The way of wild things.

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An eventful past year. Now a father and though somewhat unsure of his place in the children's lives at first is now proud to watch over them and see them grow. Has been spending time with Mallow in their world and though reluctant to take on a human form at first, instead hanging around the library in his feral from, has been awkwardly getting used to it from time to time.
Taking this rut easier, doesn't wish to sire and instead focus on building lasting bonds with his children. Still, drawn to it instinctually and driven to impress.


Went into the rut with clear intentions but ultimately has been left confused in its wake. Contemplative of his own feelings and the balance between his feral and more human-minded heritage.


Shed his velvet and is now preparing for the rut. Becoming more active in the forest and gravitating towards company more. Instincts are in full-swing and is intending to go all out this season.


Met his youngest sibling; Ilta. Understands his mother's fear for the calf's survival but reassured with her experience as a mother.

As it gives, so nature takes. Saw the aftermath of Elo's death and the grief shared by the calf's mothers. Mourning internally but in words could only reassure Utu that there would be many opportunities to try again; her son's death not in vain.

Meaning 'Noble, Gracious'
Moose x Rocky Mountain Elk hybrid
Young Adult, 20.05.18
Slightly under #5

Father to Tuli, Alyssum, Lilac & Azami.
Son of Raavas & Fritillaria
Brother to Utu & Ilta
Uncle of †Elo & Emil

'Simple' - Feral - Solitary - 'Old-souled' - Curious - Easy-going

100% IC - Wildflower#8793

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Ma boi

Ma boi
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ty all ♥

ty all ♥
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Track for this pretty boy

Track for this pretty boy <3
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stalking this <3
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Moooose! hi

Moooose! hi <3