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Mental furious, ravenous. | Physical heavily wounded, missing her front left leg. covered in bites, bruises, and gashes of various kinds across her body. exhausted, and battered. | Note ...


attempted to hunt, due to the fact she'd been putting aside her growing hunger. happened upon a morsel that looked around the right size to be considered easy prey (vikram), but quickly grew frustrated when the younger one was faster than she'd expected. her dizzying hunger didn't help the chase as she grew more and more hasty in some attempt to snap up the youth, only landing a few bites that didn't take.

eventually, reinforcements arrived to help the kid, which meant that her prey was now more trouble than it was worth. she broke off, attempting to escape those that came to the aid of her former prey (lali, sigel, dakari, menace). she did manage to shake them after a time, finding a large tree in the birch to rest by as she seethed tiredly. her hunger was still unmanageable, but she could recognize her fatigue.

was glad to see ragnara when the hyena found her, and immediately assaulted her lovingly. had half a mind to take a bite out of her, too, just to satiate her appetite, but refused to do so. didn't notice johnny prowling on the horizon until rag drew her attention to it. had an inkling of why the beast was there, especially when the other spoke to her. putting herself between johnny and rag, told the hyena to run and was greeted with a firm no, much to her own disdain. too tired to argue, she engaged johnny until it became clear her exhaustion and scuffling earlier was to her detriment.

felt a sense of cowardice in leaving rag to fight the large male by herself, and tried her best to use her magic and her venom up until the very end when was becoming increasingly obvious this was a losing battle. working to conjure up the rest of her magic to get out of the realm, she was caught by johnny's teeth at the last second, the beast ripping one of her front legs from her body. she howled in both terror and fury as she swore revenge, spitting blood in the male's face before the flames of her magic tore her back to her own world.

currently recovering slowly in her home realm.


can't decide if she wants to scare floei or help her but managed to do both today by some awful miracle. leaning more on the latter considering mali likes floei and she'd rather preserve the child's happiness as much as possible.

also beat someone up, as you do.


stood around for a while until a couple draxomeras decided to investigate her (fari and garai). got... very pissed about being heckled and ran around thrashing a bit because she doesn't care to engage pairs much anymore. eventually this escalated into a fight which made her even more angry as she basically just kind of flailed about in a rage. was angered further when ragnara felt she needed to join.

didn't appreciate her help this time, as she felt she could've handled the two creatures on her own if she really wanted to. all the same, tried to reign herself in, and rag when the other proved to be wanting a scrap, eventually went to cool down in a flower patch but was still Very Unhappy and Hungry.


picked out a new densite for mali after the ruins began to feel crowded and unsafe by her standards. located somewhere deep in the birch. marked heavily by her scent and scratches from her horns.


tfw ur just here to pick up ur child and everything goes to hell in less than 10 seconds

at least mali has a new bug shaped rock. joy.


came in to the forest a-huntin' and found a lonesome Kolbjorn that she mercilessly pursued and tore into until the youth succumbed, her neglected hunger driving her ferocity.

happily munching on the legs she ripped from the body, deep in the birch and away from others.

eventually got confronted by sabit, angrily rose to meet the male and ended up in a tussle with him. flew into a rage and reciprocated each blow with her own, unwilling to stand down until another male joined the fight (romero). at that point, cut her losses and ran, having had her meal anyway.

seething at being discovered, but living for the bloodshed.


came in to take care of aamali and immediately found her with rag (not that she seems to mind as such anymore, finds that the bloodmaw has no interest in eating or otherwise harming the child) and sat down immediately so she could do the usual nonsense.

everything was fine until she noticed umay nearby with a youngster (olaniyi) in a sun spot. immediately got up to Glare(tm), when mali decided to chase a bug (bless her) and prism followed out of protective concern for the child. didn't expect the other kiddo to come and try to play with mali. cue awkward staredowns between herself and umay and general buzzing anger as it took all of prism's willpower not to shred something, if only for the safety of her ward. tried to keep one eye on the play, but mostly found herself preoccupied by umay's presence. surprisingly enough, behaved herself until the two lions moved on.

