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The Masquerade

The Life

A vagrant thief, criminal, and practical joker who delighted in the misfortune and vexations of his peers. Lived his life sinfully, schizoid and manic, making a career out of degeneracy, and infamous for his petty villainy. When his behavior birthed a personal vendetta against him from the King he was forced to court and tried to the greatest of severity. The magistrate banished him for eternity to purgatory; the Endless Forest.
There he found a wealth of suffering.

"I hate and I love. why, you may ask?
I do not know. but it happens, and I burn."

— Catullus 85

(No subject)

(No subject)

Ahhh this makes me feel

Ahhh this makes me feel incredibly nostalgic! Great to see them back ♥
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watches intensely great

watches intensely

great character, tracking! c:
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Hello, thanks for the

Hello, thanks for the unexpected company! You guys are fun, it was a wonderful party <3

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Aw, thanks for sharing those

Aw, thanks for sharing those pics! I wish I could have done like you to preserve my bubbles, but TEF glitches and runs so terribly if I leave it open overnight. Saddest day ever...

Performing a blood sacrifice Annoying Echo as hard as we can until she wakes up. Twisted

I also tried to wake you the other day because I knew you'd want to blow bubbles with us, but I couldn't rouse the group. Your friend came later though to play with us.

And Sanga of course. Smiling
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Well, mine doesn't glitch

Well, mine doesn't glitch that much as long as I don't unckeck the "Keep running in background" option, so I haven't done that for the last few days. Anyway, your screen is still pretty even without the bubbles ^^

Ooh, sorry I missed your previous visit. Despite all their beauty, bubbles sure aren't the most helpful thing when it comes to waking people up, huh) Glad you still had fun with Darcia and Sanga, though! Hope I'll be able to join you next time.

Also, I have a stupid question: did your current pictogram previously belong to Witcher or is my memory failing me?

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Nope, this has always been my

Nope, this has always been my picto. I previously used a different account for a 'hub' or posting on TEFc, but I'm not sure we ever played together back then. You may be confusing Masq for Witcher's character Jun. They do coincidentally have very similar pictos, hehe.

Running in bg or otherwise doesn't seem to make a difference for me these days. It used to work for me as well on my old Win7 laptop, but not anymore. :'(
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Aaah, I see! Yes, I was

Aaah, I see! Yes, I was indeed) Thank you for clarifying!

Oh, that's a pity( I wish the weather changes lasted a bit longer.

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place a track here. Met you

place a track here.
Met you for several times (I thought)
so I rememer you as a funny bone Eye
siggi by Sybilline

You are a sight for sore eyes

You are a sight for sore eyes Cu Eye Love to play with you!