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gave birth to triplets, fathered by cadaver in her home world. has tucked them safely away from the world besides their sire's and has only recently allowed them to wander further after a month or so of growth.


has not been frequent in the forest due to her own worries and fears of the connections she feels have failed due to issues on her end. blames herself wholly for said failures, but keeps the fact to herself. unwilling to allow it to break her spirit despite her sorrow with both turnouts. instead quietly avoiding the individuals at the center of her pain, unwilling to spark conflict.

trying to find hope and peace in other company.

lured into spending a night with cadaver after having been in the dragon's company several times now, something she enjoyed despite herself. reminded somewhat of her father by the man, at least in stature and power. has quiet suspicions about what may result from said night, but carries no qualms about the idea considering she finds that perhaps it's time to stow away a few of her inhibitions to accomplish something she's wanted for centuries.

simply hopes the dragon's intentions were either similar, or not of consequence if something does end up blossoming from their encounter.


found inaria first thing and vaguely recognized the girl. did not want to leave her by herself so sat with her for a while. eventually went off and found gair and brought them back to inaria with her. had a little conversation about children, wanting to have them and the various challenges both faced with that idea. felt for the strange masked creature's circumstances, and divulged her own. find she rather enjoys their kinship, making a note to seek them out in the future for more company.

napped with inaria for a few hours until the little fawn seemed to find her way off. looked around for her a bit, but after not finding her, went and got a drink and sought out more company.

approached by umay after seeing her in the distance with a stranger she'd not met before. greeted playfully by the scorpion, rather overjoyed by the whole thing, before invited to come sit with her and the stranger (kissare).


witnessed a huge fight between a few people she knew (and held... swaying opinions on frankly besides one of them) and made no move to jump in because honestly fuck that. was worried though for one of the participants but kept by shahla, who she'd had a huge romp with earlier on and settled in a flower patch alongside feige and a kiddo she's seen a few times (but i don't know who they are rip) but thankfully both were gone when the fighting happened.

noticed anpiel come by as well to watch, greeted him kindly but was more put on edge by the nearby spat.

watched the fight finally rumble by. saw brent and said hello but noticed sha didn't really like the fact he was marking up trees nearby. playfully rubbed her tomato plant smell over the nearby ones to distract and hopefully ease her friend before coming to settle back with him. worried distantly for the black doe (chitz) she saw getting involved.

eventually asked sha if she could take her up on her invitation to see her world and joined her for the trip home. had a lot of fun during the trip, and found herself surprised by how different shahla's world really was. enjoyed her time greatly with the tigress, and found herself contented after discussing a few things with the other woman.


had a big play with anpiel, surprised by how rowdy the stag was but didn't mind engaging him in rougher play. mindful as ever, because even with his size she didn't want to hurt him. rested afterwards in a mushroom circle.

after he took his leave, went sniffing around for the tigress, as she figured an adequate amount of time had passed in her world to constitute a couple of days. was happy when she found her! and one of her daughters. sat a little ways away so as not to disturb their nap but was joined by the tigress after a small amount of time.

conversed with shahla about the trip, ecstatic to hear it went well for her friend, and divulged what had tanked her mood those couple of days ago. reassured by the tigress' words but found her heart aching that her friend had to go through similar issues. glad at least her resolved well enough, but pained for her friend not having the same experience.

offered a trip to her own home forest, and given an invitation to sha's world in return. finds herself excited at the prospect of visiting a place entirely different than her own.


met the black doe again for the second time and sat with her for a little bit of time. noticed she seemed... shy? hesitant? didn't want to push her so tried to be as polite as possible in letting her choose her distance.

eventually pulled away from her by brent, who approached and asked her to follow him off elsewhere. was admittedly a little reluctant, but followed him. apologized to and offered friendship despite what happened. accepted easily, still regretful of her actions from before. left with a strange pendant from the bull that she decided she'd take home with her and string upon a leather cord.

returned to the black doe, and found her with a kitten! cute. kitten was shy tho so just kind of sat nearby so as not to scare. then left after a while, zoop!


went and greeted anpiel after seeing the feathered stag again, then went sniffing for shahla and found her!! initiated a play session that spanned a good corner of the forest, including the throwing of a little bit of innocent forest magic. found the whole thing delightful and hilarious.

also may have gotten more rough in her play than usual, but was careful as always not to hurt the other doe.

settled in a flower patch for a few hours until liabrin came by. informed by the tigress that she would be taking her to another realm for a time, and that if she needed her, to contact one of her many children. touched by the offer, especially considering recent events. gave her a gentle goodbye and wished for her safety, and watched the two other females leave.

let her head lay in the flowers before she finally decided to make her way back home.

hung out with shahla until brent came by, after which finally lead him off to a more private place to speak with him.

talked to him about her recent doubts and fears, and ended up parting ways with him over it. didn't enjoy doing so, and felt awful about upsetting the bull, but felt that ultimately, it would be for the better of both of them. doesn't dislike him at all, even now.

returned by shahla to sulk and greeted by taveer. happy, at least, for a friendly welcome.

spent a good portion of the day napping beside shahla, was visited at one point by rag, who she enjoyed seeing again after wondering where the hyena had gotten off to.

later, woke up and saw umay not far from where she and the tigress were resting, along with a couple of kiddos, both of which she recognized in passing. ended up sneaking over, a lot of the reason being to subtly check on umay because of the staredown she saw the lioness in the other day before she was pulled away by brent (to her growing regret). invited to sit, and did so, checking on the two children from a distance. curious about what had occurred, seeing as both kids (lucky and inaria) were shaken.

eventually realized sha had woken up and wandered off before she had a chance to welcome her over, sat for a little while longer until she decided to follow the tigress. bid a polite goodbye to umay, inaria, and zem (who was also there) and jetted off to find shahla. ended up in a playful tussle with the tiger doe after nyooming at her from behind :') had a lot of fun that finished with her and shahla flopping in a familiar patch of flowers they'd ended up in a time previous.

rested with the doe happily after that.


met frey and spent some amount of time with the creature after a little romp, happy for the company in the rain. surprised when a large whale creature came around (dedalus), but was polite in her silence. left not long after the two were joined by dedalus, off to find her own company.

came upon the massive oak to find a small group with a couple familiar faces in it (including shahla!) and fidgeted out in the rain as she waited to see if she would be invited. when she wasn't, just crammed herself into a crevice in the tree and leaned against it for a time. visited briefly by brent, but felt strangely listless.

later (after player woke up from a fucking 8 hour nap), sought out different company after brent had seemingly disappeared. happy to find shahla again beneath a different tree, and plopped down happily next to her, unaware of any unease on the tigress's part.

struck up a conversation, one that took a turn she wasn't quite expecting. re-evaluating some things based on it, and finding a warm kinship to the tiger that she hopes to grow.

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Tracking with interest! Very

Tracking with interest!
Very lovely palette and Doe with antlers are gorgeous, hopefully your Tsubaki and my Midori will meet someday ´u`

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