nuzzled mali and nudged her promptly back toward the ruins where she ate a bug and let mali 'braid' her hair. heard the child laugh for the first time, and felt genuine calm overcome her at the sound.


talked to sunni for the first time, was asked about the child she's currently acting as guardian for and gave her some.... interesting answers. also discovered that the baby can move on its own. troublesome, must watch that she doesn't wander too much in case something wants to eat her that ISN'T prism.

in general lazed around, though she can feel the familiar itch of hunger starting to kick in again. hm.

06.22.20 - 06.23.20

did very little, frankly. met sunniva more properly at some point and had a lovely bitch picnic with her and rag. fed aamali for the first time with some goat's milk she definitely didn't steal and eat the goat afterward. all in all, fairly chill for her usual nonsense. did smell blood in the forest when she first came in at some point (the 23rd) but after looking around and finding essentially nothing, just went to the ruin so she could give aamali food.

looking into making a better den that's a little less of a hole in the wall with leaves.


learned a lesson about the mob-like behavior of the forest. seeking to off-set such things in the future when she hunts.

had surprisingly pleasant and peaceful times with vandal and rag after she poked at rag a little as a sign of being friendly in her own way. she doesn't... LIKE the hyena per se but she respects her enough for being a fighter, and a hunter, and still being alive. she was dozing off a little admittedly when she heard fight noises in the distance and, despite her injuries because this girl is just awful, charged in once she saw rag in the middle of it.

chased down braam with the worst howl you've ever heard in your life, angered by the beast charging at ragnara and figuring she owed the bloodmaw she jumped in with eyes and mane blazing as she called on her magic. eventually the combined chase and assault seemed to ward the creature off, and prism stamped around like a show pony because, again, she's awful. that would've made a nice snack. oh well.

hung out with rag at the pond for a bit, ACKNOWLEDGED the hyena with a title, bloodmaw. went a-wanderin' mostly because she wanted to see if she could find where braam ran off to but! was stopped by a tiny... thing. next to a bloody stain in the grass. hm. investigated and found it was a child (Aamali). ruh roh.

anyway she named her dipti and this is hers now thanks. had vandal/mark prowl by and conversed with him of her new guardianship of the child. plans to try and find milk for her somehow because any she would produce would be venomous to the child. gotta do some thonking.

eventually moved herself and aamali (dipti) to the ruins in hopes of finding lexi there, but to no avail. so she just cleaned the little one's wounds and kept her close, sang a little and did things prism only does when she's alone generally. eventually rag stopped by and hung out, teasing the rakshasi for her softness. she growled but she didn't pay the hyena much mind, though was somewhat satiated by her company while she had a child to watch also. eventually heard some fighting go round the ruin but just hunkered down over her new charge rather than engaging.

after things settled, decided to nudge the little one into a crevice of the ruin and fill it with leaves before portaling home to try and secure something for her to eat in the near future.


it's late and head hurtie but basically:

was hungry, killed an injured niklaus (with ragnara's help) to eat the big lug because yum. iva tried to drive her off but she was very determined and hungry so........ did indirectly kill iva because of her venom though does not know nor do i think she cares whoops

got to celebrate her kill for all of.... 20 minutes (and spent a good majority of that time pissing at other predators trying to eat off HER carcass dammit get outta here you bastards) before mama umay decided it was Murder Time and proceeded to give her a taste of her own medicine. ran, and ran and ran and got chased down by both umay and plague eventually. distantly aware of others that joined the fight, primarily rag and sunniva

angery but really, she was knocking on death's door so she gathered up the last of her magic and portaled out of the forest before her ass got ganked because this girl does not have spare lives, currently suffering at home as she combats both her injuries and the envenomation



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