued his curiosity, and his mimicry was mostly a reflection of his social awkwardness. He definitely needed some company, and he is very happy that Kaoori wished to sit with him. Gah, she's so sweet~ ;;
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Heh, stal-Imean tracking this

Heh, stal-Imean tracking this guy |D <3
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Haha, thank you Honey! :'D

Haha, thank you Honey! :'D ♥

Trackingg. This is

Trackingg. This is interesting.. Also love both designs. <:

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Thank you so much, Nopje!

Thank you so much, Nopje! Much appreciated~ ;; ♥
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omfg yes. This is very

omfg yes.

This is very interesting. Track fo' sho'. <3
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Oh, so that is your deer! I

Oh, so that is your deer! I was having the hardest time finding the picto on the map, but it finally popped up. Huzzah!

Thank you so much for the track hon, I truly appreciate it~ ;; ♥ I must apologize for Kage not doing much; I'm pretty much AFK, hence his laziness. >: He is enjoying the friendly company, though! <3
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Yup, that's me. The forest's

Yup, that's me. The forest's new picto-ninja. XD

It's alright, I'm pretty AFK too. Non enjoys the company as well! <3
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Hooray for forest ninjas! XD

Hooray for forest ninjas! XD Aw, I am glad that Non enjoyed it also! His (or her?) company is always welcomed. <3
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B'aaw, thank you.

B'aaw, thank you. <3 Non is a female, yeah. |D
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No problem at all, and I

No problem at all, and I thought so! Antlered does ftw~ :3
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Totally. Especially bigass

Totally. Especially bigass moose antlers on a more-wolf-than-deer deer. XD
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Haha, yesss, that is pretty

Haha, yesss, that is pretty epic!
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Well hi durr

Well hi durr <3
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Why hallo thur! &hearts; I

Why hallo thur! ♥ I don't think I've seen Harley's more mature set until now. He is so adorable, gah! ;; Kage adores him; he's becoming something of a mini whisperer. XD
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Harley's fascinated by him ^^

Harley's fascinated by him ^^
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Aw, I'm so glad to hear that!

Aw, I'm so glad to hear that! Kage's proving to be quite the guardian figure, especially when it comes to minis. Harley's welcome to visit him anytime (despite the awkwardness between him and Cru, haha)! Sticking out tongue
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Pfff! Harley will probably

Pfff! Harley will probably rebel against Cru if he keeps trying to keep him away from Kage, as much as he loves and respects his daddy.
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D'aww, yay! Rest assured,

D'aww, yay! Rest assured, Kage won't bring Crucio any harm. He just has a huge lack of respect towards him at the moment. XD He pretty much needs a good reason to fight, so for now he'll just give Cru the stink-eye. Sticking out tongue

Also, Harley is doing his best impression of a chestburster right now, lol!

Mine B)

Mine B)
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Huzzah! &hearts;

Huzzah! ♥
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Kagekaze is a stand up

Kagekaze is a stand up guy.

He's winning bonus points with Herla.

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Haha, yep, he sure is!

Haha, yep, he sure is! Especially when he's suspicious of someone, or is guarding over another deer, which in this case is both. Sticking out tongue I swear that Kage's becoming a mini-magnet lol, it's awesome. XD
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"While the cat's away, the

"While the cat's away, the mice shall play!"

Tracking!! (:

Tracking!! (:
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@ Lady ~ SJDHEUGRGJSDVYSA~!! Pff haha, that was so amazing to come back to! Kage looked faaabulous! XDD

@ celticmystress ~ Aw, thank you so much! ;; ♥
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Obligatory track. Drop likes

Obligatory track.
Drop likes to spend time with Kagenaze <33
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Oh my gosh, so that is your

Oh my gosh, so that is your fawn! Thank you so much for commenting here and confirming that you play him, and thank you for the track! <3 Kage absolutely adores Drop, and cherishes his company. He is always welcome to come visit Kage whenever he likes! ^_^ <3
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Can I track this :B

Can I track this :B
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You absolutely can! Thank

You absolutely can! Thank you, Wocio~ ;; ♥
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Thanks! <3
Sorry.. I need to go, thank you for awonderful company :3
Bye, see you!
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You're welcome, and no

You're welcome, and no problem! Smiling I'm sorry that Kage didn't react to Drop leaving; I was away from the computer at the time. But, he too very much enjoyed Drop's company, as he always does. Hopefully he'll see him again soon! ♥
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Mmmmmmmm How have I missed

Mmmmmmmm How have I missed this.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Why, I am a ninja, of course!

Why, I am a ninja, of course! Sticking out tongue
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You naughty thing you Sorry

You naughty thing you Eye

Sorry about that happening with Nightmare haha, he was trying to drop off some herbs that have... gotten stuck to his body for Herla. Thankfully no one really got too aggressive and he went on his way after dropping them on the ground (Which was why he bowed close to Herla haha)

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
Uruushou's picture

Oh my~! ;3 No worries at

Oh my~! ;3

No worries at all! When I saw that he wasn't trying to attack or be aggressive I figured that he was just trying to be friendly with Herla. Despite their rift, it is thoughtful of him to leave her some herbs. Kage basically sensed that he meant no harm, but once Ciel and Herla started getting scared again he figured he had to get Nightmare to leave in a non-violent way. He even tried to be polite about it with the bowing and headshaking, until Nightmare got too close to Ciel. Ahwell. Sticking out tongue I'm glad that Nightmare didn't see it as aggression, because that wouldn't have been good at all! XD