your eyes black like an animal - Gair

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Mature content hm: swearing, violence/gore, sexual themes, uhh, emotional trauma? Trying to keep it subtle. Gair is a character and their views aren't mine. CSS shamelessly stolen from Mis <3

For RP, questions, plots, interaction, anything, my discord is Apel#9645


Obsidian, Vatuh, Ulthar, Skuggtunga/Shadowtongue

Species: Originally a troll
*An amalgam - a symbari magra, a perfect merge of a spirit and a troll's soul. In feral form, visually similar to a mix of polar bear, aurochs, and boar, with some big cat mannerisms.
Gender/sex: Gynandrous
*Very ambiguous and fluid. Has both feminine and masculine traits in equal measure. Any pronouns. Has no opinion themselves on what others see them as.
Age: Mature adult
*Doesn't seem to age over time.
Orientation: Muted, nebulous
*Not a priority.
Scent: Wet leaves, mushrooms
*Sometimes dry, dusty. A hint of blood, leather, iron.
Voice: Similar to this
*Very deep, slightly hoarse, slow. Skews towards feminine. Various nonverbal vocalizations - hisses, purrs, growls.
Size: Just below #15, fairly bigDiet: Carnivorous tendencies
*Doesn't strictly need to eat.
Set: BAN, orca, swan
*Black As Night or DotD pelt; orca mask, swan antlers
Origin: Athu, Ea

A war machine, a honed sword. A cold mercenary, a tender guardian. Hunter, servant, confidante. Made to serve and protect, to obey any command from their master: whoever holds power over the black stone mask.


- Slow to take offense, but might pretend to - enjoys a good brawl. Hints of a sadistic side.
- Possessive, protective, physical and tactile.
- Welcoming of strangers, usually. Easygoing but with an edge.
- Curious to a fault. Likely to seek out anyone showing any kind of interest in them.
- Determination, rage, acceptance.
- Attentive, alert. Always aware of their surroundings - old habits die hard.
- Not at all 'feral' - but sometimes goes into a similar mindset.
- Practical, sarcastic. Weary.
- Doesn't tend to hold grudges.
- Contradictory, faceted.
- (slowly pushes your favourite thing off the table while maintaining eye contact)

Very fond of children, though does not always show it. Motherly, in many ways, though tells themselves they are unlikely to adopt or consider themselves a parent - a source of joy and old pain. Has a tendency to pick 'charges', people they attach themselves to, whether the person in question likes it or not.

Unmoored, adrift in time; may be very old, but has spent many of their years "asleep", unaware of the passage of time, only to be awakened when it has suited their masters. Has a very spotty sense of time, and tries to avoid getting truly attached to things and people, never knowing when, or if, they will see them again.

Personality sometimes appear 'muted', somehow dissociative, or stoic. Despite this, is a fairly social being, welcoming of company.


Is quite large and heavy, but moves with surprisingly graceful, catlike movements.

Large, hand-like paws, nimble 'fingers' with long, faintly curved claws. Keeps them sharp.

Solid bone and muscle, with thick, wavy fur covering the front half of their body; sleek, lighter fur on their hind end.

Carries many scars, some old, some new. Mostly visible on their back and sides.

Has a long tail that ends in a generous amount of hair. Decorated with silver rings and an old ribbon, embroidered with symbols.

Very robust. Unnaturally fast healing, and if "killed", will disappear into the stone mask until summoned.

Dark blood, with a blue-black sheen to it. Tongue, paw pads, and insides of ears are the same colour.

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yesssss! track c:

yesssss! track c:
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loving this

loving this
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MMMMmm <33
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Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.
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thank you everyone

thank you everyone <3

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i thought i tracked this, smh

i thought i tracked this, smh

My little girl absolutely

My little girl absolutely adores this beast. ♥
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SHould probs track T H I S

SHould probs track T H I S

He's fantastic.

He's fantastic.

Such a gorgeous design...

Such a gorgeous design...
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Thank you all so much!

Thank you all so much! <3