. The Rut 2020 . (Finished)

The Rut

This event starts on the 4th of SEPTEMBER and ends on the night of the 18th of SEPTEMBER

Welcome to the Eleventh Year of the annual Rutting Event!

In reality The Rut is a time where does gather and stags attempt to round them up for breeding. In their quest for romance, the stags battle one another to win the attention of the does, who only want the best of the best. It is an impressive spectacle for nature enthusiasts all over to observe.

In The Endless Forest where the rules of nature do not apply, The Rut is an organized contest and an annual tradition; a competitive game in which characters of all types and backgrounds gather simply for the thrill and entertainment of reenacting its concept. It is a perfect opportunity for characters to gain development, prove themselves to one another, expand their social circle, and enjoy themselves.



  • As a whole: The event is about participants engaging in activities such as sparring with or fighting one another, gathering in groups, passing judgement, and most importantly: socializing.

  • Respect & Responsibility: Actions associated with the event only apply to its members, and any poor treatment towards anyone not participating (uninvolved/nameless/newbies) will lead to disqualification. Therefore, please try to treat non-participants as you would in everyday circumstances. Furthermore, any significant injuries or severe conflicts as a result of this event should always be consented on between the players involved. Mindful communication is key.

  • Fairness: You are responsible for your character's fair portrayal. Powerful or not, with activity comes fatigue, and it will affect their performance as time progresses. No character should be unbeatable. All types are worth taking seriously; if not, it could be at the expense of your own character's integrity and reputation among the Judges. Fast healing or recovery, even if offered through the means of another character, is not allowed, as it would be an unfair advantage over others.

  • Play Style: Unlike its natural counterpart that the event is based off of, categories are not gender or species exclusive; simply pick the position that suits your character most as an individual. While in-character prejudice and preferences are allowed, be aware and understanding of the consequences that could arise in lieu of such. Do not mix player knowledge with character knowledge, and be especially considerate of more ambiguously expressing characters. It should also be noted that characters of all relationship statuses, hormone driven or not, can participate, however any actions less than innocent are not an official aspect of the event. Fluidity in classes, such as characters wishing to participate in more than one, is allowed as long as you prioritize one primary role. If so, state this in your biography and make sure that your in-game behavior is clear and obvious. A set change is optional but potentially very helpful in indicating which role your character is filling. Finally, have consideration towards your fellow players, and try not to play at the needless expense of anyone.

  • Mature & Sensitive Content: While we recognize that some people will participate in mature themes as a result of this event, it must be kept discrete and separate from the event. The Rut is supposed to be friendly to all audiences, and we do not want this sort of material reflecting on the event itself. Furthermore, we strictly forbid any associations regarding ideologically sensitive or triggering material. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be kicked out of this year's event immediately. Plots of this nature can be done outside this event. Characters of an active, preexisting, and potentially triggering dynamic are not allowed to participate in the event. Characters bound by rut participation must also not engage in triggering themes for the duration of the event.
    Click here for explicit examples.

  • Performance: Due to the notoriously large amount of people the event has attracted in the past - something that has been known to have a negative impact on the server - we ask, for the duration of the event, if you could please try to refrain from needless idling or from using multiple inactive windows. This is a courtesy.

  • Sanctuary: There will be no rutting at major locations such as the Twin Gods statues, Ruins, Crying Idol, Pond, Old Oak, De Drinkplaats, Blue Bowl, and Playground. These areas will show up in red on the map below.

  • Hot Spots: These zones are designed to act as gathering spots. In times of low activity, try gathering in these locations so that other participants will more easily be able to find you and form a new group. These zones show up in green on the map below. The Rut is not restricted to these zones. With the exception of Sanctuary zones, the rest of the forest remains a free for all.
If anyone is an active breaker of these rules, they may be reported via email to the moderators. We will look into it.


Participant List
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This class is for those wishing to participate in the core role of judging.

Judges dictate where the herds gather and in what locations the conflicts take place. Most importantly, they alone decide which combatants emerge victorious, rewarding them with praise and company. Their preferences are subjective to each individual, whether they value cunning, persistence, power, or anything else. Their praise and attention is what every combatant strives to gain, so be critical, don't lower your standards, and enjoy yourself - The Rut revolves around you.

The entire event relies on the active participation of this class. Without intervention, fights could go on for a needless amount of time, making the combatants lose their purpose, thus rendering their efforts void.
You must not choose the role of Judge if you are unwilling to pass judgement as it is the most crucial role, and the whole event is counting on you playing your part. Failing to Judge will be detrimental to the event as a whole.
Exclusive loyalty and overall passiveness within this class is therefore strongly discouraged.

This class is for those wishing to participate by impressing the Judges.

The methods of Competitors are subjective to the individual character, but some key examples are: combat, strength, wit, cunning, intelligence, visual display, etc. No matter how, Competitors must try to earn the respect and support of as many Judges as they can, and maintain it for as long as they can.

Conflicts are to be met with a mutual sense of Rivalry, but an understanding of integrity and when it's time to back down.

Team ups may occur, but in doing so the individuals risk the loss of Integrity, thus the chance it will reflect poorly on their performance.


This class is for those not wishing to participate as any of the available roles, but still want to be involved in their own way.

Wildcards react as their character would under normal circumstances. Basically, they do not seek to judge (though they can if they wish), nor to impress the Judges; They simply do not wish to be entirely excluded from the interaction and commotion the event brings.
Characters of this class should also not expect to get the same kind of attention the other classes would receive.

Wildcards are not excused from setting out to disrupt the event as a whole, though. Minor disturbance towards participants is okay, but in the case of any major harassment, consent between players is obligatory.

It is highly advised that you elaborate on how your characters will interact in their biographies.


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This page is run by WayfarerHart and Aivilo. If you need to contact us for any reason, please don't hesitate to email us at:

Vee/Hart: vee-vee-vee@hotmail.co.uk
Aivilo: AiviloTEF@outlook.com

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the event, please post here.

A special thanks to Aivilo for the Google Spreadsheet, organization, tutorials, and her undying dedication in helping make this event work in the most functional ways through all these years.
A special thanks to Unplugged for the new and improved CSS.
And a most special thank you to the community for making this event an annual success.

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Ooh. Amazing! What's the cyan

Ooh. Amazing! What's the cyan spots on the map, though? And ribbons, x's...

I believe the Cyan circles

I believe the Cyan circles are Mushroom circles and the ribbons are for the passed players (if i'm right) ; ;

gif © In
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Exactly right, Hautakumpu!

Exactly right, Hautakumpu! The little teal targets are mushroom circles, the yellow ribbons are the memorial places for players who have passed, and the "X"es just mark the exact location of very small landmarks since the labels are so big. Namely, the crossed logs themselves and the lonely dandelion that Dandelion Hill is named for. And, of course, the triangle at the top is the Deermuda Triangle.

This copy of the map the Rut version of the landmark map that is meant to be substituted for the original map's or Uitleger's map "floor" file. You can use it with any code injector/style injector. Here it is without the Rut zones.
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I see, thank you for the

I see, thank you for the explanation. Smiling
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tracking though I'm not sure

tracking though I'm not sure if I'll end up participating since I just haven't been into TEF in a while
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Tracked! Khanivore will be

Tracked! Khanivore will be participating as soon as I find a good sc of him....
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